Seth Rollins Discusses CrossFit Training Regimen


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has become notorious for his intense CrossFit workouts. Men’s Journal interviewed Rollins, where he talked bout his training.

Below is an excerpt:

How does a CrossFit regimen help reinforce your motivation?
For me, there's no other way to train these days. I love the intensity. I think that’s the one thing that separates me from a lot of the other guys in our regimen. I train with intensity and focus. There’s never a day where I’m going through the motions. If I’m doing that, I may as well be taking a day off. And for me, CrossFit takes all the elements of fitness that I want to focus on and mashes them into an intense workout. That helps me stay on track and have fun at the gym, too, which is a big part of wanting to go in there and putting in the work.

Why are CrossFit loyalists typically so outspoken about persuading new converts?
Some people call it cultish, but I don't see it that way. The community just helps people push each other, and it manifests into a lifestyle a little bit. It's hard to explain unless you get in there and hang out with a lot of the people. It's such an addicting culture in a good way. You're getting healthier and you have more self-confidence, you’re more social. All around, it creates a better you, and that’s something people want to tell others about. It's why they’re so excited about CrossFit. All those things together make you want to share that with the world. You want everybody to feel as good as you do on a regular basis.

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