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Seth Rollins Will Be World Champion

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Seth Rollins has been a hot topic over the last few days. As he said last night on Raw, he is the glue that's been holding the team together, and he's sick of it. Zack Krasney made a great point in saying that WWE has made him the 'forgotten' one in The Shield, and now he's making sure he won't be forgotten. His in-ring work is absolutely great, and puts on a clinic when he gets in the squared-circle. If you don't know much about his past, then here's a brief trip down memory lane.

Tyler Black won the Ring of Honor tag team championship alongside Jimmy Jacobs. Soon after that, he went on to pin Austin Aries to capture the ROH World title. During his time in ROH, Black knocked off the likes of Kenny King, Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro), Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, and went up against Bryan Danielson and Davey Richards (thanks to John Black). In 2010, he signed with WWE. Under the name Seth Rollins, he beat Hunico to become the first FCW 15 Champion. He teamed with Ricky Steamboat to win the tag titles from Damien Sandow and Titus O'Neil. Rollins then went on to beat Leo Kruger to win the FCW World Champion.

From there, he 'debuted' in the remodeled developmental territory, NXT. He was able to beat Drew McIntyre, Michal McGillicutty, and Jinder Mahal in a tournament to become the first NXT Champion. Now back to the present.

In a recent interview with, Rollins said he felt he was ready to come up to the main roster after some time in NXT. When he finally debuted in November 2012, Seth said he was nervous, excited, and ultimately prepared. He has certainly proven to us that he can work in the ring with anyone, which is a great ability to have. He had a great match with John Cena on SmackDown a few months ago, and that seemed to put him on notice by many WWE fans. I had the privilege of seeing Seth Rollins work in person at a live event in Bloomington, IL last weekend. Not only that, but The Shield came down to the ring right next to where I was sitting. That moment was absolutely awesome to see one of my favorites just inches from me. Rollins and Reigns went on to lose to Big Show and Kofi Kingston. The match was really good in my opinion, and Rollins worked well with both guys.

The Shield seems to be on the verge of going their separate ways. Rollins, who has been the 'glue', walked out of the match against The Wyatt Family on Raw. Seth did a great job at Elimination Chamber and during the rematch on Raw. All of the praise and attention he received afterwards prompted me to write this because I feel Rollins isn't going to fall into the land of the lost after The Shield splits. In that interview I referenced earlier, Rollins was asked where he sees himself in five years. He said he sees himself as world champion, beating up the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton, and headlining pay-per-views. I completely agree.

Chris Surrency said it best: Rollins is the best in the ring, Reigns looks to have the best future, and Ambrose has the best character. This statement is so true. One thing I want to touch on again is his in-ring work. Seth Rollins goes out there, gives it his all, and puts on quite the show. If you want to tell me that he isn't that great in the ring, I want to see what you have to back it up. I highly recommend going back and watching his matches in ROH, FCW, NXT, and on the main roster with The Shield. He's simply great. One would think that with the skill he has, that he will be a future headliner in the coming years, as long as WWE doesn't screw him over with bad booking.

When it comes to his character, I have to say I was shocked to see him debut as a heel. He played the face character in FCW and NXT before The Shield arrived. I first doubted that he would succeed under the character change, but he surprised me. He has done pretty well playing the heel persona, but I truly think his best days are ahead as a babyface. I don't know about you, but it almost seems that he's holding back with his moves as the bad guy. I think once he's officially the fan-favorite, he will get more recognition and will show us what other moves he's hiding in his arsenal. Many have speculated what The Shield will do at this year's WrestleMania. Will there be a triple threat? Reigns vs. Ambrose? Well then, where does Rollins go? I think it would be more beneficial for all three men to have a triple threat, rather than Reigns vs. Ambrose. I'm not bashing Roman or Ambrose, but including Rollins is necessary and the right thing to do after all they have done over the last year, if they go that route.

I hope that face turn is coming soon, because he needs it. And I certainly am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented WWE superstar.

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