*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From 7/29/15

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TNA Wrestling held another set of television tapings on Wednesday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Scott Brooks of WrestlingNewsWorld.com was on hand and filed the following report:

With TNA taping so far in advance, it is unknown how certain things may air. The results are written down in the exact order that they took place.

The show started 20 minutes late from the start time as they claimed there was an electrical problem that they had to fix before loading fans into the building.


Match 1) Tigre Uno & Mandrews defeated DJ Z & Manik (who wrestled without a mask) via Shooting Star Press on Manik by Mandrews.

Impact Wrestling:

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus came out. EC3 said there is a war on the humorous on and the line has been drawn in the sand but he doesn't care about it. He is still Champion and tells the fans they should not have bet against him and he introduces Jeff Hardy. EC3 cuts off Jeff's music and said PAs walk to the ring in complete silence. He orders Hardy to grab he and Tyrus some water. EC3 complains about the temperature of it and dumps the bottle on Jeff. He said they for Jeff a present. Tyrus unveils a stick with EC3's face on it for Jeff to hold when he is at ringside. He gives Jeff a notecard to give EC3 a proper introduction which Jeff reads. Ethan said this whole situation is going to be great. EC3 said tonight he and Tyrus will face Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud. Matt Hardy and Spud come to the stage and the match is on.

Match 1) Ethan Carter III and Tyrus defeated Rockstar Spud and Matt Hardy when Tyrus pinned Spud.
- EC3 ordered Jeff to cheat during the match. Jeff kept saying no. Spud was on the apron and EC3 ordered Jeff to hit Spud with a chair, Jeff threw it down. Tyrus picked up a standing Spud from the apron and brought him into the ring for the thumb/spike to the throat to win the match.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett came to the ring for a promo. Jeff vows to win and says they have the one man advantage for Lethal Lockdown and the second step is completing the hostile takeover. Jeff said he is out here for 1 reason because someone who is out here with a title that belongs to him. He asks Bobby Roode to bring him his King of the Mountain Championship. Bobby Roode comes to the ring. Jeff said before Roode gets started that last week GFW captured tag gold. He said that PJ Black came close to wiping Roode's face in the may until Drew had to help him. Roode said he doesn't need to remind Jeff that Jeff was the guy that hired him in 2004 that brought him, told Roode that he had all the tools and that Roode had the it factor. He became the longest reigning champion. Jarrett orders him to give him the title. Roode said the belt belongs to him and all the fans here. Jarrett said he is the original King of the Mountain and he still is. He will give Roode one more chance or else. Roode places the belt on the post and tosses his shirt off. Karen says stop and that both of them are being ridiculous. She has five kids and doesn't need two more to look after. She loves Jeff and he has a week away from having everything he wants. He fights Roode tonight, he jeopardizes all of that. She says that Roode should be a little more concerned with securing his spot since he is a week away from answering to Jarrett. His entire legacy is on the line, does Roode not think that Jarrett will do everything to win. She says Dixie is outnumbered. She wants him to think about that and says she and Jeff are leaving.

Match 2) In a Six Man Tag Match, Micah/Robbie E/Tigre Uno defeated Eli Drake/Jessie Godderz/Kenny King when Robbie pinned Godderz with a Full Nelson dropped into an STO. Tigre Uno did not have the X-Division Championship with him despite having it with him for the Xplosion Match.

Match 3) In a TNA Knockout's Championship Match, Brooke defeated Gail Kim by DQ.
- During the match, Lei'd Tapa and Royal Red came out and grabbed the Knockout's Championship.
- Brooke hit Gail with the Tess-Shocker and had the pin before noticing Tapa. She attacked Tapa from the apron and Tapa hit Brooke with the belt for the DQ.
- Tapa attacked Brooke and Gail after, laying out Gail with a Sitout TKO. Awesome Kong's music hit and the two brawled with each other seeing Tapa scoop slam Kong, Kong got up immediately and hit one of her own, a backfist, and clotheslined Tapa out of the ring. Kong posed with the belt after.

Match 4) In a TNA Tag Team Championship Match, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards defeated Brian Myers and Trevor Lee via a punt to the head/tombstone piledriver by Eddie/Davey respectively on Lee with Davey getting the pin.
- The Wolves hit a Powerbomb/Lungblower combo on Lee. Sonjay Dutt ran down and took out Brian Hebner. Earl Hebner came out and punched out Dutt on the ramp. Shortly after, Wolves pinned Lee for the finish.

Chris Melendez came to the ring on crutches. He said last week he lost his prosthetic leg. It is really hard for him to be out here like this. He has his courage and convictions. He lost, it's fine and he is standing on his last leg. He won't let this stop him. He calls out Eric Young right now. Eric Young came to the ring with Chris's prosthetic leg over his shoulder. He says if this is what an American Hero looks like then he doesn't want to be a hero. Eric said all of the fans' heroes fall at his feet. Chris was forced to learn that Eric is the most dangerous man in wrestling. Like Kurt Angle, Chris learned that Eric is crazy and takes acceptance for Kurt's injury due to his Piledriver and now Chris is in the ring standing on one leg because of Eric. Chris said he is ready to fight, he will not back down and won't quit. He said good thing Eric has the leg because when he is done with Eric, Eric will need it. Eric said he doesn't need this but he will wrestle him and it on Chris's shoulders. He offers Chris his leg back but then shoves him down. He calls Chris pathetic. He said Chris will never get his leg back. He threatened to take everything from Chris and he will never ever come back.

