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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results From 7/30/15, BFG Matches

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TNA Wrestling held another set of television tapings on Thursday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Scott Brooks of was on hand and filed the following report:


Match 1) Micah defeated Jessie Godderz via a Diving Headbutt.

Impact Wrestling

Match 1) For the TNA X-Division Championship, Tigre Uno retained over Kenny King via a springboard frog splash. During the match, they had a man in a Bigfoot costume in the crowd. I assume for a show on Destination America.

They seemed to film a video for Mahabali Shera's new dance and they encouraged the crowd to dance.

A good portion of the TNA roster was at ringside, pretty much all the faces and a couple heels. Dixie Carter came to the ring. Team TNA came to the ring. She was happy to be here with the best fans in the world. Fans looked at it as a necessity and investment to give these fans what they want to see. She said she invited Jarrett back and he turned his back on everyone here. She introduced all the members of Team TNA to thank all of them. Drew said they all love professional wrestling. It is their passion, these are their fans, and TNA is their platform. He is not trying to be a leader. Every person around this ring, in the ring, in the back, and in the stands are equals. Whenever there is a fight, they will always overcome. They are the warriors of TNA and when they are called upon on they will stand up. Dixie said they are Bound For Glory. She addressed Drew talking about his promo in Scotland inspiring her and called him a great leader on camera and behind the scenes. To the Wolves, in a year and a half since they entered the international scene, they have become the best tag team in the business. Lashley is a destroyer because he is killing it in this ring and in Bellator. He is undefeated in MMA and the only person to ever wrestle and fight in MMA at the same time. To Bram, she says that he is a star. She said at that all five of them will wrestle in a five way match tonight and the winner faces Ethan Carter III at Bound For Glory for the World Heavyweight Championship. She said there is one person no longer a part of the team and calls out Eric Young. She said he turned his back on this company and all of the wrestlers here. Eric said she is going to punish him now. He asked why she didn't do that when he got rid of Kurt Angle for good or when he took a war hero's leg. He has got an Ironclad contract with TNA Wrestling. He commended TNA on winning but guess what? He still has an ironclad contract with TNA and there is nothing she can do about it. She said maybe she won't but she can't speak for everyone around the ring and at the front of the line is a man who has been at the frontline providing for crazy cowards like him and falls out Chris Melendez. She said he will get a fair fight as everyone around the ring will stay out to make sure it happens and that will start right now.

Match 2) Chris Melendez defeated Eric Young in a Lumberjack Match. Everyone celebrated with Chris and he reattached his prosthetic leg.

Match 3) In a non-title match, Gail Kim defeated Mia Yim via Eat Defeat.

Marti and Rebel attacked Gail after until Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne made the save and chased them to the back. Awesome Kong's music hit and she walked down to the ring and stared down Gail. Gail posed with the belt.

Match 4) For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus and Jeff Hardy defeated Rockstar Spud via One Percenter.

After the match, EC3 ordered Tyrus to Heart Punch Spud. He ordered Tyrus to lift up Spud. He then ordered Jeff to end Spud's career and give Spud a Twist of Fate. Jeff said or what and EC3 said he would fire Jeff. Jeff said no way and slapped him. Ethan then said he will do one better and threatened to end Jeff's career. Matt ran down and Tyrus attacked Matt. EC3 ordered Tyrus to put him down. He holds Matt. EC3 orders Jeff to hit Matt. Ethan says to him him right now. Matt low blows Tyrus then Jeff punched out EC3. The Hardys stood tall.

The Revolution of James Storm, Abyss, and Manik came to the ring. Storm said he has lost faith in a lot of things the last couple weeks, one of those things being humanity. Storm said without him a lot of people would still be lost. Storm thought that the whole Khoya situation would have been taken care of but it seems that some people can't get the job done. He says Khoya will face the men standing in this ring unlike others who cannot get the job done or others who will fail him over and over (looking at Manik and Abyss respectively.) Abyss grabs a mic and said he is not one of Storm's pathetic sheep followers. They have known each other for 17 years. Storm promised him family and togetherness and all Storm gave them was abuse. He won't stand in anyone's shadow and called Abyss worthless without him. Abyss said without Storm he is what he has always been The Monster Abyss. Abyss is a TNA Original Original. He was here 13 years ago. He helped build this place from the ground up by spilling his blood sweat and tears and scarring his body. Storm did not make him, Abyss made Abyss. Impact Wrestling made Abyss. All of the fans love to see him kick ass. He will do what he wants when he wants. As for him with Storm, he is done. Abyss walks out. Storm orders him to get back here but Abyss keeps walking. Storm says he will be back because everyone wants to stand by him. He says it is time to get to the point and addresses Khoya. Manik says something to Storm. Storm asks what he said. Manik said his name is Shera. Storm piefaces him and they go through this a couple times. Storm asks Manik one more time what Shera's name is. Manik says his name is Mahabali Shera. Manik says Storm did not make Shera and he did not make Manik. Manik takes off his mask and leaves. Mahabali Shera comes to the ring and says Storm and The Revolution is over. He offers to fight Storm right now. Storm throws down his cowbell and says let's go but then says they fight on his time, sorry about your damn luck and leaves. Shera stands tall.

