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Richard’s Exclusive Update: Lesnar’s SummerSlam Opponent, Bret Hart Rips Triple H, Moose Not Going To WWE, Much More



- WWE did not announce Brock Lesnar’s opponent for SummerSlam at last night’s Smackdown taping in Toledo, Ohio. The announcement will clearly be added in post-production and keeps us from being able to bring it to you a couple of days before the show airs from tape on the USA Network. We mentioned yesterday how Randy Orton had already come up as a possible option but we didn’t have any confirmation at press time. We’ll wait until Thursday but Brock is currently in Las Vegas where he is making final preparations for his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Remember, WWE wanted to announce Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent before the fight so they could use it for promotional purposes.

- Rusev will defend the United States Championship next week on Raw against Zack Ryder and Dana Brooke will face off against Sasha Banks. Next week’s Raw will emanate from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

- Speaking of Zack Ryder, he debuted new entrance music that will air on this week’s Smackdown. Brooks has complete taping results available at this link.

- Madison Square Garden is currently advertising WWE Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins and AJ Styles vs. John Cena for their WWE live event on July event on July 16, 2016.

- Cody Rhodes will appear on the premiere episode of Ric Flair’s podcast on that drops tonight at 9 PM ET. Rhodes made it clear when he quit WWE that he wouldn’t be doing any tell-all podcasts. He clarified tonight’s appearance on the Ric Flair show won’t be that: ”Avoiding "tell all" podcasts, yes. Not avoiding the chance to chat with Ric about my Father and the future.”

- Bret Hart ripped Triple H in a new episode of his Bret Hart Radio podcast. WrestleZone provided the transcript but Bret told a story about meeting the crew at 2K Sports when WWE 2K16 was released last fall. He said he was upset that he had an 85 rating, whereas Hunter was rated 98. Hart said they told him, while laughing, Hunter was the boss and they had to suck up to the boss. He said it pissed him off and he thought, he doesn’t care how many titles Triple H wins, he could never lace up his f*cking boots up. Bret called Triple H a mediocre wrestler.

- MLW tweeted that Moose currently has offers from Ring of Honor and TNA Wrestling but he hasn’t signed either at press time. This is an interesting situation we’ve been following in our Members only content. Moose was all set to sign with WWE but the deal broke down over past issues regarding domestic violence. Given the recent arrest of Lawler, WWE decided it wasn’t the right time to sign Moose, having just learned of his domestic violence issues in 2009. I believe it was Dave Meltzer that also wrote about this and I believe Moose issued somewhat of a denial but I’ll tell you this - he was basically a lock to sign with WWE for the NXT revamp and everything fell apart following King’s arrest.

- The WWE Cruiserweight Classic "Bracketology” special airs tonight on the WWE Network at 9 PM ET. The show will be hosted by Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo and will feature an interview with Triple H.

- As we broke last night, Jerry Lawler returned to the Smackdown booth alongside Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton for this week’s show. Lawler had been out the past couple weeks due to his domestic violence arrest. His suspension was lifted when the charges against him were dropped.

- WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Big E beat The Vaudevillains in a dark match at last night’s television tapings.

- Remember when Big Eaccidentally hit AJ Lee prior to his debut match on Raw? He called it the most frightening moment of his career. Here’s what he told ”“That was, at the time, probably the most frightening moment in my career. It probably still is. I remember swinging back and knowing that I hit her, and I was expecting to turn around, see this tiny woman on the ground in a pool of blood. I don’t know what I would have done after that, probably just walk straight to the back. But thankfully, she’s very tough, it ended up hitting her, in, like, her chest or upper torso region, not her face, she was fine. We ended up having a laugh about it later but that could have been really bad, but thankfully, everything’s all good.”

- Mark Henry is making a WWE approved independent appearance at World League of Wrestling’s “Night of Champions 2” show on August 27, 2016. Apparently people thought this meant Henry was leaving WWE and Ryan Satin cleared it up on his Pro Wrestling Sheet website.

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