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Steve Austin Speaks On WWE 2K16 Cover, Staying Power Of His Character, Wanting To Face John Cena

Dot com has an exclusive interview online with Steve Austin to promote him being on the cover of the WWE 2K16 video game. Below are the highlights:

On being selected for the honor:

”STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN: It caught me completely off guard. I was very surprised when I got the phone call. You know, I figured I'd been gone for such a long time; it's been a while.

I think it really speaks to how Austin and The Attitude Era resonated with the fans back then and, obviously, it resonated enough for 2K to pick a guy like me. I'm thankful to have had so many dance partners and so many Hall of Famers to work with. It was really an all-star cast of people in a 20-by-20 squared circle, entertaining people. At the end of the day, you really gotta thank the fans for being there for us. It’s an extreme honor.

Who would give him a fun bout that is currently on WWE’s roster:

AUSTIN: Man, John Cena. I got a lot of respect for that guy. You talk about a road warrior, a guy that works his tail off, shows up with a smile on his face every single day and adds himself to shows when he's needed. Hell, even when he's not needed, the guy just loves to get on the road, and he loves the company that much. He's an absolute workhorse.

I've seen John Cena have great matches with so many great talents, but I don't think there's anybody that could light his a** up to a level of intensity more than myself as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. So I'd love to tangle with John Cena, and I tell you, that guy's an absolute machine in the ring. He never gets tired. He's a gym freak. He's one of the strongest guys in the business. I really like what he does inside the ring, and I would really like to mess with him to see what kind of magic we could create.

If he thought he would have this kind of “staying power:”

AUSTIN: No, no, absolutely not. Again, I got out of the ring in 2003, and, man, it's 2015.

Obviously, 2K did its homework with how "Stone Cold" still resonates with the fans. I meet people all the time and they have 3- or 4-year old kids that’ll say, "Oh, you're his favorite wrestler." And I'm thinking to myself, "I was retired in 2003." But because of WWE Network, "Stone Cold" lives on and people turn their kids on to me.

To come out of the woodwork and grace the cover of WWE 2K16, I'm extremely honored and I'm extremely proud. I didn't need anything to validate all the hard work, all the bumps and all the stuff that I did because I had so much fun doing what I did. I remember when I was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009, I didn't realize the impact that I'd had because I was so busy doing this. As they always say, sometimes you're so far in the forest you can't see the trees. And when you can step back a little bit, you finally realize the impact that you had. And, it's just another one of those occasions where you think, "Wow." I don't really wake up in the morning with my first cup of coffee and say, "Give me a ‘Hell yeah!'"

It's a very proud time, and I want to represent the game to the highest degree that I can.

CLICK HERE to read the interview in its entirety.

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