Seth Rollins Social Media Scandal


It seems a week doesn't go by in the world of wrestling without some kind of major controversy occurring. This morning I woke up to the news that Seth Rollins Twitter account had been hacked, and to top it off there were nude photos of newly signed NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber to Rollins feed, which connects onto the main WWE.Com social media feed for the world to see, while following this Rollins fiancée either had her account hacked or she intentionally posted two nude photos of Seth to her feed. The photos have since been removed, but the damage was already done potentially for Seth Rollins and his WWE career, with Vince McMahon reportedly being livid about the situation, not due to embarrassment for Rollins, but for embarrassment to the WWE.


The first question to ask is; was Rollins responsible? It has become apparent that Seth had knowledge of the tweets or photos going online, and he has since issued a public apology where he denies having any involvement in the incident. I can't really see Seth wanting to intentionally do something that we all know is going to endanger his spot on the top of the card. Rollins is without doubt the top heel WWE has right now, drawing incredible heat at show after show. What would he possibly have to gain from doing something potentially so embarrassing for him and his employer? Despite this, Vince McMahon was naturally angry this has happened. But s he really right to be mad at Seth for something he clearly had no control over? It isn't like this is the first time social media has played into reality and caused problems for WWE. Remember the whole Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita fiasco, when Matt Hardy took to the internet following the revelation of an affair between Edge and Lita behind his back that resulted in Matt's brief termination of contract from WWE back in 2005. Back then social media was just really in it's infancy, but Matt used the model to force WWE's hand, to get his side of the story out, and eventually left WWE with no choice but to rehire him. The controversy created from the situation was not good for WWE, but in reality it is nothing on the scale of what happened with Seth.

When I put my analytical head on for this unfortunate set of events, I can't help but feel that Vince really is in the wrong for being mad at Rollins about the issue. As we have already seen, Seth was not responsible for this incident and did not willingly ask for the photo's to be posted. His account was hacked, and I can't think for a second why any fan would think he did this intentionally. Likewise, I can't see his fiancée having posted the photos of Seth intentionally, unless he had been cheating on her and it was for revenge, but again Seth did not ask for any of this. I'd totally get where Vince's problem is with Seth if he had told someone to post the photos and make it look like a hack but Seth has nothing to really gain from any of this. Yeah this is no doubt embarrassing for Vince as much as anyone, but doesn't he feel Seth has been embarrassed and humiliated enough already through this? The last thing he needs is grief from his boss about something out of his control.


But then there is a part of me that puts my business head on and can kind of see where Vince has a right to be angry about the situation, whether Seth is at fault or not. As we all know, WWE is a publically traded company and have investors to answer to for anything that is attached to WWE. I can only imagine some of the awkward and embarrassing questions Vince has had to answer since this whole scenario developed. It happened on Vince's watch, and ultimately it is Vince who has to answer for anything positive or negative that affects WWE. Not only that but Seth is now a WWE Superstar, which means he is seen by many fans as a role model, who knew he was going to be under a bigger spot light when he signed for the company. Seth has to be held accountable for any of his actions, and ultimately that includes potential situations such as this one that are out of Seth's control. Granted he didn't ask for the photos to be posted, but had they not existed in the first place then there's no doubt that none of this would have happened. So I think despite his apology and denying involvement, Seth needs to take some responsibility for what happened, and ultimately expect some backlash from Vince.

The big question on every fans mind right now is how will this affect the future of Seth Rollins in WWE? Seth is currently the top heel in WWE, and the last thing WWE can afford to really do after spending all this time investing in Rollins is to pull the plug on his push. Granted, there are likely to be ramifications for Seth and his fellow employees relating to social media accounts, but they are unlikely to be anything big or anything that becomes common knowledge. The situation will blow over in time like any scandal does, and I think the best thing for everyone involved is to work together, accept it has happened, and try to move on as best they can as normal. Yes, both Seth and WWE have been embarrassed by the whole situation, but with the incredible talent Seth Rollins has I think it would be incredibly harsh of WWE to pull the plug on him over something he ultimately could not control. Seth has acknowledged and apologised for the incident. The best thing we can all do now is look to move on and let Seth's in ring ability and skill speak for him instead of letting this be the moment that ruins a promising talents career.

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