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Success of All In, Potential of All In 2, Dates, and Why

Bullet Club All In

Thomas Fenton Reports

The historic event of All In on September 1st from the Sears Centre Area is just around the corner. The event is the first Pro Wrestling event since WCW that has sold out a venue of 10,000 seats not under a WWE banner. While many if not "All" that planned the event knew it would be a success, most were not sure just how big of a success the event could be.

Rewind just a weeks ago and tickets went on sale for the "All In" event, and faster than an Omega knee strike tickets were sold out to the event. Most felt it would sell out, even a handful thought it would sell out on the first day of ticket sales. However, no one could have expected this event to sell out in 29 minutes. Sears online ticket site had some issues with their server and who knows how many more minutes sooner the event could have sold out if those issues had not happened.

This show that features the best non-WWE contracted wrestlers in the world sold out without even 1 match announced. This event sold out because Cody, Nick and Matt Jackson and others took a chance that fans wanted to see "their" form of Pro Wrestling on a big stage. The name Bullet Club proved to be the second biggest promotion in wrestling from a marketability standpoint. Even Cody was asked after tickets sold out when he planned on releasing information on matchups and he responded, " I have a few different card lineups, I think 3". When asked when we could expect to see matches announced for the show Cody responded in a roundabout way that if they show hadn't sold out that quickly he would have released some matches to entice the rest of the sell-out. Cody who playing the role of his late in matchmaker of the event also said it had to be a group unanimous yes on matchups and agreed upon between himself, as well as Nick and Matt.

As of today the only match that has been hinted at to the general audience is Nick Aldas NWA Champion vs. (ROH Champion) Cody.

Other than that match Cody is keeping everything very close to the vest and trying to keep some dream matches on the show as well. One of the other big matches which is rumored is Marty Scrull vs. Rey Mysterio in a classic hair vs. mask match, however, NJPW may jump on this matchup prior to All In having a chance as they are looking to do Marty vs. Rey at Dominion from Osaka Jo Hall on June 9th. Now, this could of course always set up a rematch however with so many possibilities on dream matches they may want to go in a different direction if NJPW does move forward with that plan which would follow up an angle from earlier this year in which Marty ripped off Rey's mask.

Saturday night Cody and The Bucks while in New York for Ring Of Honor tv tapings discussed and teased an All In 2 event. The Bucks teased that there's a building down the street named Madison Square Garden, and maybe they should hold All In 2 there.

That being said All In 2 has been discussed prior to this, Cody has even been on the record saying " It would be hard to do because I don't know who will be here next time". What Cody was referring to is that so many talents have expiring contracts that will have big decisions to make on their future and many will be receiving big money WWE offers. We have details on the expiring contracts of many of the talents in today's premium update.

The mention of running the Madison Square Garden itself is actually possible now. WWE no longer has exclusive professional wrestling rights to MSG. The venue would fit the size of a large indy event much better than a large WWE event. You have to believe those involved would want to make a statement by selling out and performing the Garden.

The plan would be to run a potential All In 2 prior to the expiration of some of the major contracts. A date likely for the event if ran this year would be November 24th, 2018. This is Thanksgiving weekend in the States in which most people would have time to travel and is a date looked at. While this is far from a date locked in stone, the only other date that would fit the criteria for such a destination event would be December 22nd. The December date would also hit one potential contract hurdle. If they do move forward with an All In 2 for this year you can pencil in those 2 dates.

There should be zero doubt with the success and dream matches of All In that an All In 2 would share equal to or an even greater success.

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