Review Of ICW: When The Sun Goes Down - Part Of The Fear And Loathing Tour 2015


This past Sunday night I had the pleasure of attending the latest show on Insane Championship Wrestling's Fear and Loathing 2015 tour across the UK, as the men and women of ICW headed to the O2 Academy in Sheffield for another night of wrestling action. For anyone not familiar with ICW they are an over 18's only promotion based out of Scotland, and their style can very simply be compared to that of an early Paul Heyman led ECW. ICW have their own identity that makes them different to what ECW itself was and their brand is only going from strength to strength. The last time ICW was in Sheffield they held one of the best wrestling shows I have ever seen so my expectations headed into the event last night were pretty high.


The night kicked off with some singles action as the highflying lightweight Kid Fite of the group known as the 55, led by James R Kennedy, faced off against ICW's resident Iron Man, Joe Coffey. This match will be remembered for many reasons, probably the most prominent moment being Kid Fite exposing his manhood to the crowd, with a chant of "tiny penis" erupting throughout the arena. Needless to say Kid Fite came up on the losing side of this battle, despite an attempted intervention by his stable mate Sha Samuels, proving that size perhaps does matter after all. How do you follow that? Simple, you follow it with a Tag Team Championship match as the UK Hooligans, Roy and Zak Knight who are the brothers of WWE Diva Paige, faced off against the ever popular Tag Team Champions in Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo, Polo Promotions. Surprisingly the crowd were more behind Polo Promotions in this one, despite the whole England/Scotland rivalry that exists in competitive sports. The Hooligans and Polo Promotions gave it their all and had a great match that in the end saw Polo Promotions retain their Tag Team Championships. The Hooligans received a much deserved standing ovation after the match and I hope it isn't the last time we see them in an ICW ring.

Up next was a match between Sha Samuels of the 55 and the man known as "the bollocks" Kenny Williams. These two had a fun match to watch that Samuels came out on top of after some assistance from a rather already embarrassed Kid Fite to help his fellow 55 member steal a victory over the young, high flying Williams. Up next was meant to be a singles match between New Age Kliq member B.T. Gunn and the Irish monster Big Damo. However before the action could get under way a familiar sound hit and out came the ICW World Champion, Drew Galloway. This was a huge surprise as Galloway was meant to be performing on a show in Denmark, but sadly for Galloway travel issues for him meant he could not make that show. So instead Galloway decided to make a surprise appearance in Sheffield, turning the match into a triple threat, with the added stipulation that if Damo or B.T. Gunn beat Drew they would receive a future ICW Championship match. The match was incredible to watch and saw Damo pick up the win after he pinned B.T. Gunn, who took a scary landing on his head/neck area that saw him require paramedic attention after the match. Luckily B.T. was able to walk away from ringside unaided but it was a very scary moment and a reminder that injuries in this industry can happen at any time.


After a short break which came at the right moment while B.T. Gunn could receive treatment at ringside the show resumed with a match between Lionhart and member of Legion, Mikey Whiplash. There was always that feeling of unease in the air going into this one, and after a well worked match that was won by Lionhart that feeling of unease came to fruition as the members of the New Age Kliq in Chris Renfrew, Wolgang, Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray came out to deliver a beat down after the match on Whiplash. The NAK and Legion have been embroiled in an absolute war in ICW and over the last couple of shows both factions have taken it upon each other to try and top one another by sending messages through brutal and violent actions ahead of their huge six man steel cage match at Fear and Loathing in the SECC on November 15th. Whiplash was left in the ring a beaten and broken man while the NAK stood tall on their way to the back.

Up next came a battle between New Age Kliq member Wolfgang who went up against the Black Label's Jack Jester. The NAK and Black Label are probably the two most popular groups in ICW right now. Things took a while to get going with both men firstly looking to feel each other out, before Jester would get on the mic and managed to upset a pair of NAK fans at ringside. When the action finally did get under way these two held nothing back and really gave it their all. It was a match of two powerhouses that was eventually won by Jester after some help from fellow Black Label stablemate Drew Galloway, who came out to make the save for his friend as Wolfgang was about to use his trademark brass knuckles to take down Jester. The tables were turned on Wolfgang as Drew gave him a low blow before handing the brass knuckles to Jester, who would lay out Wolfgang and pick up the victory.

The main event of the evening was meant to be a singles match between New Age Kliq leader Chris Renfrew and the most popular star in ICW, Grado. If you haven't experienced Grado's entrance live then it is something you simply have to go out of your way to be a part of. It is as must see in my mind as experiencing entrances like Undertaker or Finn Balor live and when he faces Drew Galloway at Fear and Loathing for the ICW Championship the roof is going to come off the arena, with a night that is almost written for Grado to win. However within moments of the bell ringing we saw Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray come down to the ring and deliver a beating to Grado. Just as it looked like the NAK were going to make an example of Grado he was saved by Nikki Storm and Davey Boy. Things quickly broke down into a huge brawls and it became a six man tag team match. The action in this one quickly spilled out all over the arena and even ended up with the fight going outside the arena in true ICW fashion. This was a fantastic main event that would end up with the NAK getting the win over Grado and his team, with the NAK standing tall to end the show.


Last nights show was without doubt even better than the first time ICW ran a show in Sheffield. The card was filled with top quality matches from top to bottom, even seeing a surprise with the appearance of Drew Galloway. The road to Fear and Loathing really has heated up following this show and makes the big show at the SECC on November 15th feel even bigger. You can check out the whole of last nights event when it arrives on ICW On Demand , as well as every other ICW show from the past as well as great original content. And just to wet your appetite you can check out the whole main event from Sheffield right here. If you ever get chance please make sure you check out ICW when the company is in your town and make sure you keep up to date with all the company is doing over at as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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