*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From 7/27/15

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TNA Wrestling held another set of tapings on Monday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Scott Brooks of WrestlingNewsWorld.com was on hand for the taping and filed the following report:

This was clearly TV as all the champions had their championships. The 15 minute time limit from last week was not carried into matches this week. Considering the results are for at least mid August, it is unknown exactly of the order of how they will air so the results are reported exactly in the order of how they were taped.


Match 1) Kenny King defeated DJ Z via Royal Flush.

Impact Wrestling:

Jeff Jarrett with Karen Jarrett came out for a promo. Jarrett talked about the phone call that got him back to Slammiversary and said this about more than a thank you. He couldn't be more proud to say he is the newest member of the TNA Hall of Fame. His TNA career is complete and it is over. He left on a positive note by forming GFW and they are about competing at the highest level and that's what they are about tonight. He talked about various sport rivalries and that is what it will be about tonight. On Impact for the first time ever they are going to get the best of the best of GFW vs TNA tonight. They have Sonjay Dutt vs Tigre Uno and they also have Awesome Kong vs Lei'd Tapa. They have the Wolves vs Trevor Lee and Brian Myers. In the main event it will be for the KOTM Title and before he can finish Eric Young comes out. He storms the ring and has a mic. Jarrett calls out him doing this for the fans and EY says he is not doing this for the fans. He talks about how he designs everything here. He decided the fate of the World Title twice and also that Kurt Angle should go home and never come back. He took a war hero's leg because he felt like it. He is going to let Jarrett be the promoter and the bookerman and let Jarrett make him vs Eric Young tonight for his KOTM title. Jarrett says Eric doesn't work for him and he doesn't work for Eric which means he can kick his ass tonight with no repercussions. He isn't doing it for himself or Eric but for the fans. He said he is not an active wrestler anymore and he is building the best brand for GFW. Jarrett said this belt will be defended in all promotions. He said there will be a King of the Mountain match tonight and Eric can declare himself the first wrestler in the match. They go to leave and Eric attacks. Chris Masters/Justin Fabriel/Brian Myers/Trevor LeeSonjay Futt make the save and a brawl ensues with Robbie E/The Wolves /Ken Anderson/Tigre Uno coming out and brawling with the GFW talent along with Eric. Jarrett stands tall with the title.

Match 1) Awesome Kong vs Lei'd Tapa w/Royal Red went to a double count out.
- Before the match Royal Red cut a promo introducing himself and Tapa and implores all Knockouts to bow down to her.
- Kong scoop slammed Tapa on the ramp after the match.

Bobby Roode came to the ring for a promo. He said it is crazy and chaotic out here and said there is a lot of unanswered questions and unknown including even with him. He says he is pissed off now and talks about the main event tonight and said that he is was not considered for the match. If there is any guy in any promotion anywhere in the world, it is him and Jarrett knows it. If Jarrett has a problem with it, say it to his face. Secondly, the unknown and uncertainty of one of the best teams in wrestling right now: Austin Aries. He said last week Aries put his job on the line in a match. One of the greatest wrestlers on the planet today and much to everyone's surprise, he lost. He wants to bring out the man who beat Aries last week Rockstar Spud. Rockstar Spud comes to the ring. Roode offers Spud a handshake. He implores Spud to do it and they shake hands. Roode says Spud is all dressed up in his suit with his "itty bitty" bow tie and calls him proud as a peacock. Last week he defeated Austin Aries: a man who held the world, tag, and is one of the best X-Division champions in company history and ended his career last week. Spud proved that anyone at anytime on any given night can defeat anybody, even Spud. He says job well done. Spud says never in his dreams that he would be in this ring facing the It Factor Bobby Roode and he could be such a condescending prick. He throws off his blazer. He says Roode thinks that Spud does not belong here. He says that fans believe he should be here because when he was young he told his parents he wanted to be a wrestler and he wanted to be a champion and he did both. He said he was going to hand over the title and challenged Kurt Angle and he did it. He defeated The Greatest Man That Ever Lived and his former tag partner Austin Aries. He doesn't know what Roode has circling in his head but don't take it out on him. Roode is like the bully that takes the little kid's lunch money. The difference is Spud will ask for his money back. Roode said Spud is an underdog but look at him now. He did all of those things that he said and he did them all with his wrestling ability. He should not be taking out his aggression on Spud but he is. If Roode were in the ring with him last week, he would have made sure he ended Spud's career. He mentions he was the longest reigning champion and if he wants to take out his aggression on anybody he will do it and nobody is going to stop him. Spud says on any other day he would be right but there is one. He punches Roode. Roode fires back and lays him out. Roode hits him in the mic and chokes Spud with his blazer. Roode laid him out with a Roodebomb. He threw Spud out of the ring and threw Spud into the steps. Referees eventually showed up and broke it up.

