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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From 7/28/15

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling held another set of tapings on Tuesday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Scott Brooks of was on hand for the taping and filed the following report:

One brief note missed in yesterday's taping results was the fact that while on Episode 1 Drew Galloway was taken out backstage, supposedly Bully Ray was also taken out backstage, clearly as a way to write him off of TV.


Match 1) Tomasso Ciampa defeated Crazzy Steve via Project Ciampa. It's possible that this was a dark match, but they had Xplosion graphics on the screen.


Match 1) Mr. Anderson defeated Bram. Didn't hear the exact stipulation of the match but you could climb a ladder to retrieve Anderson's microphone. They used chairs and ladders to their advantage seeing Bram powerbomb Anderson onto a pile of chairs. Bram got the mic. Anderson hit a Mic Check on Bram into the pile of chairs. He grabbed the mic, did his schtick, and drilled it into Bram's head to win the match by pin fall.

They also advertised Eric Young vs Chris Melendez.

The Hardys came to the ring. Jeff apologized for breaking his leg. He said people always doubted the two of them but they believed as did the creatures and they are all here together. Jeff addresses EC3. He said Matt needs one more shot and one more chance to be the next World Champ. Jeff has no doubt that Matt will be the next world heavyweight champion if he gets his shot. Matt takes the mic and says it has been over a year since he came back and the support is overwhelming. He said he came so close to winning last time in their very competitive match. He feels he is at this point in time the man to carry Impact Wrestling to the future. EC3 says no but everyone here says yes. He says one more time and he will become the World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 and Tyrus come to the stage. EC3 says he was there in 1999 to see a match that changed his life. To have the opportunity to share the ring with two legends, he couldn't be more *disappointed.* He calls them the groveler and the gimp. He tells Matt that he touched the title but EC3 went into God Mode and did what he does best and won. EC3 said Matt won't get his match. Jeff takes a mic and tells EC3 to explain to these people why he is a jackass. EC3 says he is a franchise and hood ornament of the company. EC3 says Jeff should have this position but instead he can't stick a landing. He threatens to break Jeff's face and tells him to tread lightly. Jeff said he isn't cleared to wrestle but mentioned having a creature handing him a chair and wacking the hell out of him. EC3 says if these people chant Matt For Champ, he will give a rematch. They do. He said there is a caveat. If Matt wins, he gets the title. If EC3 wins, Jeff must become EC3's personal assistant.

Match 2) In a match where the winner got to keep Chris's prosthetic leg, Eric Young defeated Chris Melendez via sweeping Chris's feet and covering Chris with the middle ropes for leverage.

After the match, Chris told Eric that leg is his and orders Chris to give Eric his leg. Chris took it off and handed him to Eric. Eric would back away from Chris, forcing him to hop until Chris threw it to Eric. Eric got the leg and laughed saying that this one is going on the mantle.

Match 3) In a TNA Tag Team Championship Match, The Wolves retained over Abyss and Manik via Powerbomb Lungblower on Manik. James Storm ran out and tried to help Abyss and Manik until Mahabali Shera also ran out and took him out.

The Hardys came to the stage and Jeff said they accepted the challenge.

Match 4) For the Knockout's Championship, Brooke defeated Velvet Sky by DQ when Jade and Marti Belle attacked Brooke. Then they attacked Velvet Sky. Rebel came out and joined in the beat down with Jade and Marti. Taryn Terrell came on the screen and said she made a big mistake by getting involved with them and they just met the newest member. She said remember this is their house: the Dollhouse. Jade and Marti did a Total Elimination very slowly and Rebel dropped a leg across Velvet.

Match 5) In a #1 Contendership for the KOTM Title, Bobby Roode defeated James Storm, Lashley, and Ken Anderson to win a shot against PJ Black.

