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Scooby Doo Goes WWE

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I honestly never thought that I would be sitting down specifically to watch Scooby Doo, as it's on too often in my house already, but bringing in the WWE Superstars as guests, this was something I couldn't pass up, especially watching it with Sam, our resident Scooby Doo fan. I will say that this is full of spoilers, so if you really don't want to know what happens in the Scooby Doo WrestleMania Mystery, please stop reading right here!

Many of the guest stars on Scooby Doo have small parts in the show, and are more of an accessory, rather than too much of the storyline, but the WWE was an integral part of the story, as were the Superstars. I can't say the story was at all believable, but that's Scooby Doo for you. The WWE City is a bit too much for me, but they needed a hook, and where better to hold WrestleMania than WWE City? And who better to wrestle at WrestleMania than Scooby Doo?

The use of each WWE Superstar was creative, and well within what you'd expect from their characters. From Miz being beaten up early on by the monster and making silly quips through the entire show, to AJ training Scooby and Shaggy to face Kane, to Funkasaurus eating all the time, Sin Cara flipping all over the place, and Triple H yelling and growling everything he says.

Miz running saying, "Who's awesome? I'm Awesome!" over and over brought us all to laughter. Actually, Miz was wonderfully characterized from the start, though I thought he looked a bit generic. Miz's quips were right on, and it seemed like everything he said was perfectly in character, Even though the feeling was lost in the facial expressions, in my mind I could see the actual Superstars making those comments.

Cena was made that much funnier by the animation. Moving the Mystery Machine out of a ditch by himself after stripping off his hoodie. It's a good thing Nikki wasn't there, she wouldn't have been happy at the way Daphne looked at him. Cena did well in the storyline, until he said he could speak luchador and translated Sin Cara's high flying moves to tell a story. It also didn't help that Cena stopped an Indiana Jones type boulder as if it was nothing, and acted as a raft for Scooby and Shaggy after he'd been knocked out, and snoring the whole time, but this is a cartoon Super Cena we're talking about. Of course Cena was a main focal point of the show, but not the only wrestler they focused on. It was nice to see that they spread the love around.

Kane's skulking around and being in the shadows, glaring at everyone was perfect for who Kane was at the time this storyline was originally developed. Santino was silly and adorable, while Funkasaurus was a face and all about the food and the funk. Even though Sin Cara didn't say a word, and was the original Sin Cara without any tattoos, he was such a huge and wonderful character in the story. I thought they handled him beautifully, and it makes a lot of sense of why they put Hunico under a hood to continue the character's progress. I was also thrilled to see Jimmy Hart make a small guest appearance.

There was a couple of things about the show that bothered me. I didn't like that the wrestlers other than the specifically mentioned Superstars, in non-specified match clips, and training clips, were not facing anyone of any name, they were all Babba Ghanoushes. Other than wrestlers and announcers mentioned by name, the wrestlers were generic, other than one who looked like Ryder, but that looked more like an accident than anything. Later ADR tagged with heel Big Show against Sin Cara and Cena, so it's obvious that this was written and put together a while ago, but in five years, no one will remember who was heel or face when, or which belt was used at exactly which time, so using actual Superstars for filler wrestlers wouldn't have been a big thing. Then again, I'm not sure when the last time Kane was Champ, or lost it when a match was overturned.

I also had issue with the fact that the lady in charge of the WWE security was an ice blonde, not at all Steph, as she should have been. It doesn't make sense to me that Trip was playing a wrestler, McMahon running around in a suit, yet Steph was nowhere to be found.

Where they did a great job with little details was in the signs held up by fans. "Just Bring It" "3:16" and "YES!" all jumped out at me, and I thought was a great nod to The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Bryan.


I love everything Scooby Doo, but this was a lot of fun because it was also WWE. I don't like how John Cena's drawn. The body's fine, but I don't like the face. There were other things about Cena that looked strange, mostly the muscles on his back.

My favorite part was when Cena was knocked out and Scooby and Shaggy used him as a raft was very cool. Cena snored through the whole thing and it was really funny.

I thought it was a decent Scooby Doo compared to the rest. I will watch anything Scooby Doo, and I love the WWE, so I'm happy we bought this. I just wish Daniel Bryan and Fandango were in it too.

Queen of WNW
KB & Sam

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