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Spotlighting Natalya

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It's no secret that WWE under utilises it's Divas division. While many fans groan when there is a Divas match, or will use the time to visit the restroom, there are those of us that believe that there are Divas that can bring something unique to the table, and that if used in the right way, the ones with talent can make a real impact on the product and division. WWE has one Diva in particular I feel is great under utilised by the company, and WWE really have missed the boat with her over the years, from her introduction to the company to the present day. Her role in WWE could be so much more than it has been allowed to be over the years, and she should be a multiple time Divas champion by this stage of her career. The Diva I believe WWE needs to really focus on pushing at the forefront of their Divas division is Natalya.


Natlaya is a third generation superstar, and daughter of WWE legend Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart, who was one half of WWE's greatest tag teams, the Hart Foundation. Ever since her introduction to the WWE audience when she joined her husband Tyson Kidd, and Harry Smith as part of the Hart Dynasty back in 2009, it was clear Natalya was going to be something special. While her initial debut on the main roster was to manage Kidd and Smith, her talent in the developmental system had been a sight to behold, with Natalya having some of the best worked matches of any Diva since Trish Stratus and Lita. While the Divas division has never really been a jewel in the crown of WWE, there was hope that with a talent like Natalya, the division could still have a bright future with her at the forefront of the movement.

A reign as Divas Champion was always in Natalya's future, WWE would have been crazy not to ever give her a run with the belt. However, you would have expected that in a career spanning almost seven years now she would have had more than one run as the champion. That championship win came in November 2011, but would only last a mere two months, before she would lose the title to Eve Torres at the Royal Rumble 2012, during a Fatal Four Way match. Don't get me wrong, Natalya has been challenging for the title over the years, most recently challenging for the title at TLC 2013. Natalya also had a shot at becoming the first ever NXT Women Champion, but lost to Charlotte in the final, in a match that was one of the highlights of 2014 in NXT. In my opinion, while the win and title reign would have meant something for Natalya's character, I feel had she won that title it would have been a step down for her. Natalya deserves a real run as Divas Champion, and I do not understand why WWE insist on not giving her the title to show what she can do.


Natalya has set precedents in her career over the years, being the first female to ever train in the Hart Dungeon, being the first third generation Diva to compete in wrestling throughout the world, and she featured in WWE's first ever Divas tag team tables match at TLC 2010. To see her become a multiple time WWE Divas champion would certainly be an accomplishment, as her in ring skill speaks for itself. Natalya is one of the most gifted female wrestlers to ever grace a WWE ring, yet it often feels she is over looked by the companies higher ups, who would rather see Divas like Summer Rae, Alicia Fox, or Rosa Mendes get the spot light in her place. Natalya has had some fantastic matches over the course of her career with names such as AJ Lee, Michelle McCool, Layla, and Paige, and is no doubt for me one of the few Divas that a lot of the girls in the back could learn a thing or two from when it comes to their development and futures.

The problem for me is Natalya has suffered from WWE's negligence of the Divas division. While she is not the only one to suffer from this, it's hard to argue that WWE has used Natalya's ability to their advantage. I believe we are yet to see her reach her full potential in the ring, but it's frustrating to watch the Bella Twins in constant storylines, AJ Lee receiving multiple championship runs, and the company seeming to push anyone but Natalya in the title scene. While her run in NXT was great to watch during 2014, Natalya should be getting her fair shot at being Divas Champion. Yes, the Divas in NXT get more ring time and they seem to be allowed to tell better stories, while that scene would benefit Natalya I can't help but feel NXT is almost a complete step backwards for her. If that is what it takes for her to get a fair shot and a title run then I guess that would be the best thing for her career wise, but it would be sad to see a potential Hall of Fame Diva have to almost seemingly start again. The Divas in NXT will be able to have amazing matches with Natalya when they make it to the main roster, they just all need to be given the time, with Natalya needing the chance to play the role of the veteran against the up and coming rookie.


Despite the fact Natalya has only held the Divas championship once, she has not let this affect her, and always appears to be one of the happiest and hardest working Divas on the roster. I truly admire her dedication to her role in WWE, and I see her as the long term face of the Divas division right now. Her character could do with a freshen up, and I believe that pairing her with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro will allow her to develop a new, more meaner attitude, and if it takes her to turn heel to get a chance to further her career then it is a move I think she should embrace, as she debuted in WWE as a heel, a role not many fans will realise she can play very well. There is no denying how amazing Natalya is in the ring. She is one of my favourite Divas of all time, and I hope WWE realises the true quality veteran they have on their hands before it is too late and not only does Natalya miss out, but the WWE Universe misses out on what a tremendous talent she could be in years to come.

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