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Second Report: Impact Wrestling House Show Results (10/27/11) - San Francisco, California

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Wrestling News World reader Alex Flores sent in the following:

TNA presented Impact Wrestling from the Kezar Pavillion in San Francisco, California.

* Brian Kendrick & Kazarian b. Christopher Daniels & Kid Kash in a great opening bout. This match was fast paced and high flying with the crowd really into the entire match

* Earl Hebner is announced and comes out to huge boo's and heat. Hebner is pushing his shirt and puts on a pair of Bret Hart sunglasses and seems to be mocking Hart

* Crimson b. Samoa Joe. This match was just ok, not a lot of big moves but they played to the crowd nicely. Crimson remains undefeated

* Mickie James b. Winter. Great match from the knockouts. Mickie came out in Wonder Women outfit. Mickie picks up the win after Winter lands in Hebner's arms and he kisses her. Mickie then hits her finisher. After match Mickie kisses Hebner and pretends to faint

* Rob Van Dam b. Abyss when he hit 5 star flog splash.

* 20 min Intermission. They give away free shirts and dvd's. Earl Hebner is at the merch table selling his shirt and signing.

* Bully Ray comes and cuts a lengthy promo saying he's from New York and the east coast is better. He also says that the west coast is full of Homo's and he's in the homo capital of the world San Francisco. He then goes around challenging different members in the audience.

* Jeff Hardy b. Bully Ray with Swanton Bomb. This match was very very entertaining but not a whole lot of wrestling went on. I wasn't sure if one of them was hurt or what but a lot of falling into the turn buckles and getting thrown of the ring. Both Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy played to the crowd so well, it felt like you were involved in the match

* Bobby Roode b. James Storm to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I thought it was weird that Bobby Roode is already being promoted as the champion even though that episode of Impact Wrestling hadn't even aired yet. Actually Since this show was on a Thursday night when impact airs if you went to the show you weren't even able to watch last nights episodes so you wouldn't even know Roode was the #1 contender. That's just my opinion. The people behind me were confused because they thought James Storm was the champion. I guess not all of us are internet fans even though it looks TNA assumes we all are. After the match James Storm cuts a promo thanking all the fans for coming and spending there hard earned money. he ends it saying the WWE sucks and TNA is where real wrestlers wrestle.

* After the main event Jeff Hardy came back out and you were able to take a picture with him in the Impact ring for $20

* Overall I thought this was great show. All the wrestlers really played to the crowd and made you feel involved. I recommend attending a TNA house show. I looked up the venue and it said it held 4000 people. I'd say about 500 people were there last night. Great crowd, hot all night

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