*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From 7/23/15

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TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Impact Wrestling:

The following results are presented exactly in the order that they were taped in front of the live audience.

Match 1) Bram defeated Grado. Before the match, they cut a promo on each other with Bram insulting Grado's weight and Grado defending himself. It resulted in a dance off with Bram and Grado. When Grado started to dance after Bram did, Bram rolled up Grado for the win.

Match 2) Austin Aries w/Thea defeated Mr. Anderson via a middle rope brainbuster. They cut a promo talking about the tournament that they are in and both of them being from Wisconsin and Aries vowed to win the tournament. The two of them hugged after the match.

Match 3) Lashley defeated Drew Galloway with a Spear.

Match 4) Matt Hardy defeated Robbie E with a Twist of Fate.

Match 5) Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards went to a 15 minute time limit draw.

Match 6) Bobby Roode defeated Abyss with a Spinebuster. Abyss attempted to use Janice at one point and got "her" stuck in the top turnbuckle.

Match 7) Tigre Uno defeated Mandrews via a Split-Legged
Corkscrew Splash. Tigre did not come out with X-Division Championship once again.

Match 8) Eli Drake defeated Jessie Godderz with a roll up and his feet on the middle ropes.

Match 9) Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne via Small Package.

Match 10) Eric Young defeated James Storm with a Piledriver after a low blow when Storm accidentally hit Earl Hebner. Before the match they cut a promo reminiscing on the beer drinking championship and Storm challenged Eric to a contest but Eric said no.

Christy Hemme interviewed him and told Eric he made it to the finals. Eric said just like he told these morons he is world class. He said to listen to him: this as far as he goes. As far as this tournament goes, he quits and walks out.

Match 11) Aiden O'Shea defeated Crazzy Steve via the Boomstick/a lariat.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus came out. Ethan said the cameras are off and he thought he would come out. He said he would be wrestling last and to entice the fans to stay if Mr. Anderson beats him tonight he will buy the fans dinner tonight. If he beats Anderson, each person here has to kiss Tyrus's foot.

Match 12) Mahabali Shera defeated Kenny King via Kenny King coming off the top rope and getting caught in a Sky High.

Borash said Shera is in line for a match at Genesis. Borash said he will face this man at Genesis: Tommy Dreamer's music hits and Tommy Dreamer comes to the stage.

Match 13) Lashley defeated Austin Aries w/Thea via a Spear. At one point, Aries went for his dive through the lower middle rope and ate it into the guardrail. He got a comeback but Lashley prevailed and won.

Match 14) Manik defeated DJ Z via Detonation Kick.

Match 15) Matt Hardy defeated Eddie Edwards via a rope hung Twist of Fate.

Match 16) Micah defeated Crimson with a Samoan Drop and a Diving Headbutt.

Match 17) Davey Richards defeated Bram via Small Package.

Match 18) Drew Galloway defeated Rockstar Spud via a running boot to the face.

Match 19) Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus (who did not enter with the world heavyweight championship) defeated Mr. Anderson.
- Anderson hit the Green Bay Plunge and Tyrus pulled Ethaj out to break up the nearfall. Anderson attacked Tyrus with a chair. He brought the chair back into the ring with him. Earl removed it and EC3 hit a low blow on Anderson. They had a brief exchange until EC3 caught him in a jackknife pin to win.

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