Jeremy Borash confirms that Mahabali Shera vs James Storm will happen tonight.

In a Five Way Elimination Match, Drew Galloway defeated Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, and Bram to win the #1 Contendership at Bound For Glory.
- Bram got eliminated after a pair of Double Stomps from the Wolves and both of them covered him in 3-4 minutes.
- Davey got eliminated by Lashley and Eddie got eliminated by Drew simultaneously in about 8 minutes. The Wolves worked together to take them out before stopping to fight each other. Lashley hit a Spear on Davey. Drew hit a Future Shock DDT on Eddie.
- Drew hit a Running Boot to the face on Lashley to win the match in about 12 minutes total.

===Episode 2?===

Ethan Carter III came to the ring with Tyrus. Ethan said he is not a villain, he is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He said Jeff Hardy agreed to be his personal assistant. They made a deal and he called Jeff Hardy out who drew on the EC3 face sign. He tells Jeff to beg for his position here. He said if he wants to keep his family and the fans happy he will kiss this world heavyweight championship. He orders Ethan to repeat an apology that EC3 says, saying it doesn't have to be verbatim but to give it the best shot. Hardy drops to a knee and EC3 puts the title in front of him. Jeff tells Ethan that he quits. Ethan can shove this job, he isn't working here anymore. Ethan tries to stop the fans chanting for Hardy because he doesn't work here anymore. Ethan says he is fired. Jeff sings a rendition of "take this job and shove it" and walks out.

Jeremy Borash comes to the ring and says this show is not over. Borash may have been humiliated by Ethan in public and had his head shaved by Ethan but he won't let him get rid of Jeff Hardy. Borash said Hardy has sold more merchandise and is more popular than Ethan. He can't get Ethan's job back but he can call "Aunt D." Borash said he has in mind to smack Ethan and said he has the power to do something with Tyrus. Borash said at Genesis, Tyrus will step inside the ring with Bigfoot. Bigfoot comes out and Tyrus dips into the crowd. Ethan Carter III ordered Bigfoot to leave. Bigfoot hits a Twist of Fate and unmasks as Matt Hardy and promoted a tag match later tonight with Tyrus and a tag partner vs Matt Hardy and a partner of his own. This entire portion will likely not air to continue TNA's attempt to troll "Genesis."

Match 1) Awesome Kong defeated Brooke via Chokeslam.

Match 2) Trevor Lee defeated DJ Z and Tomasso Ciampa in a Triple Threat X-Division Match with a Moonsault Style Fallaway Slam on DJ Z for the pin.

Bobby Roode came to the ring and said he has been coming to this ring for over a decade. He has seen a lot of good times and some not good times but throughout the years he has been referred to as many things. He has been their hero, he has been a selfish bastard, and he has been a champion. Whether you cheered him or booed him he hopes that he has earned the fans' respect. Roode has his name chanted. He is a TNA and has been since 2004. There's no doubt that this coming has been under some scrutiny and a black cloud follows it. He has been told TNA will not survive and yet they are still here because of the love and passion of the TNA roster. For every person who has ever been involved they do it because they love wrestling and specifically TNA Wrestling. He has been blessed to be a champion here. A World and Tag Champion and now the King of the Mountain Champion. People have asked what this title means. Roode says it means pro wrestling. It represents passion and he will defend this title with honor and dignity and respect. What better way to kick it off then at Bound For Glory. He will put his KOTM title on the line in an open challenge to defend the title at Bound For Glory. Lashley's music hits and he comes to the ring.ashley offers Roode a handshake out of respect for him. Lashley came to TNA for two reasons: 1) to compete against the best wrestlers in the world today. He says Doode is at the top of the food chain. 2) He wants to collect whatever he gets his hands on. He mentions that he and Roode have had some great matches together and asks for one more time. At Bound For Glory he wants the King of the Mountain Title and asks Roode what he says. Roode said as Lashley extended his hand to Roode, Doode will do the same and accepts his challenge.

