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Smackdown Live Coverage and Results (7/17/18)

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Good evening and Happy Rusev Day wrestling world! It's another Tuesday of Smackdown Live and it should be a good one. We're heading towards Summerslam and tonight set's the tone for everybody that wants to be apart of it. Stay tuned!


Tonight's show starts off with the former US Champion, Jeff Hardy. He's out to address the WWE Universe on his loss at Extreme Rules. He states that his "heart feels broken." He feels like Shinsuke can only beat him by the low blow that he gave him to pull away with the title on Sunday. He vows to take the title back and, in a fired up way, tells the crowd to enjoy the show.

Renee Young is interviewing Shinsuke as he looks on at Hardy. He's making a mockery of the former champ and says that it's his time. That's a reason to smile! He vows to "give everyone a smile and to make a clown cry."

Later tonight, The Miz is holding a eulogy for Team Hell No! after their loss to The Bludgeon Brothers.

AJ Styles is out, and he's coming to fight! He defeated Rusev at Extreme Rules in an all out BATTLE! But, tonight, he takes on Andrade "Cien" Almas for the very first time, next!


Almas starts off displaying technical moves on the champ. He's toying around with him! Already, he's wearing the champ down. The champ didn't take so kindly to that and gets Almas outside of the ring. Almas quickly turns things back around and is back to wearing the champ down in the ring. Styles counters the running knee in the corner and Almas ends back up outside. Almas appears to be favoring the knee which marks an advantage for Styles. Zelina Vega distracts the champ and Almas capitalizes to regain control. Neither man can keep the advantage over the other, as they are both trading pretty tough moves.

Styles tries to pick momentum up but Almas counters the punch/kick combo with a hard chop to the chest of the champ. He puts Styles on the top turnbuckle and gives him a springboard dropkick. Almas looks to pick the energy up and Styles counters. He gets the two count off the flip and goes for the Styles Clash. Almas counters, Styles counters and sets up for the Forearm. Almas knocks him off the rope. He sets up for the diving moonsault, AJ moves but Almas comes back with a standing moonsault in an impressive recovery for the two count!

Every time AJ tries to gain control, Almas has an answer for everything! He stops Almas at the top rope with an enzuigiri and gets caught as he goes for the top rope move. Almas double stomps him in the chest and goes for the running knees for the two count. Styles counters Almas and turns it into the Calf Crusher to force him to tap!

WINNER by submission: AJ STYLES

At Extreme Rules, Aiden English tried to help Rusev win the title. Instead of helping, he hurt him by removing the turnbuckle pad. It came back to bite Rusev in the neck and he lost. Tonight, English looks to apologize to Rusev and went to Lana for some sort of approval.

Next, Becky Lynch is in action!


The two trade off with signs of chemistry in the ring. Rose gets the edge as Sonya causes the distraction to Lynch. She begins wearing down the Irish Lasskicker. Rose connects with the running knee for the two count. Rose continues the assault but can't keep Lynch down. Lynch turns things around and builds momentum. She tosses Mandy Rose halfway across the ring and goes to Dis-Arm-Her for the win!

WINNER by submission: BECKY LYNCH

She addresses the WWE Universe. She let's them know that she's been working hard to get back into the title picture. She put the Smackdown Women's Champion, Carmella, on notice.

Paige is in her office with the champ. They both heard Lynch's address to the WWE Universe. Carmella wants Paige to throw her a Mella-bration next week. Paige says she'll do it on the condition that the champ faces Becky Lynch. If Lynch wins, she gets to challenge the champ for the title at Summerslam.

Tye Dillinger is getting ready for his match. R-Truth joins him! In a comical segment/misunderstanding (seeing that R-Truth was on a bluetooth talking to his mother), Dillinger is on his way to the ring to face the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Can Dillinger get his revenge after last week's attack from Joe? We shall find out!


Dillinger starts off bringing the fight to Joe. They end up outside and Dillinger continues to bring the energy. Little does he know, all he did was make Joe man angry. Joe sends Dillinger crashing into the steel post and it's in his ball park. He gets the Perfect Ten back in the ring, begins to wear him down, and goes for the Coquina Clutch. Dillinger tries blocking it and Joe continues the beat down. He locks the finisher in and Dillinger gets put to sleep!

WINNER by submission: SAMOA JOE

Samoa Joe is just a nasty human being....goodness....

Anyway, coming right up, The Miz gives a eulogy on Team Hell No's loss at Extreme Rules.

