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Roddy Piper Puts An End to Situation With Steve Austin

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”Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s latest podcast is online at this link. He opened by “bringing an end” to the situation with Steve Austin, by speaking directly to him. Piper talked about Will Sasso doing Hogan’s voice, Savage’s voice and Austin’s voice on his April 3rd podcast. Piper said he was fantastic on it.

Piper said there was a lot of love on that podcast — which also included ”Hacksaw” Jim Duggan — but obviously not from Austin. Piper said come Monday, after the episode had been up for 6 hours, Podcast One had taken down not only that episode but all of his podcasts because Austin was upset and had gone to them about it. Piper said he received a call from the head of the organization that informed him that he couldn’t talk about Steve Austin. Piper claimed he was told that he was going to be fired but the head of Podcast One changed his mind. Piper said the translation to him was that he wasn’t wanted.

He thought about it and informed Podcast One that he couldn't work under those conditions and he wouldn’t be censored. Piper said he kept doing podcasts because he has a fanbase and he needs that fanbase to stay there. When everything got torn down, he kept doing them until he found a home. Then there was 3 week period where there weren’t any podcasts so he put up the one that Austin got taken down from Podcast One. Piper said he never intended to offend Austin in any way and still doesn’t see it. He doesn’t need too and he apologized to Austin.

Piper still doesn't understand why Austin had the podcast removed but he got out from underneath Podcast One because of it. He said he has all the respect in the world for Austin for what he’s done. He’s done with it and he told Austin to pet Hershey the dog for him.

CLICK HERE for the latest episode of Piper’s Pit podcast.

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Roddy Piper Puts An End to Situation With Steve Austin

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