Dixie Carter came out with a new theme song. She said when the leadership works like a team, companies are on top. She said when Jarrett came back to TNA this summer it was great. The truth is she is one of the few that knew the opportunity was there and she was just as shocked when it happened but she was the happiest person who did. She asked Jeff Jarrett come out. He said this new chapter is sort of out of the blue and he once again said he was happy that it did. It's a place he called home for ten years. He addressed the Bully Ray situation and said he was thankful that she needed help because they have something special here because this relationship is a Win-Win-Win for TNA, GFW, and the fans. With that being said, they have the momentum going but he feels they got to keep it growing. Dixie says the last several weeks have been amazing and called Jeff and his team fantastic to work with. She feels when they work together they are unstoppable. She has talked to her team until Drew Galloway comes to the stage. He has something he needs to tell her and the world what he just found out. He talks about the craziness of everything going on here and tells Jarrett that he respects him but there has been a dark cloud hanging over the Impact Zone. He said he and Bully were attacked and there's no clues and no witnesses. He said he thought about it and that there has to be an explanation for this. There was a long pause and he repeated what he had just said. Drew said he found in the security footage, you don't see any faces but you see the getaway car. Two attacks two weeks apart and two separate rental cars and there is one name on both of them: Jeff Jarrett. Jeff says really? Drew says when you think about this logically, Jeff has everything to gain and Jeff gets the power. One of his guys won the KOTM Championship. Jeff swore on his life, his wife, and kids' lives that he had nothing to do with it. Drew then said say it wasn't him and if Jeff lies he will drop him. Jeff says there is nothing but air between them. Drew asks who it was. Karen Jarrett comes to the ramp and says it was her. She claims to have done this for her and her family. She did it for GFW. Jeff said he didn't ask her to do this. Karen said he deserved this. She says Jeff started this company and he deserves it. Karen said sometimes one little spark can cause a giant inferno. Jeff lays out Drew. Jeff says sometimes a man has got to do what a man has got to do. Brian Myers, PJ Black, Chris Mordetzky, Sonjay Dutt, Trevor Lee, Lei'd Tapa, Royal Red, and Scott D'Amore Storm the ring and attack Drew. Spud, Robbie E, and The Wolves run down for the save and get laid out. Jarrett and all of them posed.

They seemed to have brought back the Open Fight Night concept slightly as Kenny King issued an open challenge to anyone in the back and Bram answered.

Match 6) Bram defeated Kenny King via Implant DDT.

Velvet Sky came to the ring for a promo. Velvet said everything has changed since she first got here. Things have evolved constantly her included. She addresses Taryn and calls her out with no more games. Taryn comes on the screen saying because of Gail and Velvet she has been scarred for life. Taryn said she has been compared to Velvet since arriving but she destroys Velvet on every level. She reminds her that this is her house and now she must play with her dollhouse. Rebel, Jade, and Marti come to the ring and surround her. They assaulted her until The Beautiful People music hit and Angelina Love and Madison Rayne make the save. Madison takes a mic and says playtime is over. Angelina says it looks like the Dollhouse just met the edgy, badass, new and improved Beautiful People. Velvet said it is now on so bring it.

Match 7) In a TNA X-Division Championship Match, Tigre Uno retained over Sonjay Dutt and DJ Z via a springboard frog splash on DJ Z for the win.

All the GFW people come out. Jarrett said on 6/24/15, Hell froze over. He came back very humble. Jarrett lived and breathed this place for over a decade. He was given the chance to thank every person here who helped build this place. He said with the Supershow, he gave them a taste of how good things can be when he runs the show. Karen knows how great he is. She had Bully taken out. She did what she had to do to get Jeff what he deserved. She claims she had "Chris Adonis (Masters" take out Drew and Ray. She did what needed to be done. She hands the mic to Adonis. Jeff said he wanted to thank her publicly for always supporting him but more importantly, she set the wheel in motion. He has taken the joint back over. Tonight starts a Corporate Hostile Takeover. He is trying to build another empire and GFW is right in the center of it. He still has ownership stake. Adonis said he is not impressed with the talent. He is bigger, badder, and better than anyone in that locker room and told them to end up like "Bubba Ray Dudley" and Drew Galloway. Lashley comes out and points at Adonis.