Match 2) Lashley defeated Jessie Godderz via Spear.

Evidently with that win, Lashley is now in King of the Mountain because of that win.

World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III and Tyrus came out. He said he was born and bred to carry this company on his back to the future. This title represents a culmination of his live's work. This title means he is better than any man in any locker room across the world. Last week, he defended it in not a match but a car crash. He commends Matt Hardy and says how he climbed the ranks and picked up the stipulation but he still lost. Matt Hardy comes out noticeably limping. He tells Ethan that he heard every word that he said. He says EC3 has a claim at being the best in the world right now. Last week he beat him in a match that Matt helped create. He admits defeat and says Ethan has proven that he is among the greats with being a TNA Champion. Matt says he is not going away. As long as Ethan is champ he will go after the title and continue "#MattForChamp." He will not stop or quit because Matt Hardy will not die. Ethan says if he wants another shot Matt is more than worthy but Ethan won't decide that. He feels the people should. The fans cheer. Ethan says the answer is No and he and Tyrus lay out Matt. He orders Tyrus to attack Matt. Ethan takes off his blazer and says the closest he will get to the title is when he sees the imprint of the title on his head and lays out Matt with a title shot to the face and stands tall.

Match 3) In a non-title match, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards defeated Trevor Lee and Brian Myers via Powerbomb/Lungblower on Lee.

Match 4) Tigre Uno defeats Sonjay Dutt when Dutt goes for a Frankensteiner and Tigre rotates over for a pin fall win.

Match 5) In a King of the Mountain Match, PJ Black Chris Mordetzky, Eric Young, Lashley, and Robbie E to become the new King of the Mountain Champion.
- Lashley pinned Eric Young to become eligible.
- PJ Black pinned Chris to become eligible.
- Robbie pinned Black to become eligible.
- Lashley pinned Robbie to send him to the box.
- Mordetzky is now eligible after pinning Eric.
- Eric piledrove Robbie E on the steps and became eligible. Eric became the first person to grab the belt despite everyone else being eligible. Robbie E then needed to be helped to the back.
- Black hit a Springboard onto a ladder while EY was climbing on the other side. Lashley speared EY off the ladder from the top rope.
- PJ hit a 450 knee drop from the middle of the ladder onto Lashley before climbing up the ladder and winning the match.
- Why Robbie E was in the match or the belt was up for grabs without Jarrett is unknown to me. I assume it is explained backstage.

Episode 2 (?)
James Storm cut a promo with Manik and Abyss by his side. He said the Revolution is a family. What they lack in blood they make up in commitment to each other. He has given these two everything their heart desires. His measures might be a little extreme but the rewards are just extreme but then people say he was hard on this guy that used to stand with them. He asks that man to come out. Mahabali Shera comes out to no music at this point. Storm says maybe he was a little too hard on him but he would like him to come into this ring and promises nothing will happen to him. He just wants to talk and he points at Manik and Abyss. Storm says he wants to tell him the reason he was so hard on him was to test his loyalty and see how much he wanted to be in The Revolution. The fans don't get him like he does. Manik first befriended him and says they were friends. He asks if he could imagine if he teamed with Abyss and how impressive that would be. He says when Khoya came to this country, he did not know English or his way but he let Khoya under his wing and even took him into his home. They even built their first snowman together. Khoya told him that day that he came to this country to provide a great living for his family. Storm said dying ain't much of a living and that's why "we" wanted him to come out here and pledge to The Revolution. Khoya took a mic. He said he did The Revolution and did everything for Storm and Storm did nothing for him. Storm tells him he is Khoya but Khoya says his name is Mahabali Shera. He says he is a man and doesn't get slapped around like trash. He is like the fans here and he likes to smile. He says he loves dance and these people love dance. He asks for his music to be played and he will show that everyone in this building loves to dance. They played his music and he started dancing and went down towards the crowd and did. Shera gets Manik to try the dance until Storm stops him. Storm says to shut it off. He says Khoya is just like these people: you're nothing but a joke. He said he also likes to font and attacks Storm until Abyss and Manik lay him out. Abyss chokeslams him. Storm and Abyss order Manik to the top rope and Manik hits a Frog Splash. Storm slapped Shera across the face.