Borash said in regards to Lethal Lockdown later tonight, one team will have advantage and we are about to find out who will have the advantage in a Lumberjack Match. The match to decide is Drew Galloway vs Chris Mordetzky.

Before the match, Drew Galloway had a mic and said that this is TNA's house. Tonight they win the one man advantage and next week they kick GFW's ass.

Match 5) In a Lumberjack Match for the advantage of Lethal Lockdown, Drew Galloway
- TNA Lumberjacks were Wolves and Lashley.
- GFW Lumberjacks were Brian Myers, Trevor Lee, Sonjay Dutt, and Scott D'Amore.
- It all broke down and the ref got distracted. Jeff Jarrett ran down with a Guitar and went to attack Drew. Eric Young ran down and grabbed the guitar from him. Eric then smashed it over Drew's head. Chris was shocked and pinned Drew. He and Jarrett celebrated as Eric Young backed up the ramp proud of what he has done.

=====Maybe all on Episode 2?=====
Ethan Carter III came to the ring with Tyrus. He gave Jeff Hardy a new attire of a suit with pictures of EC3 all over it and the stick with EC3's face on it in hand. EC3 asks Hardy to tell the fans to stop chanting Hardy. EC3 says to keep this job he has to tell them to stop chanting Hardy now. Reluctantly Hardy does so then when EC3 isn't looking he eggs on the fans to chant. EC3 reminds everyone that he is the best wrestler alive and. Nobody can stop him. Rockstar Spud's music hits and he comes out. Spud says this looks familiar: EC3 parading an assistant in a funky suit. Spud said he would wear that one if that jackass's face wasn't all over it. Spud said he came here because he needed a job and had nothing else to lose. That's why he did everything Ethan told him to do but this is Jeff Hardy. Spud says Ethan is everything Hardy isn't and when compared to him, Ethan is nothing but garbage. Ethan asks if garbage would be the only undefeated champion in company history and if garbage would beat Sting/Angle/Bully Ray. He lays out Spud and all three leave the ring. Spud charges Ethan and attacks him with the mid. Ethan laid him out. He orders Jeff to hit Spud while Tyrus holds Spud up. Jeff hits Spud. He then punches the Ethan stick and walks to the back.

Match 1) Mahabali Shera defeated Abyss via Sky High. Abyss attempted using Janice and missed like every other time. James Storm tried to help Abyss but the two of them had miscommunication and Shera was able to lay out Abyss with the Sky High for the finish.

Storm berated Abyss after the match and slapped him across the face and ordered Abyss to the back.

They set up the contract signing for the Lethal Lockdown. Jeff and Karen Jarrett were in the ring.Jeremy Borash hosted it and ran down the history of Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter before introducing Jeff and Karen Jarrett as well as Dixie Carter. Borash said both agreed to put their ownership on the line. The fate of the company hangs in the balance of this one match. There is a briefcase where the ownership will be placed. Dixie said that it is sad that it came down to this: a partnership that could have had such potential and look now at how history is going to write it. This goes down to Jeff's belief that Dixie removed Jeff and she denies it and said she did not want that to happen. She was wanting to re-write the ending to their story but that is the past and wants to focus on the future: the roster of TNA who chose to stay and fight for these fans. For that, she will always stand behind them but she is at this table because she loves this company with all of her being, the company Jeff started and the company Jeff left but after tonight he will have no part in TNA. Karen calls Dixie delusional. Jeff says tonight is a moment in history. Tonight is about the wrestling business forging forward but Dixie wants to talk about the future and investing in her talent. Jeff brings up Eric Young and asks Dixie who is he investing in and claims Eric is investing in GFW because Eric believes in Jeff, not Dixie despite Dixie being under control. Jeff earned the right to be here by investing. He said when Dixie removed Jeff from power it set all of this in motion and he thanks Karen for setting the wheels in motion for this corporate takeover. Tonight will be the final nail in the coffin because at the end of the day Jeff Jarrett will be on top of two world class organizations. He said it isn't about him but his wife, his kids, the GFW Amped Army while Dixie is on the outside of the wrestling business looking in. Jeff goes towards the briefcase and Borash said that this briefcase will be in a safe location until they have a winner. Jarrett said he has always wanted to do this and punches out Borash. Karen told Borash to keep the case since they are picking it up later.

Match 2) In a TNA Knockout's Title Four Way Match, Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong, Brooke, and Lei'd Tapa w/Royal Red to become the New Knockout's Champion. Lots of chaos and Kong and Tapa both got sent to the floor. Gail went for Eat Defeat, Brooke blocked it and went for a sunset flip that got blocked by Gail to get the pin and win the title.

Match 3) Matt Hardy defeated Jessie Godderz via Twist of Fate.

Match 4) Team
TNA defeated Team GFW in a Lethal Lockdown Match in about 25 minutes, giving Dixie Carter full ownership stake in TNA.
- A new person entered every two minutes. It seemed like it was going to be 4v4 but the match was changed to 5v5.
- GFW Entry Order: Sonjay Dutt, Eric Young, Brian Myers, Chris Mordetzky, Jeff Jarrett
-TNA Entry Order: Davey Richards, Drew Galloway, Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Bram
- It is possible that Lee was removed due to taking the fall in the tag title loss.
- Drew pinned Myers with a Future Shock DDT onto a Garbage Can.

Dixie came out to celebrate with Team TNA after the match. Drew hugged her and Drew handed Dixie the briefcase. They all posed together after the match and celebrated with the fans around ringside.

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