The Miz, coming out to some funeral-type of music and wearing all black, is here! He's shaking hands with the WWE Universe as he makes his way to the ring and has Kane's mask sitting on a pillow for display. He addresses the WWE Universe with the debut of the new show next Tuesday after Smackdown Live and talks about his MVP performance at a celebrity baseball game. He then gave a brief history of Team Hell No! from start to finish of their first run as a team. He asked for the WWE Universe to stand up and honor Team Hell No! in a moment of silence. The WWE Universe made noise and he has to tell them "When my hand goes up, your mouths go shut!" leading them to make more noise. They gave him "Yes!" chants and Miz proceeded to trash talk Team Hell No! He's, basically, saying that he told them so since he figured it wouldn't work between them on their reunion. He's focused on Daniel Bryan and says that "his return from injury is a bust" and states that Team Hell No! is dead.

Bryan's music hits and he attacks Miz from the crowd. He lays Miz and his "pallbearers" out. The Miz heads up the ramp, leaving one of the guys in the ring with Bryan. Bryan starts the "Yes!" chants and sets up the running kick to the pallbearer, making a statement to The Miz!

The New Day is getting Kofi hyped up for his match with SAnitY's Eric Young. That match takes place, next!


For the first time ever, these two square off. Young tries to overpower Kingston but gets counter with a kick to the hamstring. Young comes back with the strong moves. He goes off the ropes but Kingston catches his feet and slides out of the ring, pulling Young to the mat. Young meets with his team to regroup at ringside. He comes through with a new game plan and begins to wear down Kofi. He can't keep him down as Kofi jumps his way to a counter. Young quickly gets control back.

He's looking to pick the 12-year veteran apart. Young goes for the dive off the top rope and Kofi counters with the dropkick in the air. He builds momentum and looks to fight his way back into this match. He gives Young the Boom Drop and sets up for Trouble in Paradise. Young counters with a two count pin. Kofi whips Young into the corner and he jumps the rope to climb up top to the other side. Kofi stops him with the superplex. Young rolls out of the ring and Kofi goes for the dive to SAnitY outside of the ring. He gives him the SOS for two but quickly sets up for the top rope dive. SAnitY distracts him and The New Day stops them. Kofi focuses back on Young but Young counters the springboard. He applies the neckbreaker for the win!


Next week, Paige is announcing who will challenge AJ Styles at Summerslam. Also, Carmella will face Becky Lynch. If Lynch wins, she gets a shot at the title.

Coming up is Jeff Hardy's rematch for the US Championship. Can he regain the title back? We will find out, NEXT!

United States Championship - JEFF HARDY VS. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA (c)

Hardy goes after the champion immediately as the bell rings. Shinsuke tries to counter with a low blow but Hardy jumps from him. They look in disbelief and Hardy dropkicks him! The champ rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and Hardy follows. He slides Shinsuke back in the ring and sets up for the Swanton Bomb. Shinsuke rolls back out of the ring to stop the challenger's energy.

Out of the commercial break, Shinsuke has control of this match. He's wearing the former champion down slowly, but surely. He can't keep him down but Hardy can't keep himself up. He fights his way back into this match and begins to build momentum on the champ. He can't keep The Artist down but he knows he has him on the ropes! Shinsuke counters, leaves Hardy hanging on the apron and gives him a knee!

Hardy looks to fight his way back into the match. He delivers Whisper in the Wind but it's not enough to keep the US Champion down. We're seeing signature Hardy take place. He's growing frustrated as he can't keep Nakamura down. He goes for Twist of Fate and Shinsuke backs him into the corner. Hardy sends him across the ring but Nakamura counters, props Hardy up on the turnbuckle and knees Hardy in the gut. He lays Hardy on the mat and goes for a sliding knee for the two count. He sets up for the finisher and Hardy counters with a slingblade. He sets up for the Swanton, Nakamura knocks him off. He sets back up for the Kinshasa, Hardy counters with the Twist of Fate. He sets up for the finisher and delivers the Swanton Bomb. Randy Orton pulls Hardy out at the two count.


Orton began the assault on Orton. Hardy tries fighting back but Orton rakes him in the eyes to stop him. He sets Hardy up on the steps and stomps him in the head. Orton continues to assault him, tells Hardy to just ask him why he's doing this and pulls at Hardy's ear gauge piercing. He sets throw him across the announce table and finishes the beating to send everyone home.

We finally have bad Randy Orton back! How will Jeff Hardy react? Will this force Hardy to reach his breaking point? Come back next week for another week of Live Coverage. Have a wonderful night and an awesome week! See you on Monday for Raw Live Coverage!

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