Revising Feast Or Fired?

I have pondering ways that TNA could improve their product and I have came up with a twist to the Feast or Fired concept. The current idea is based on the object on a pole match, which wrestlers trying to gain possession of items hanging from poles attached to the ring posts. The wrestlers in the match try to grab one of four numbered briefcases from the poles. A wrestler can only claim a briefcase if he/she leaves the ring with it and both feet touch the floor. Inside each of the briefcase is paperwork. One of the cases holds a contract for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The second briefcase holds a contract for a shot at the TNA X Division Championship. The third holds a contract for a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championships, with a partner of that wrestler’s choosing. The final briefcase contains a pink slip which fires the wrestler carrying it. The winners of the briefcases do not reveal what is in them that night. Instead an in-ring segment is done on an episode of Impact Wrestling. Before the contents of the cases are revealed each wrestler is given a choice to keep the case or forfeit it. The idea is similar to the WWE versions of the Money in the Bank. I like TNA's Feast or Fired concept but just think that they change it a little to add more crescendo.

This is my suggestion. All of the names from the roster are on balls just like the lottery. Four balls are drawn from the machine. Each ball would have a wrestler’s name, a number, and a date. The date on the ball would represent the day the content of the briefcase would be revealed. The number would represent which briefcase. Each briefcase would have a number on it. Perhaps the content of the briefcase would be revealed six months from now or two weeks later. In the meantime wrestlers could challenge a wrestler that holds the briefcase for the briefcase in a match. The idea is that the briefcase could change ownership several times before the contents are revealed. This would be a great gimmick match and perhaps from week to week it could draw more viewership. These would be great matches at a PPV. TNA could play with the timing and many types of gimmick matches for the briefcase throughout a year. As the contents become revealed, the fans would see what is remaining as far what titles are left on keep them at the edge of their seat. I think TNA could have a field day with briefcases swapping. Once the contents are revealed, the wrestler as always could cash it in at any time.

I think with four briefcases, the anticipation for revealing the contents would add some excitement. It would be a great story if the briefcase swapped four times before the contents was revealed and it was a shot for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The more twists and turns could help TNA.

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