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Tag Team Elimination Chamber and the Possibilities It Brings

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The Elimination Chamber is returning this Sunday and when that medieval dungeon lowers around the squared circle, something spectacular is on the horizon. Surely we’ve seen some boring Chamber matches, but the Chamber is so wildly different from anything else in the WWE Universe, even a cage match, that we are sure to get something special this coming Sunday. There is no WWE Championship Chamber match at this Sunday’s PPV, but I’m not totally sure there are 6 quality contenders in the main event scene to put into a chamber match without leaving the rest of the card depleted. So WWE, being the incredible, creative conglomerate that they are figured the best way around that and to truly stack the card (to entice new WWE Network subscribers to keep paying) was to put mid/lower card titles into the chamber match for the first time. What a beautiful idea, and I even kind of like that it’s taken this long to do it. It’s kind of like the 6 man Hell in a Cell, the Chamber has become a part of WWE folklore and now is the time to expand the concept to see what it can really do.


The event itself this Sunday is going to be fun; we have a three way Diva’s Championship match that includes 2 of the best diva going, a WWE title match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (feels good to even say that), a match between Adrian Neville & Bo Dallas and that’s not even mentioning the Chamber matches. Also not mentioning the huge encounter between US Champion John Cena and NXT Champion Kevin Owens; something I would have laughed at only 2 years ago and now is booked for this Sunday, this match should be a classic as Owens is an amazing talent with a hell of a lot to prove. Then we move onto the Chambers. The Intercontinental Championship has once again been vacated and if you took the 6 competitors in this match, added 2 more and turned it into a tournament for the belt; I straight up would not have cared at all. But putting these 6 mid carders in an Elimination Chamber and all of a sudden I’m real excited to see these guys clash. I’m even excited to see who gets the most time in the match, who gets the most eliminations and who carries the title out of the event.


What really excites me though is the Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match set for this Sunday. There are 12 (technically 13) competitors slated for this match and the vast majority of these wrestlers honestly do very little for me. I can’t stand Los Matadores, think The Prime Time Players have potential, The Ascension has mostly flopped, The Lucha Dragons are great, but have been given nothing on TV, Cesaro & Kidd are funky-ing phenomenal and The New Day is like a tweak or two away from actually being something great, possibly even memorable. That brings us to basically 2 ½ teams that matter in this match, with 3 ½ more or less being space fillers in the chamber. This to me raises the question of if WWE only had 3 teams that even had a potential of leaving with the titles, why not just scale it back, get rid of the filler and just put 3 teams in the chamber, with each individual member in the individual pods.


The idea is to create something special, something unique and something different for this special PPV event, bringing together the idea of a tag team chamber match. With 2 people in each pod we will definitely be getting that; not to mention that with 12 people in the chamber the spots can get that much more outrageous and death-defying. My real problem lies in the fact that there aren’t 6 teams in the entire WWE Universe that could be considered actual contenders for the tag team titles. If it was the main title in the WWE I could be a little more forgiving, but the tag titles are almost meaningless on television, yet most fans are aware of the fact that there are only 3 potentials for winners in this chamber. It’s going to be either New Day or Cesaro & Kidd (with Lucha Dragons as a possible surprise). But with this being an event designed to entice new Network subscribers there are no chance of The Prime Time Players, Matadores or Ascension walking out the champions; it would just add an odd flavour to the show, something best left for a Night of Champions like event. Man am I going to be embarrassed if the Tag Titles end up in the wasteland with The Ascension.


What can be looked at as possibly the biggest positive of this mid-card Elimination Chamber is the fact that a lot of the guys in this match have never had an opportunity to perform on a stage with this much focus on it. I’m looking to the high flyers like Kofi or Xavier, the Lucha Dragons or even Los Matadores to do some simply crazy things within the Chamber this year; knowing they have more eyes on them than ever before and the chance to make a stake at getting higher up on the card. Meanwhile every person involved in this match should be ready to endure a truly inhuman amount of pain within the confines of that Chamber. The Chamber is steel and the Chamber is callous, but there are at least 2 teams in this match that may never get to another match of this level of prominence in their careers again. All 12 people involved should be and I believe that they are, willing to put their bodies on the line, in order to create something truly memorable inside the Elimination Chamber.

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