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Tale Of The Tape – 2/20/15 Impact Wrestling

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The opening video incorporated the top five rankings and short highlights of each of the top five wrestlers. I thought that was a pretty cool idea to feature the wrestlers. It gave casual viewers some kind of reminder of who they should be looking out for. In this show, a #1 contender was crowned after a 20-man battle royal. The much-anticipated Grado match happened, but a surprising turn of events for Tyrus. Read past the jump for some thoughts on the show.

Match: Wolves & Matt Hardy vs Revolution (Storm, Abyss & Manik)

This match was a great opener. It was fast-pace, with a lot of spots. The green members of the Revolution were left outside the ring. I actually would prefer if Storm and Abyss sat out on the sideline for this one, since this was a meaningless tag match anyways. The match was okay. I loved how Manik got beat up after he was pinned. This really established the Revolution as a cult.

(Eddie Edwards pinned Manik after Double Foot Stomp)


Promo: EC3 w/ Tyrus vs Anderson, Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews

EC3 came down to the ring like the entitled bastard he was. He was whining about not having a hair party. Mr. Anderson came down to interrupt EC3. The exchange between EC3 and Anderson was hilarious. The two showed why they were the best wrestlers on the mic in this company. Anderson distracted Tyrus so Spud and Mandrews and jump EC3 from behind. Eventually, Spud taped Tyrus to the ropes and shaved him, while EC3 watched from outside the ring. This promo advanced this feud in the right direction. This really elevated everyone in the ring. This would be entertaining. It was great character development for EC3 as well. He just stood there and watched.


Match: Grado vs Al Snow

Grado couldn’t use Madonna’s song for his entrance. Damn. I was really looking forward to that. Al Snow was in great shape and played the perfect old school heel. This match was far from a five-star match, but it was entertaining. He had a great following in UK. The crowd exploded during this match. This match was entertaining to me actually. The finish was a bit sloppy, but the crowd loved it. After Al Snow shook hands with Grado, the crowd went crazy. The BDC delivered a beat down, but Drew Galloway made the save, while legitimately splitting Low Ki open. I know not everyone loves this, but it was amazing and the crowd loved it.

(Grado pinned Al Snow after Wee Boot)


Match: Angelina Love vs Taryn Terrell (TNA Knockouts Title)

The match was not that great. Everyone knew this was to set up Awesome Kong’s post-match beat down. She hit Taryn with Implant Buster. Gail came down for a save. Kong’s expressions here were priceless. I can’t wait to see a Gail and Kong match again.

(Taryn pinned Angelina after Running Cutter)

HIT OR MISS: hit, only for the post-match stuff

Match: Eric Young vs Tommy Dreamer

This match was way too bloody. I’m not a huge fan of bleeding in wrestling, and I thought this looked a bit fake. The hardcore matches were used way too many times in TNA. Tommy looked out of shape here. I didn’t like he dominated the match for quite a bit of time. He no-sold a table spot where he went through a table. It did establish EY was a bloody heel though. I liked EY as the dark character he was after the match. I guess the segment did the job in that way. The ending was brutal. I hated this and loved this at the same time. I was definitely conflicted here.

HIT OR MISS: hit I guess….

Promo: Mickie James vs Bram

They didn’t introduce Mickie as Magnus’ wife on Impact from what I remember. I only knew that because I was a hardcore TNA fan I guess. The mic here didn’t work that well because I couldn’t hear Bram over the crowd when he spoke. The conversation in this promo was great. Mickie represented Magnus here. Bram looked as crazy as always. I am now curious where this would go.


Match: 20-men Battle Royal

This battle royal was disappointing. There were some weird bookings in this match. King and Aries came out first and they hung around till the end. At one point Tyrus went into beast mode and eliminated a couple the moment he entered, just to have him eliminated by Anderson. Crazzy Steve, the fan favourite was eliminated first. EC3 barely had time to stand in the ring. The ending was basically Lethal Lockdown Part 2. The four members of BDC faced Angle alone, but he managed to eliminate 3 members before MVP won. I was so confused in this match. Also, the entrances came every like 20 seconds after a while, rather than 60. I saw what TNA was trying to do with EC3 and Tyrus getting eliminated by Anderson, but I felt that was best left alone. The booking made Kurt look like superman, which I thought made BDC looked like a joke.

(MVP won after eliminating Angle over the top rope)


SPOT OF THE NIGHT: Watch that Anderson and EC3 exchange! It will be worth your time. I promise. 

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