At this point Jeremy Borash announces that they are doing a Six Sides of Steel tonight.

Jeff Jarrett with Karen Jarrett came to the ring for a promo. Jeff said before we talk about the next chapter, let's talk about last week's show. The whole world has been buzzing from the GFW Grandslam Tour to the Amped TV Tapings to the Supershow that took place here. GFW is about doing things historical so he felt he needed to keep it going. What he is going to do tonight is for the firs time is that a GFW Athlete is going to challenge the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and said it will be the new King of the Mountain Champion PJ Black vs Ethan Carter III. EC3 interrupted and asked Jarrett who he thinks he is. He said this is not GFW, this is TNA: the house the Carters built. He told Jarrett he wants no part of EC3. As far as the title match, nope he is boycotting it. Karen calls Ethan a spoiled brat and she tells Ethan that this man is the founder of GFW and he founded this company and still has ownership stake in it. She mentions about how maybe he is mad that Jarrett got control while Ethan did not. She implies that Ethan was behind some backstage attacks on Drew Galloway last week that were not shown to the live audience. He says there is no sufficient evidence and said he will not defend the title in that match tonight and he is going to leave. Jarrett says Ethan can parade around all he wants. He will go talk to Dixie Carter to talk to the board of directors and there will likely be one of two options: defend or get stripped of the title.

Eric Young came out and said he should be in the main event tonight. Everyone knows the World Title goes through Eric Young. The so called greatest wrestler in the world Kurt Angle is not here because of him so that makes him the new greatest wrestler in the world and the most dangerous man in Impact Wrestling. He is going to take until there is nothing left. Tonight he is taking someone's life forever. Chris Melendez comes out. Chris says Eric has beaten time after time but Chris never quits or accepts defeat. He didn't in Baghdad and he will not here. He wants a rematch. Eric said he isn't sure if it is all of the piledrivers he is hit on Chris, but Eric says he has nothing left to prove to Chris and tells him to leave. Chris says he is standing right here and wants a rematch no matter what. Eric says there is something Chris has that he wants, something to put on his mantle with all of his other trophies. He is a big game hunter here and wants Chris's prosthetic leg. That is the only way he will wrestle Chris. Chris said he isn't confused or scared like Eric thinks he just realized that Eric is more crazy than he realized. He said they are on. Eric Young attacked Chris until Chris got the upper hand and cleared Eric out of the ring.

Match 1) Matt Hardy defeated Tyrus with two Twists of Fate.

Ethan Carter III attacked Matt after the match and hit him with the title belt. Ethan told Jarrett to send his very best and he will sacrifice whoever it is on his alter of perfection. PJ Black came out.

Match 2) In a TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match, Ethan Carter III defeated KOTM Champion PJ Black via One Percenter. Black got a good bit of offense in the match. He went to the top rope for a 450 and Ethan crotched him on the ropes before going to the One Percenter.

Eli Drake came out for a match and cut a promo first. Drake asked if everyone remembers when he beat Drew Galloway yet at the same time Drew finds himself in a No DQ match tonight and Eli wonders how that happens. Eli questions whether Bully Ray or Drew Galloway got hurt in the back last week and maybe there are thoughts that he had something to do with it. He doesn't admit it but mentions that he will take Drew out tonight and that is not an insult, that is a fact of life.

Match 3) In a No DQ Match, Drew Galloway defeated Eli Drake.
- Drew used a chair and got a table set up. Eli Drake got a crutch from under the ring.
- Drake low blowed Drew and broke the crutch over Drew's back before getting a second table.
- Drake set Drew up on the table and went to the top. Drew cut him off on the top rope. Drew hit a top rope air raid crash through the table. Drew covered Drake for the pin.

Match 4) Matt Hardy defeated Bobby Roode via Twist of Fate.

They took under 10 minutes to set up the cage.

Match 5) In a Six Sides of Steel Handicap Match, Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse (Jade and Marti Belle) via Eat Defeat on Marti Belle.
- The match could end via pin submission or escaping the cage.
No sign of Taryn Terrell before or after the match.

They advertised that Jeff Hardy will be here starting tomorrow.

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