Match 8) Lashley vs Chris Adonis (it still said Chris Mordetzky on the graphics) went to a no contest when the GFW People ran out and attacked Lashley.

Wolves tried to make the save and got taken out. Sonjay Dutt hit a Moonsault Double Stomp on Eddie. Jeff asked Karen to bring out a surprise. Al Snow walked to the ring and pulled Lashley out. Karen brought a briefcase to the ring appearing to be a Feast or Fired Case saying "Nick Aldis" gave this to Karen. Jeff said we will cash in this. Earl Hebner told them to shut up. Earl said he has cashed in for him and won't cash in for anyone else Earl. He shoved Jeff and Jeff laid him it and he orders a ref to be brought out. Tapa/Red/D'Amore bring Stiffler to the ring. Jeff said to ring the bell.

Match 9) Trevor Lee and Brian Myers defeated The Wolves to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions. The GFW Roster stayed at ringside and distracted the Wolves. Lee smashed the briefcase over Eddie's head for the pin and the win.

Match 10) In a TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match, Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy to retain and making Jeff Hardy his new Personal Assistant.
- Ref bump happened. Matt hit a Twist of Fate on EC3 and Jeff counted the 3 on the mat. Tyrus hit Matt. EC3 decked Matt with the belt for a nearfall.
- Jeff took out Tyrus with a chair.
- EC3 mule kicked Matt when he was in the corner with the red and got a sunset flip pin on Matt Hardy.
- Not nearly as good as their Full Metal Mayhem Match from the No Surrender special taped last June.
- Jeff raised EC3's hand in victory.

Before the next match, Bobby Roode cut a promo. He told him to look around him. He said this is TNA Wrestling. He is a TNA guy and a TNA original and everything he sees here he has helped build over the last 10+ years. Over the years some have hated him, some have loved him, but every time he gets in the Impact Zone and the ring he is in, he has earned respect. He said this is TNA's house and he vows to kick his ass and win the KOTM Title.

Match 11) In a TNA King of the Mountain Championship Match, Bobby Roode defeated PJ Black to become the new TNA King of the Mountain Champion.
- Sonjay Dutt ran out but Roode took him out.
- Drew Galloway jumped the rail and gave Dutt a running boot.
- Roode got a Roodebomb off a springboard attempt by Black to win the match.

The GFW Group stormed the ring and Roode jumped the rail and went out the building. Jeff Jarrett took a mic and asked if he did not get the message. This is a hostile takeover. Jarrett said they are not leaving until they take this place over and he takes back what Dixie stole. She came onto the stage. Jarrett said that they were a very successful team until Dixie stole Jarrett's power and replaced him with regime after regime that failed miserably. Those days are over, this hostile takeover will be complete. Dixie said Jeff left and she has been here since Day One. She said she did not remove him from power, he removed himself. All of his mistakes and she still stood by him. He did teach her a lot about wrestling but he taught her more about ego. Jarrett said they are staying in this ring and there is nothing they can do. She said he is right due to his ownership stakes. What if she makes him an offer not even he can refuse that will either get rid of her for good. His shares vs her shares. She would consider doing it due to the men and women that have stayed in TNA. She invests in people Jeff, not one person. Jeff mentions her accusing him of being selfish and says she doesn't know the real Jeff Jarrett. He walks the Earth to serve, not be served. He said the people with him believe in Jeff Jarrett because each of them understand that he will get in the trenches with them and fight. He has his team and said Dixie has no team. Drew Galloway came to the stage with a mic. He said Jeff started this and thought TNA would lay down and die. From him, Dixie, the fans, and anyone who is supported him, he and GFW can go to hell. He is here to stand up for Dixie and if he wants a hostile takeover, he will have to go through all of us. The Wolves join him on the stage. Lashley then joins on the stage. Drew tells them to get the white flag ready because this is Team TNA and they are ready for the war.

Tomorrow they will be taping Lethal Lockdown for control of the company.

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