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Ric Flair Sets Off Firestorm Over Finn Balor Comments, Upset At UFC 201, CM Punk Returning To Limelight, Kane Running For Office?, Cena/Backlash Update

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Ric Flair

- Ric Flair set off a firestorm after comments made about Finn Balor on the latest episode of The Ric Flair Show exclusively on Below is the quote:

“If I'm looking at what's going to draw money, what I would pay to see, I would pay to see Dolph against Ambrose before I'd pay to see Finn Bálor against Seth Rollins, so I think it's phenomenal. I think Finn Bálor is great too. I just think you've got a legitimate heavyweight in Seth Rollins, a legitimate heavyweight in Roman Reigns, and I don't think we'll ever see the day, and I could be totally wrong, that a cruiserweight will ever main event a WrestleMania. And that's what you have to look at, I think, in the total picture of the [professional wrestling] business. He's of that [cruiserweight] size. I mean, if you look at the two of them side by side, he [has] got a great physique, gosh, but he's smaller. Yeah, I don't think he weighs 200 pounds.”

Balor is billed at 190 lbs and WWE is hoping he’ll get over like rover in a hurry. Vince McMahon was very pleased with the reception he got on Raw on Monday and Triple H pushed for Balor to get the nod over Roman Reigns. We have more on the behind-the-scenes dealings here in our Members content. Dot com highlighted Balor in a new Q&A available at this link.

- Tyron Woodley upset Robbie Lawler by knocking him out in the first round via punches last night at UFC 201, winning the UFC Welterweight Championship. It was Lawler’s first loss since UFC 171 when Johny Hendricks beat him via unanimous decision on March 15, 2014.

- Below is the promotional poster for UFC 203, which will feature the long-anticipated UFC debut of CM Punk. He’ll fight Mickey Gall. That show will be headlined by Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. We’ll have complete live coverage of that show on September 10, 2016, which will emanate from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

UFC 203

- Here are more photos of Rusev and Lana’s wedding from over the weekend in Malibu, California: (Photo, photo, photo, photo, photo)

- Kane, who is a hardcore Libertarian, seems intent on running for political office. Check out these comments he made to Rare: “If we can get back to the point to where we could talk to one another and talk to that basis and talk as human beings who want the same thing, I think we’d be a lot better off…which is what politics does… [politics] naturally divides us into tribes… “To me, the American dream is the ability to create the life that you want…if we can get back to that, that the American dream is the opportunity, the ability to create the life that you want so long as you’re not hurting anyone else, to live that life…if someone could come along with that message, it’d be awesome… I’d always hesitated before because I never thought the timing was right for someone like me, because I am an outsider,” Jacobs explained… Now, I think the country is so ready for a change at this point that being an outsider actually plays to my or anyone else in my position’s advantage.There are a lot of people in Washington, D.C., who have a lot of experience, and because of that, we’re 20 trillion dollars in debt… After a few minutes on the subject, it seemed clear that running for office is certainly on Jacobs’ mind. What office, whether local, state or federal, remained unclear; however, Jacobs’ opinion of the federal government did not…. It depends,” Jacobs said when asked at what level he would like to run. “I really think that local and state governments are very important. I think that with everything that surrounds federal elections, we lose that [importance].”

- WWE tweeted the whole Smackdown roster would be available for the first Smackdown pay-per-view, WWE Backlash, on Sunday, September 11, 2016. John Cena was noticeably absent in advance promotional material and the company hasn’t confirmed he’ll be available other than indicating the “whole” Smackdown roster will be available. Here’s the direct quote: ”See the WHOLE @WWE #SDLive roster at #WWEBacklash! Tickets are available NOW!”

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