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Ring Of Honor & TNA Forming An Alternative Together?, Celebrity Angle In WWE, Undertaker Finding A Way Out Of Elimination Chamber

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Moving forward, will Ring of Honor and TNA Wrestling be working together?

When Destination America announced they would begin airing Ring of Honor starting on June 3rd, there were no plans to work with TNA Wrestling. In fact, as we reported here on Wrestling News World Premium, TNA was completely blindsided.

Since then, TNA and ROH have exchanged pleasantries and the collective announcement is that Destination America is the new powerhouse network for professional wrestling.

That sounds great and for fans of professional wrestling, it really is! Not only do we have new episodes of NXT every Wednesday but we also have the option of Ring of Honor (the people that didn’t get the Sinclair broadcast) and two hours of TNA (as long as it’s worth watching).

However, the report that originated from Dave Meltzer still looms. Is TNA finishing up their run on Destination America or are the next few months pivotal in determing their future on Destination America?

It goes without saying (or writing) that TNA is in deep trouble if they do not have a domestic television deal.

Will Ring of Honor succeed TNA or are they are the new supplement for them?

It’s a fascinating situation but one would think if Destination America was thrilled with TNA there is no way they’d bring on another promotion.

Remember, it was in January that Destination America was going to be everything Spike TV wasn’t. The ideal TV partner, committed to helping expand TNA, while TNA did the same for the network. The fact that TNA didn’t even know about ROH seems to suggest DA is looking to keep professional wrestling on their network even if it’s not TNA Wrestling.

How much truth do you believe are in rumors that Stephen Amell - a/k/a Arrow — will face Stardust at SummerSlam?

HollywoodLife.comreported that it was 100 percent happening — Stephen Amell vs. Stardust — WWE was just trying to decide if they wanted Amell to work as himself or as Arrow. Anyone reading here knows you can never say something over two months out is 100 percent. That’s just not how things in WWE work.

However, I do believe WWE is interested in utilizing Amell in a celebrity role and we’ll see if anything comes of it. I will admit I’m not too familiar with Amell’s work but I do hope to see Cody Rhodes — or Stardust — get more of an opportunity. Cody is a guy that has done everything and more he’s been asked to do but always finds himself in an enhancement role or towards the bottom of the card.

It’s my hope that Stardust being involved in a celebrity angle at SummerSlam will help him. However, nothing is for certain at press time.

I was watching No Way Out 2008 the other day and I observed The Undertaker falling out of the Elimination Chamber. Was that supposed to happen?

I went back and watched the spot and I truly believe it was a shoot. If you read the comments below that video, they’re pretty funny (such as why they changed the name from No Way Out to Elimination Chamber). I’m happy to report I was at No Way Out 2008 in Las Vegas and had a great time.

That was towards the end of Undertaker’s run as an everyday Superstar and it was awesome to be there to see that match and the rest of the card in person.

However, to answer your question, I personally believe that particular spot was a shoot.

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