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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From 7/22/15

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Impact Wrestling:

Notably, TNA seemed to have an entirely new production crew and did not have an announce table set up. They were also announcing almost every match with 15 minute time limits unless otherwise noted. They had Impact Wrestling graphics up throughout the taping (Xplosion match aside) but the show felt like a One Night Only in that the focus was almost entirely on the wrestling.

Match 1) Drew Galloway defeated Bram via Running Kick.

Match 2) Rockstar Spud defeated Grado.

At one point Spud did a Stinger Splash and the Worm. Grado did an extended people's elbow where he ran out of steam but still hit the elbow. Spud hit a Chokeslam and did a Undertaker style pin for a kick out. Spud then did a you can't see me and went for the AA but Grado countered. Grado then went for a Sweet Chin Music while saying "I'm sorry I love you". Spud hit a Stunner then the Underdog for the win.

Match 3) Awesome Kong defeated Madison Rayne via a Backfist and an Implant Buster. They exchanged some nearfalls having a more even match than I anticipated when it started.

Match 4) Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus vs. Austin Aries w/Thea (Rosita) went to a 15 minute time limit in a non title match. It was not addressed as to why Aries is wrestling again.

The crowd chanted let them fight and EC3 attempted to attack Aries. Aries got a forearm in on EC3 and hit the brainbuster on him EC3. Thea entered the ring and stood tall with Aries.

Match 5) Bobby Roode defeated James Storm in a match that went over ten minutes via the Payoff (Bridging Fisherman's Suplex.)

Match 6) Abyss defeated Eric Young via Black Hole Slam. Abyss came out to his own music instead of the Revolution music and was wrestling like a face. He at one point went for Janice until the referee stopped him and Eric hit a low blow and a top rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Eric went for a Piledriver and Abyss scored the Black Hole Slam for the win.

Match 7) Brooke Tessmacher (who did not come out with the Knockout's Championship) defeated Gail Kim with a roll up. The finish was sort of awkward and seemed like a 2 count. It also seemed like Brooke may have injured her right wrist during the course of the match as she was favoring it, even not having her right arm raised when she won.*

Match 8) Matt Hardy defeated Davey Richards via Twist of Fate.

Before the next match, they announced that Lashley vs Ken Anderson would be the main event of the taping.

Match 9) Kenny King defeated "'The Thug' Aiden O'Shea" (the former Jay Bradley, who wrestled in black slacks with strap down and a white wifebeater) with a Springboard Blockbuster. Kenny wrestled as a face.

Match 10) DJ Z defeated Tigre Uno (who like Brooke and EC3 did not enter with his title) with a step in Tornado DDT.

They taped an Xplosion Match now
Match 1) Tyrus defeated Chris Melendez with a thumb thrust to Chris's throat.

Before the next match, Eli Drake cut a promo. "Greatest of all time" and asked the fans who is. He said simply by virtue of stepping in the door here in TNA, he has become the greatest TNA wrestler of all time. He said that chaps a lot of keesters around here and asks if anyone here remembers The Rising. He said he doesn't either and claimed to play the two of them like a fiddle. Drew couldn't get the job done on his own while Micah didn't have the guts to step up on his own and that is just a fact of life. Queue Micah and we have a match.

Match 11) Micah defeated Eli Drake with a Samoan Drop.
- Eli Drake and Micah wrestled to a double count out. Micah then took a mic and said they are not ending on a draw and inspired a five more minutes chant. Eli walked up the ramp but Hemme announced it was continuing for five more minutes. Micah would end up pinning Drake not too long after the restart.

Match 12) Robbie E defeated Eddie Edwards with a Reverse DDT.

Match 13) Jessie Godderz defeated Crimson via The Adonis Crab

Match 14) Manik defeated Mandrews via the Detonation Kick (Fireman's Carry Press into a kick to the head)

Match 15) Mahabali Shera defeated Crazzy Steve with the Sky High.

*At this point, they claimed Gail issued a complaint about the ending to the match earlier so they re-taped the finish. Brooke was still minding her wrist hardly even using her right hand. She caught Gail in a cradle pin, leaving the original result the same.

Match 16) Drew Galloway defeated Grado via running boot to the face. Drew raised Grado's hand after the match.

Before the next match, Eric Young cut a promo. He said he is a world class professional wrestler. He is going to win this whole tournament. It doesn't matter who they send out next. He will beat them and all of these people will be wrong. Bobby Roode's music and there is a match.

Match 17) Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode via Piledriver. Roode went for a top rope blockbuster but Eric pulled Earl Hebner in the way and Roode stopped. Eric took advantage and hit the Piledriver for the win.

Match 18) Bram defeated Rockstar Spud via an Implant DDT.

Bram took a mic and said he is not done attacking him and asked for the bell to be rung again. The ref rung the bell.

Match 19) Rockstar Spud defeated Bram defeated Bram via Underdog.

Christy Hemme interviewed Spud after and commended Spud for making it to the finals. Spud said this underdog is going to win

Match 20) Lashley defeated Ken Anderson via a Spear.

They announced as fans left that Lashley vs Austin Aries will be taped during tomorrow's show in addition to Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong.

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