Match 3) In a No DQ Match, Mahabali Shera defeated James Storm.
- Chairs came into play. Storm threw Shera off the top rope through two open chairs and one of the chair seats flew off.
- A table came into play as did a beer bottle. Beer got spat in Earl's face. Storm hit the Eye of the Storm on Shera through a table.
- Abyss and Manik came out. They did the Revolution pose and then pointed at Storm. Abyss gave Storm a Black Hole Slam then Manik hit a Frog Splash on Storm. Shera then hit a Sky High on Storm for the pin fall victory.

Storm got a thank you cowboy chant after leaving.

Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III with Tyrus had a promo in the ring. Dixie said Ethan while he has been a great champion, his actions out of the ring have been deplorable. She said Drew fought for the company while Ethan wanted nothing to do with it. Ethan said he told her that Jarrett could not be trusted but here they stand going into Bound For Glory for the TNA Championship. Ethan said Drew cannot beat him ever. His time will come to an end. Drew Galloway comes to the ring. Drew said he has looking forward to saying this to him for a long time: shut your mouth. He said there is a reason nobody likes him in the back. He is a self entitled bitch who thinks he is the best in the world when he turned his back on "our company." Ethan said it is his company and his championship proves he is the best. Drew gives his wrestling speech. He tells Ethan to pray that Drew doesn't stop talking because talking is the second best thing that he does. Ethan Carter III talks about beating Bully Ray, Sting, and Kurt Angle and tells him how he is undefeated. Ethan said Drew will not stand up at Bound For Glory, he will stand down. Drew said he is no savior, but at Bound For Glory he will be one thing: the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Galloway confirms off camera that he is Matt Hardy's partner for the tag match later.

Match 4) In a Handicap Match, The Dollhouse (Rebel/Jade/Marti) defeated The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) w/Angelina Love. Rebel threw powder in Madison's face and Marti rolled up Madison for the pin.

Eric Young came to the ring and took a microphone. He said not only is he the most dangerous man in wrestling, he is the smartest. He sees a locker room full of guys that feel threatened. Eric says he is the alpha. He says he had Chris Melendez bear. Chris had 30 guys run interference and that is the only reason why he lost. Eric said he is not scared of anyone. None of them are brave or man enough to challenge him. Eric is a god. Robbie E comes out and says he has to do him, the Impact Zone, and everyone else a favor: shut the hell up. Robbie E says he is from Jersey he loves to fight and these are the greatest fans in the world and threatens to kick his ass. Robbie storms the ring and puts the boots to Eric. Eric hits a low blow. He then throws Robbie out of the ring. Eric took a mic and said that was their best. He says he is god. Chris Melendez comes out. Chris takes down Eric and lays in with forearms. Eric hits a back suplex. He goes for a chair but misses Chris. Chris grabs the chair and Eric backs up the ramp. Mr. Anderson's music hits and he comes to the stage and brings down the mic. Anderson asks if he thinks he is god. Anderson said he has been looking for him his whole life and does his schtick. Anderson says Eric has a lot of pissed off people that want to beat him up. Anderson said he doesn't like to share and attacks Eric. He throws Eric in the ring. Robbie hits a Fill Nelson into an STO. Chris hits a Stunner. Anderson hits a mic check and Eric falls out of the ring as the three of them stand tall.

Match 5) Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III & Tyrus after a Twist of Fate by Matt on Tyrus followed up by a running boot by Drew on Tyrus for the pin.

After, Dixie Carter comes out and confirms that Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway will face for the World Title at Bound For Glory. The two of them are two of the best and they will face in a match that is fair. Thanks to Ethan, she made someone available who will see to that. Jeff Hardy comes to the stage and stands with Dixie Carter as Ethan is on the ramp with the title while Drew and Matt stand in the ring, Drew staring down Ethan.

Off camera, Dixie thanked all the fans for the last couple weeks. Jeff Hardy went and high fives people around ringside and took pictures with people. Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway also thanked the fans and asked Ethan Carter III to come back out. Matt says they have been through war this week so they want to make it right. Matt said he will shake his hand. Matt hit a Twist of Fate on EC3 and Drew hit a Stunner. Spud came out and hit a Stunner. Eddie Edwards comes out and hits a Stunner. Tommy dreamer comes out and hits one. Tyrus comes out and brings in a chair and stands over EC3. Tyrus then hit a Stunner of his own. One of the more well known security guards among the fans also hit one to send the fans home happy.

Confirmed for Bound For Glory:

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ethan Carter III (C) vs Drew Galloway with Special Enforcer (or maybe a special referee) Jeff Hardy.

TNA King of the Mountain Championship
Bobby Roode (C) vs Lashley

Two other matches that seem to strongly indicated but unconfirmed for BFG are Tigre Uno vs Trevor Lee for the X Division Title and Kong vs Gail for the KOs title. The former makes sense since Lee is an NC guy.

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