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Rollins Versus Ambrose: History Repeated

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Alright, since the passing of Dusty there have been a ton of emotions thrown about, but after a while I got thinking about the state of things in WWE and I've come up with a little theory/storyline that I think could work well. The only problem being that it follows some logic, it makes sense, and as a result it would wind up falling flat on its face in a WWE creative meeting. One of the best feuds in wrestling history is the one between Dusty and Ric Flair, and when I started thinking about it, I realized that this is actually the basis for one of the biggest feuds of the 90's and early 2000's in Austin versus The Rock. You had The Rock, he was the Flair role, the one with all the power and the expensive wardrobe, everything goes his way, meanwhile Austin has to scratch and claw to get things done as a modified Dusty Rhodes style “every man” role. This got me thinking of our current situation and if done correctly that WWE could have Rollins and Ambrose as the new Flair and Rhodes for this era.


Seth Rollins is solidly entrenched in a role where he's the golden boy, he's the chosen one, and he has all the power in the company. This is a man who is the champion and seems to keep his title using every dirty tactic possible in order to keep his position as the “face of the industry.” While the “high priced wardrobe” may not be a current feature, he's got everything else going for the role. The other side of the coin is Dean Ambrose, the “common man” who comes out in his jeans and t-shirt to work. He's doing everything possible in order to get to the top of the heap but every time he thinks he's got in all in hand Rollins uses some cheap means to keep him away from the title. It's a story as old as time, and it could easily work again. Rollins is getting better by the week on the mic, and Ambrose is a magician on the stick. It would be so easy to push this storyline in that direction, but I don't know if we'll be lucky enough to see this happen. Ambrose is building up a bigger fan base each week, he's clearly over, if they kept it going just imagine the reaction when he finally gets the win and brings the title home legally.

We all know that the next bump in the road for Seth Rollins is his match with Brock Lesnar, the unstoppable monster who has laid waste to pretty much everyone who has dared cross his path since breaking The Streak. While logic would dictate that Lesnar is going to tear Rollins apart and end his run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, I think there is a great way to go about having Rollins win without making Lesnar look weak. This week we saw Lesnar dismantled by the reformed Authority, sans Jamie Noble as he was injured in the fracas. Lesnar is a known hunter, after the attack he could take out each member of The Authority leading up to Battleground which would lead to a one on one match for Rollins. In order to help his boy Triple H makes it a No DQ match, Rollins uses any and all weapons possible in order to get an advantage on Lesnar. As the match is winding down Sheamus decides to “pull a Rollins” and cash in during the match. Lesnar has Rollins up for the F5, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on him and tries pinning Lesnar while Rollins roles out of the ring. Lesnar kicks out, Sheamus hits another kick and as he turns Rollins hits a quick roll-up on Sheamus while holding the tights, gets the win and hauls ass with the title. This also sets up a Lesnar versus Sheamus feud for SummerSlam.

In the wake of his latest victory Rollins comes out on Raw in an expensive suit, carrying the title on his shoulder, donning some shades, and toasting champagne in the middle of the ring. He talks about how he's the best thing going today, you don't have to like it but you better learn to love it, yadda, yadda. The new age Rollins is upon us, meanwhile Ambrose interrupts in the hopes of getting one more shot at the title. They have a battle royal for the next number one contender, Ambrose thinks he's won but gets attacked by Kane and Rollins and Kane announces that there is one more entrant in this match and a returning Rusev's music hits, he comes out and tosses Ambrose over the top rope to become the number one contender for SummerSlam. Ambrose demands another shot, he's given a match against Rusev, Kane makes sure Rusev wins leaving Ambrose once again outside looking in on what should be his match. SummerSlam happens, Rusev loses on a distraction by Lana and (provided he's still around) Ziggler, Rollins tries running away with the belt again, only to be attacked by Ambrose. On Raw Ambrose tries once more for a title match only to be attacked by The Authority and left with a broken arm that “will keep him out of action for weeks.”

This last move seemingly puts Ambrose out of the title picture for an undetermined amount of time and allows Rollins to continue his reign of treachery. Finally, at the start of November Ambrose shows up, arm in a sling and demands one more match. He talks about how he's going to keep coming after Rollins, no matter what they put in front of him, he's going to be the man who tears down the idol they've created, and he doesn't care what he has to do in order to get there, even if it means risking his career. This gives Triple H an idea, Ambrose can cash in on his promise and put his career on the line. At Survivor Series, if Ambrose can't beat Triple H he's through, but IF he wins he'll get his shot at the title in the main event of that show. The night opens with Ambrose getting his victory, similar to Daniel Bryan, over Triple H who goes off on him and starts working that damaged arm. Midway through the show Renee Young catches up to Ambrose and asks if he can go against Rollins tonight. We get our new “Hard Days” promo from Ambrose, a new “Austin 3:16” promo, and he promises to bring down the golden child.

The match begins, Ambrose comes out in sling, Rollins starts working the arm. They go back and forth, Ambrose plays up the injured arm, he takes a beating but keeps coming. The men both wind up wearing the ol' crimson mask, in an absolute knock down, drag out fight. The Authority throws person after person at Ambrose and he's able to dispatch them and get back to work on Rollins. The last moments see Rollins trying to find any way he can to pull off his now trademarked dirty victory but coming up short. He finally sets up the steel steps in the ring, gets Ambrose in place and tries to deliver a Pedigree on the steps, Ambrose reverses and nails Dirty Deeds, rolls up Rollins and gets the victory as Rollins is just a hair too slow on his attempt to kick out, getting his shoulder up just AFTER the count of three. Finally, the common man gets his championship, the arena goes crazy, and Era of Ambrose begins. It's such an easy storyline to follow, because you're basically just repeating history, as this business is known for anyway. Another thing to think about, for those fanboys who are having those wet dreams of a Shield Triple Threat for the title at WrestleMania, this is your opening, and could lead to Reigns eventually turning heel on Ambrose due to jealousy. What's the worst the could happen? Fans actually start coming back to the business?

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