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Ring Of Honor Results - War of the Worlds Highlights

Ring of Honor Results (7/1/15)
Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
From Philadelphia, PA
Report by Dash Manning of

This week's episode of Ring of Honor opens with shots of the live crowd in Philly, and commentator Kevin Kelly letting us know they'll be back with new episodes next week from the Best in the World fallout. Tonight's show is highlights from War of the Worlds. The ROH tag team champions, The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels), make their way to the ring. Once in the ring, they tell ring announcer Bobby Cruise that they will now be referred to as the "ROH world tag team champions of the world." Okada and Gedo then make their entrance for this tag team bout to kick off the show.

The Addiction vs. Okada & Gedo

Gedo and Kazarian begin the match and trade lots of hard strikes, mixed in with lots of trash talking. Daniels and Okada tag in, with the crowd heavily in Okada's favor. Okada and Daniels talk more trash to each other until a thumb to the eye by Gedo gives Okada the advantage. Gedo and Kaz tag in and the Addiction performs a series of double team moves to ground Gedo.


Once back from the break, the Addiction are still in control as Kaz has Gedo in a submission hold prompting Okada to break it up. By the time the ref straightens things out, he begins to ask Daniels if he tagged in while his back was turned. This causes the heel Daniels to shove the ref, who then looks ready to fight Daniels himself. Crowd loves it, laughs, and chants Red Shoes for the ref. Gedo finally gets some breathing room and tags in Okada who turns the match back in their favor. Things even out when Okada and Kaz both go for a cross body and knock each others wind out. Gedo tags in and takes control of the match being the fresh man. But after the Addiction rid the ring of Okada, they hit Gedo with Celebrity Rehab for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Addiction

After the match, Okada attacks both Daniels and Kazarian from behind with a couple dropkicks; and then hits Daniels with his finisher 'the Rainmaker'


Adam Page vs. Watanabe

When we return from the break, the match between Page and Watanabe is already in progress. Page drops Watanabe with a power slam and then goes for a choke but is countered by Watanabe. Watanabe keeps getting the upper hand and throws Page out of the ring. Watanabe then goes for another german suplex on the floor, but Page lands on his feet. Page distracts the ref while Colby attacks Watanabe, and then Page hits his standing shooting star from the apron. Page plants Watanabe in the middle of the ring with a DDT for a long two count. Page goes for his reverse piledriver finisher but is blocked. Watanabe then sets Page on the top rope and hits another suplex on Page from the top rope this time; but it still only gets a long two count. After another distraction which allows Colby to kick Watanabe in the head, Page sets him up for his finisher, the Right of Passage, for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Page


Back from commercial break, Adam Cole makes his way to the ring for tonight's main event; followed by the entrance of AJ Styles

Adam Cole vs. AJ Styles

The match begins with the two trading wrist locks and headlocks, keeping thing close and slowly picking up the pace. AJ catches Cole running the ropes with a hard neck breaker across his knee. After much back an forth and trading of holds, Cole blinds AJ with a thumb to the eye, but as Cole runs the ropes he's dropped with AJ's phenomenal dropkick.


AJ hops out to the ring apron but is tripped up by Cole, and then suplexed on his back into the ring apron.Cole rolls AJ back into the ring for a near fall, and then begins to ground him into the corner. Cole goes for the figure four but is countered, but Cole comes back with a knee to the face. AJ counters a kick while he's in the corner, and then suplexes Cole into the bottom turnbuckle. AJ then hits Cole with a torture rack into what looked like a blue thunder bomb for a close near fall. Cole blocks a suplex by AJ and in turn performs a neck breaker off his knee. After a bit of back and forth, AJ goes for his spring board elbow from the outside, but jumps into a superkick by Cole who then locks in the figure four. AJ crawls to the rope to break the hold and rolls to the outside. Cole grabs AJ while on the apron and tries for a german off the apron but is unable to. AJ then turns it into his brain buster on the side of the ring apron.


Back in the ring, both men trade rights and lefts; AJ goes for the Pele kick but Cole sidesteps and super kicks AJ when he lands for an amazing sequence of moves. This prompts the closest near fall so far, and a this is awesome chant from the crowd. Cole goes for the destroyer from the second rope but is countered, but hangs on to set up AJ for the styles clash. Cole can't hang on and drops the hold, but gets right back in it and hits AJ with his own finisher for another great near fall. Cole goes for the destroyer again but AJ steps aside and goes for his swinging neck breaker from the ropes; but Cole side steps that and hits AJ with a superkick to the back of the head. Cole goes for his running knee but AJ lifts him up for a styles clash, only to have Cole fight out. AJ hits the Pele kick this time and drops Cole on his head with a piledriver. AJ then picks up Cole for another piledriver and then the styles clash, which he hits for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

The show concludes with AJ helping Cole up in the ring and letting him know how close he was to the victory. While Cole grabs his hand for the handshake. Good episode of Ring of Honor this week, and an even better main event.

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