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Seth Rollins' Night Of Champions Challenge

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Next Sunday will see Seth Rollins defend both his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and newly won United States Championship at the Night of Champions Pay Per View. Seth made history at Summerslam as he overcame the odds by defeating John Cena (with some help from Jon Stewart) to become the first ever champion to hold both the above mentioned titles. What Seth didn't bank on was with ALL titles on the line at the next show he would have to compete in multiple matches with Cena for the United States Championship and Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The odds are indeed not in Rollins favour heading into this one, so it almost feels unlikely he will walk out with both titles around his waist. However the odds are not exactly impossible and I'm sure Seth has a "plan b" up his sleeve somewhere.

Seth Rollins

Of the two matches he has at Night of Champions, the first match I expect to take place is his United States Championship defence against John Cena. This in all honesty if probably the bigger and more difficult of the two matches Rollins has, as Cena is a twelve time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and isn't likely to be easy to finish off. Despite that impressive stat Seth holds a victory over John Cena in their last meeting which will surely give him some momentum headed into the match. However, looking at their records in singles matches against one another the last time Rollins beat Cena before Summerslam was the January 12th 2015 edition of WWE Raw, where Rollins won in a Lumberjack match. His only other singles win over Cena came in a Steel Cage match on Raw on 15th December 2014. The chances of Rollins remaining United States Champion at the end of this match really aren't very high if you go off these stats alone.

And if that wasn't enough of a problem for Seth, he then defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sting, who Rollins has never faced in his career. We all know Sting is a legend of the business with a storied career that spans over thirty years, with him being a decorated World Champion with reigns as the NWA World Champion, six WCW World Championship runs, and four runs as the TNA World Champion. But over all these years Sting has never challenged for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So next Sunday is just as huge for Sting as it is for Rollins. Right now it looks like Sting is getting into the head of Seth Rollins, with his antics of teasing Rollins this past week on Raw culminating in him pushing the bronze statue of Rollins into a garbage truck. So Seth is already at a disadvantage here too because the veteran tactics of Sting have thrown him totally off his game.


Supposing that Rollins manages to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sting, then in the back of Rollins mind he has to be aware of another potential threat to his title. Somewhere lurking in the shadows will be Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus, who will be looking to cash in his opportunity for a championship match when the time is right. Just supposing Seth scrapes through a rough battle with Sting, don't be surprised to see the Celtic Warrior sprinting down to the ring with the plan of cashing in. The two have only ever faced off in singles competition on television once, where Rollins would defeat Sheamus on Raw on September 8th 2014. So again the stats headed into this possible match can't tell us a lot, but with a Money in the Bank cash in you can't really base anything on form with opponents as the only people to unsuccessfully cash in were John Cena against CM Punk on 23rd July 2012, and Damien Sandow on 28th October 2013.

When you look at it the odds really are not in the favour of Rollins in any of his matches. But we all know there's "always a plan b" when it comes to Seth, and have a feeling the Authority may have something up it's sleeve in an attempt to help Rollins. Whether or not that help ends up paying off or costing Rollins one or both of his titles remains to be seen, but I fully expect that no matter what the outcome is that we will begin the build toward a clash between Seth Rollins and Triple H down the line. The only realistic way I can see that happening is Seth dropping both his titles. As much as I would like to see Sting get a run with the one title he has never held I would rather see Sheamus cash in on Seth and take the title from him. We all know Triple H is a big supporter of Sheamus and has been very influential in his rise to the top. So what better way than to have Rollins jealousy get the better of him and accuse Triple H and Stephanie of planning the cash in all along. It brings an element of realism to the story and feels like the right kind of set up in my mind.


When it comes down to it the odds are stacked against Seth walking out of next Sunday still being a dual champion. However, he has faced questionable odds ever since he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 31. Despite the help he has had in winning matches he has beaten top stars like John Cena and Brock Lesnar, and the win/loss records will always show that no matter how he did it. It isn't going to be the last time Rollins comes up against odds that look impossible, and something tells me that Rollins is guaranteed to walk out with at least one of the two titles still around his waist. No one really expected him to survive Brock Lesnar, and no one expected he could then survive against John Cena but he managed to retain in both cases. I'm expecting he walks out United States Champion myself, but I think his time as WWE World Heavyweight Champion may be brought to an end by Sheamus cashing in his shot at the title after Rollins survives a hard fought battle with Sting.

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