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It All Started With A Pedigree

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When Daniel Bryan won his first ever WWE Championship at Summerslam 2013, the fans went wild that Bryan had finally not only achieved his dream, but did something that no one thought he could ever do. That was until the special guest referee Triple H got involved and hit Bryan with a Pedigree as he celebrated his victory in the ring. This moment led to a chain of events that would see Bryan being screwed over and held back time and time again. But was this all part of some master plan? Was this actually the way it was all meant to play out?

The first thing to address is that we all assume that the Wrestlemania match with Triple H was meant to be for CM Punk, as this was widely reported and seemed to be the direction WWE were headed before Punk took his ball and left. The plan may still have been to get Bryan in the title picture in some fashion and still do CM Punk versus Triple H. I believe that while some of what has happened has purely come down to circumstances there was always some point to the Pedigree on Bryan at Summerslam. Yes Triple H was meant to do it so Orton could cash in Money in the Bank, but I feel that the Pedigree was meant to be start of something to build up to this moment and finally give Bryan the chance he deserved after being screwed. Triple H could still have faced off against Punk at the show and WWE could have still found another way to get Bryan into the title picture, and I think his Royal Rumble tweet may be linked back to this, but more on that later.

We then see the countless times following Summerslam when Daniel Bryan was screwed out of the title in one way or another on so many occasions. The Pay Per View following Summerslam was Night of Champions and saw Randy Orton go up against Bryan in a singles match. Bryan won after a controversial fast 3 count by referee Scott Armstrong, which resulted in Bryan being stripped of the title the following night on Raw. He then faced off against Orton again at Battleground which ended up being a no contest after the Big Show was sent down by The Authority to interfere in the match. We then went on to Hell in a Cell where the two men met in a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels as special referee. Ironically it was an HBK super kick that laid out Bryan after he had attacked Triple H with a running knee. All these moments caused the WWE Universe to become more and more angry toward what was happening to Bryan. It almost seemed like they didn't care what the fans wanted and WWE would shove their own champion down our throats and hold back the fan favorite, yet again building up more and more toward a Triple H and Daniel Bryan match.

One of the biggest gripes fans have relates back to the 2014 Royal Rumble and Bryan not being included in the Rumble match itself. Granted he was never advertised for the match itself but that didn't mean he couldn't have ended up being a surprise entrant right at the end. Unfortunately for Rey Mysterio he bore the brunt of the fans frustration and many fans, myself included, were angry at the fact it was almost like Bryan was being held back yet again, this time in favor of Batista. Bryan then sent out a tweet saying how 'the machine' didn't want him anywhere near the Rumble match and he told the fans to keep voicing their opinions. We all know it is unlike Bryan to take to Twitter and vent any kind of frustration about his spot on the card. It's not something he has done before and this makes me believe looking back this was just another work and all part of the elaborate story to bring us to our Wrestlemania moment.

Following the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, Daniel Bryan confronted Triple H arguing about constantly getting screwed in his title matches ever since Summerslam and challenged the Game to a match at Wrestlemania. Later that night, Bryan defeated Kane, and afterwards voiced his opinion to Triple H by stating he should give the fans what they want. Bryan challenged Triple H on the March 3 edition of Raw but Triple H still declined. Frustrated, Bryan conjured up the Occupy Raw Movement on the March 10 edition of Raw which involved WWE fans gathering inside and around the ring and forced Triple H to accepting his match with the stipulation that if Bryan defeats Triple H, he will get inserted into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. On the March 17 edition of Raw, the stipulation was changed instead it will be the winner advancing in the main event for the Title, thus assuring a triple threat match. Following this Triple H viciously assaulted Bryan in one of the most brutal beatings I have seen in a long time.

Finally, after all the above we are finally seeing everything following that Pedigree come full circle and it seems almost set up for Bryan to not only extract his revenge but have his Wrestlemania moment. Wrestlemania is seen by many fans as WWE's chance to give the fans the 'feel good moment' they have been looking for. Putting the title on Bryan makes sense because he is the best wrestler the company have, he deserves the championship after proving himself night after night to be a worthy title holder, and as much as anything it makes up for all the time the fans have patiently waited for him to get his moment. Can you just imagine the reaction we will witness if Bryan comes up with the victory and walks out of Wrestlemania as champion? Despite the lack lustre build to this years show this could end up being one of the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history. If Bryan doesn't win the title then I dread to think what will happen but the fans are eventually going to turn on WWE if Bryan doesn't get his chance sooner rather than later. However, it's important to remember that while we have been through all the frustration of Bryan not being given his chance, when the pay off moment comes it will all have been worth it. Lets hope that Wrestlemania 30 is that moment.

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