Saying Goodbye To A True Champion: AJ Lee Leaves The Ring


As of today, April 4th 2015, it has come to our attention that AJ Lee (April Mendez) has chosen not to continue her work in ring for WWE. 

It is unclear whether the former Divas Champion left of her own volition or was released; however the WWE posted this statement with regard to her departure:

"AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best."

So having just beaten the Bellas at Wrestlemania, with the help of Paige, her departure leaves that victory on precarious ground and has fueled speculation on why she left. 

First and foremost it should be noted that she herself has remained silent on her social media outlets on the subject – and that many in the community feel as though she left to support her husband or do as Beth Phoenix had done, and left to start a family with her husband Philip Brooks, better known to us as CM Punk.

On the reverse of this some reports have argued that they're marriage has been put at odds and that she left with the intent to be supportive of her husband both within the Octagon and outside it. 

Regardless of the rumors and speculation, I must admit; I think we will all miss her as a person and an in ring performer, because not only was she a gifted technical sportswoman, but an exceedingly great persona inside the ring.

In my opinion if you look at her career in total and her fan base? She will have every right to be missed by anyone who gave Divas a chance before it became a trending topic on Twitter. 

Whatever speculation as to her future in this sport, or with regard to her marriage? What I remember of AJ was not her career nor her performance directly. I remember Connor Michalek telling her to stop acting so crazy... And her genuine laugh and beaming smile at a fellow enthusiast for this passion.

Further I looked at her personal page and discovered her love of animals and anything geek related.

So, why will I miss her? Not because she's chosen to leave – she's more than proven herself as an entertainer, a sportswoman, and a wrestling Superstar, but simply because of the many young girls she empowered by proving that the love of any craft is a big part of her success. We as fans, and people, should accept her decision and celebrate the legacy she has left behind not speculate why. And I say that because public figure, or otherwise, she's entitled to make her own decisions in pursuit of her happiness and why is she entitled? Plenty of reasons, but from just one wrestling aspect, she held the Divas Championship title for a record 295 days.

Because of that, and her work ethic in general, as well as her humanitarian side, she's done a Hall of Fame inductee, Alundra Blayze, proud. How can I make that conjuncture? Because we're talking about her, looking back over her career, and in general? Saddened that she's gone. Otherwise – no one would bother to speculate, would they?

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