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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results (12/13 &12/20)

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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Impact Wrestling

TNA taped this week's episode of Impact Wrestling and part of the following week Monday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for sending in full results:

Please note: Due to taping a show and a half, some things might be in a different order when they air. There is even the possibility that some stuff may even be taped tomorrow.

Impact Wrestling (Airing 12/13/12):

* Bobby Roode stormed his way to the ring and took a microphone. He said he has to admit that he is pissed off. He is trying to understand what happened. He said he guaranteed to become the new world champion, but it didn't happen. He made a deal with Aces & 8's and where he comes from, a deal is a deal. He wants answers and he wants them now. Devon, DOC, the leader, and two others come down. Devon says he is sorry but a better deal came up on the plate. He says Roode is a business man, they are a club that likes to do business with business people and someone came and gave them a better deal. Roode demands to know who it is. Devon says when a deal is made, they like to keep it within the club. He and DOC enter the ring, followed by the leader and the other two. Devon says they can't tell him who it is, but later on tonight, he might get his answer. Jeff Hardy comes out with James Storm. He says he is sick of it and they are not here to play detective tonight. They are here to fight. They rush the ring and Aces & 8's bail to ringside. Roode seemed to have bailed when Hardy's music hit.

* Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne via the In Yo Face.

* Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff w/Kurt Angle defeated Robbie E and Robbie T via top rope cross body by Wes on Terry. One of the Aces & 8's ran out and hit Kurt when he was at ringside celebrating their win.

* Jeff Hardy & James Storm defeated DOC and one other member (Mike Knox). Other members of Aces & 8'a tried to interfere but Storm and Hardy beat them up. Storm hit the Last Call on DOC and Hardy hit the twist of fate on the other member for the other one. Devon said they want to know who paid them off and said it was the greatest payoff in the world: Austin Aries.

* AJ Styles made his way to the ring and took a microphone. He demanded this time to come out and address the fans tonight. He said he doesn't have to tell anyone what's going on with him or where he's going. Fans chant "you've still got it." AJ says he isn't going anywhere. He said he does not know where he's going and he doesn't know what the next step is. He said he has spent so long trying to be a corporate guy and he has forgotten about #1. He said it has nothing to do with you, the Impact Zone, Dixie Carter. He throws his hat and shirt off and said it has nothing to do with Impact Wrestling. He said it has everything to do with AJ Styles. He's sick of being the corporate janitor and cleaning up every TNA mess. He isn't going to be doing the right thing. He is going to be doing his own thing. He throws the mic down and leaves.

* In a non-title match, Kenny King defeated Rob Van Dam. RVD hit a top rope cross body, but Kenny rolled him over and got his feet on the ropes for leverage for the pin.

* Bully Ray defeated Jesse w/Tara with the Bully Cutter. Bully demolished Jesse's chest with chops and at one point smacked Tara on the ass when she tried to get involved. After the match, he screamed at the mic "What's it gonna take, Hulk? What's it gonna take?"

* Austin Aries made his way to the ring and said he can't say he's surprised and said the beans have been spilled. He's the one who trumped Roode's offers. Roode himself said that money talks. Fans chanted WHAT and Aries said when they want to stop entertaining themselves he will stop talking and stay in the ring. He said that Devon said that Aces & 8's don't fight someone else's battle but at least they get paid for it. Six months ago he had to fight someone else's battle which was Hogan's against The Aces & 8's. He said that Aries didn't get paid to fight Hogan's battles. He said that Hogan put him at the front of the line until he jumped on the Jeff Hardy bandwagon. That's why Aries is pushing buttons now and he will not stop until he gets back his World Title. Jeff Hardy's music hits and he comes to the ramp. Hardy said its about him and calls Aries pathetic for hiring a gang to do his work instead of stepping up like a man. Aries jokes how they. Hardy says next week is championship Thursday and says Aries/Hardy III. Aries says he wants to do it in front of these people? Aries says he doesn't do things for the fans or for Hardy. He says he does it when he wants on his own time. Hardy says that is the difference between the two of them. He always gives the fans what they want. The two brawl. Hardy gets the upperhand and sets up Aries for the Swanton, but Aries bails and makes his way up the ramp.

Impact Wrestling (Airing 12/20/12):

* Christy Hemme changed dresses so I assume the stuff here is for the 12/20 episode.

* Kurt Angle said since tonight is championship Thursday, the only one he wants is the one that belongs to Aces & 8's and he calls out Devon. Devon comes out with the Aces and Angle says he had to bring his pack with them and Angle said he brought a pack of his own. Samoa JoeWes Brisco, Garett Bischoff made their way to ringside.

* In a TV Title Match, Devon retained over Kurt Angle. During the match, the Aces and Kurt's friends got in a brawl and the referee threw out all of them. They all came back down while Kurt had Devon in the Ankle Lock. With the ref distracted, one of the Aces slid in and hit Angle with a pipe allowing Devon to retain.

* Off-camera, the referee threw up the X for Angle and Wes and Garett helped him to the back. Probably a storyline but thought I'd mention it.

* In a Knockout's Championship Match, Tara w/Jessie Goddarz retained over Mickie James with a reverse atomic drop setup into a face buster across the knee. Jessie got involved during the match and took a Lou Thesz press from Mickie from the top rope to the floor.

* A Christmas Tree with a picture of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian on top was set up in the ring along with a large chair and presents.

* Kazarian came to the ring with presents and said even these nitwits can't ruin their Christmas spirit for Christmas in the next few days. He points out that this tree even has two stars on it and introduces Christopher Daniels, who takes his appletini from So Cal Val. Daniels sits in the chair and Kazarian tells him he has a special guest: Santa Claus! He sits in the chair. Daniels and Kazarian says they for him a gift. Santa opens it and reveals zuma pants! Daniels sits on Santa's lap and tells him he has been a good boy this year especially by beating that loser AJ Styles. Santa says because he has been good he can give Daniels a wish. Daniels said he would like to give his wish to AJ's kids since he is such a loser that he won't be able to give his kids anything. James Storm comes out and says they are making a mockery of Christmas. Daniels says to Santa that that list that he keeps should have James Storm on the naughty list since he is the reason AJ can't go for the world title for a year.

* James Storm gets in the ring and knocks over the tree and questions Santa saying he wanted a BB gun but was told he would shoot his eye out, a mudding big wheel truck with tires, etc. Storm says he understands Santa is busy delivering all the toys and says if he is the real Santa: last year, what did he ask for Christmas. Santa says it has to be something country. Daniels and Kazarian whisper to Santa and Santa asks if it was a Travis Tritz Cd. Storm says it was close and says it was for a case of beer then super kicks Santa, sending Santa and the chair knocking over. Storm then goes in Santa's bag and throws whatever gifts are in it into the crowd.

* Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan defeated Kenny King & Rob Van Dam via Carbon Footprint by Morgan on RVD. King could have saved Van Dam but he decided to bail and let RVD take the footprint. Throughout the match, Morgan seemed to get frustrated with Ryan showboating.


* Chavo Guerrero w/Hernandez defeated Robbie E w/Robbie T via Frog Splash.

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