Sheamus Is Back, Fella

The night after Wrestlemania 31 will be remembered for many reasons but one of the biggest moments that night occurred when the fighting Irishman, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, made his long awaited return to WWE. Many fans believed his return may have come at Wrestlemania as a surprise entrant in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but instead WWE held off on it until the next night when a new look Shemaus would emerge from the back and appeared to be hitting the ring to save Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan from a mauling. Instead the big Irishman Brogue Kicked both men's heads off and set up Sheamus for his first feud back with Dolph.


WWE had been hyping up the return of Sheamus several weeks prior to Wrestlemania 31, through a series of vignettes to tell us Sheamus would be returning but no time frame was given. Prior to spending the best part of four months on the side-lines after requiring surgery Sheamus had been bobbing around in the mid-card having held the United States Championship for a period but not really pushing himself into the next level. Despite this Sheamus was still a big threat to any opponent he faced off against and was booked in such a way that had he challenged for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, you could believe he had a chance of actually winning it.

One of the things I was hoping for in Sheamus for his return was a change in attitude. The look he had didn't bother me too much but I felt the character was becoming a little stale in it's original form with a lack of depth and development over the years. So when Sheamus emerged from the back my first thought was that I liked the new look he was sporting as it gave his character a different feel. The mow hawk was perhaps a little strange to see at first but I've actually come to like it on him. The only thing I looked at and wished he would get rid of are those damn ridiculous looking braids in his beard but I guess we can look past that. The character itself is very much based on an Irish brawler and is completely different to the fighting Irishman gimmick we have been used to seeing since Sheamus debuted in WWE. I see this character being able to take Sheamus back to the main event level he has been craving and that if he is booked correctly Sheamus can become one of the companies top heels.


Sheamus is currently embroiled in a feud with Dolph Ziggler, and I like the way he has been booked so far in this. There are many positives coming out of the booking of Sheamus, one of which we saw on Sunday at Extreme Rules, as while may have lost the Kiss Me Arse match he came out looking a bigger villain than when he went in by playing up to the crowd as if he wasn't going to go through with the forfeit only for him to almost do it before he gave Dolph a low blow and instead made Ziggler kiss his arse. This was a great move and really showed how Sheamus attitude has changed to being all about himself and him winning at any cost. He came out on the bad end of a beating at last nights King of the Ring, after Dolph busted him open hard way but that all adds to the personal feel of the feud and makes it more compelling to watch going forward.

That leads me on to wondering about the potential next moves for Sheamus. I think a team with Finn Balor would be an exceptionally good idea for both men, as it allows Sheamus to help establish Balor in his transition onto the main roster and allow Sheamus to further enhance his character. I think even throwing in Becky Lynch to the mix for good measure is a good idea as you could have WWE's first Irish only stable. Sheamus would be the perfect leader for these two young up and coming talents to lead them to bigger things in the company and establish himself as one of the companies top veterans in the ring. I also see a potential WWE World Heavyweight Championship run in the next twelve to eighteen months for the Irishman, which is nothing more than I think he deserves in the long run if he can keep the heel persona going and keep developing over the coming year.

Sheamus & Balor

Sheamus has all the talent in the world to become on of the biggest villains or heroes in WWE history. He is a main event star who I think right now has the potential to become one of the top heels in the company by the end of 2015. His return to WWE has come at a time when WWE needs to look at building someone up to become the next challenger to the champion at Wrestlemania, why can't that man be Sheamus? If he is built well over the remainder of 2015 then I could see him having a legitimate shot at winning the 2016 Royal Rumble. WWE has a huge talent that if they use him right can really make a huge impact on the industry and right now he is doing everything right to potentially do that.

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