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Ryback Getting Over Backstage, Smackdown Fallout

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Ryback Getting Over

One of the bigger stories coming out of this week’s WWE TVs is just how over Ryback has gotten in the locker room. Once seen as overconfident and aloof, Ryback has been described as eager to learn and humble when it comes to his work. A plugged in observer described Ryback as “a completely different person” than who he was a few years ago and stated he has gained a lot of respect from his co-workers. Ryback is working his way back from yet another setback as he had a severe staph infection in his knee.

Smackdown Fallout

Below are Smackdown Fallout videos following the airing of this week’s go-home to SummerSlam broadcast:

Ryback discusses the outcome of his match against Big Show: SmackDown Fallout, August 20, 2015

The Prime Time Players comment on the action of The New Day: SmackDown Fallout, August 20, 2015

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