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Tale Of The Tape – 2/27/15 Impact Wrestling

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Sorry for posting this review so late in the week. I was actually away from civilization the entire weekend and didn’t catch the episode till Sunday. Just to get this out of the way, this episode was disappointing. It was mediocre when the UK Tour was the best thing going on for TNA. This week, I will be trying out a new format for this review, not only because I’m lazy, but also because I think point forms are just easier to read than long paragraphs.

Promo: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley

-Kurt demanded respect, when Lashley clearly respected him from earlier promo. He also got pissed about Lashley not helping him
+Lashley said exactly what was on my mind, why should he have helped? Really made Kurt sound like a sore loser
+BDC’s new entrance music was great. These small touches really add to the show.
-Samoa Joe took the mic to say pretty much the same thing as the last few weeks. It really didn’t add anything to the story.


Match: EC3 & Tyrus vs Mr. Anderson & Rockstar Spud

+The Anderson entrance never gets old. Great comedy here, including getting Tyrus to take his beanie off
+This match had great psychology, great action and it has both Spud and EC3
+The crowd loved Spud. This match really worked.

(Spud pinned Tyrus after Anderson hit Mic Check)


Promo: Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

-Taryn was pretty weak on the mic when she called out Kong, luckily Gail bailed her out
+Gail had a great point putting both Taryn and Kong over, some great work here
+With Kong beating Terrell without trouble, I’m genuinely curious about how they would make a story with this.

HIT OR MISS: hit.. just barely

Match: Robbie E & Angelina Love vs Chris Melendez and Brooke

+Bromans entrance continues to be entertaining and pumped up the crowd
+Brooke’s new entrance looked great…. Except for the splitscreen
-Why was the stale Melendez here? His character is lost and the Army shirt was over the top
-The match was horrible… it was just sloppy, at least it was short
+Broman’s post-match celebration really made the short horrible match worth it, they are just entertaining

(Robbie pinned Brooke after pushing her off top rope)


Match: Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries

+I left like I actually needed Aries to remind me he could cash in. With the title pictures getting so crowded, it was good to have a reminder. It made sense to cash in too.
+The promo that set up this match was intense. Finally the overemotional Joe is effective here
+Joe looked motivated here, Aries was good as usual, great action here
+The way Joe handled the post-match table botch made it seem so natural

(Aries pinned Joe after 450 Splash)


Match: Noam Dar vs Rampage Brown interrupted by Bram and Grado

+This little sneak peak for Noam and Rampage set up great for Bram
+Bram destroying the two competitors looked so badass, it really put him over
+Grado getting destroyed got so much more heat on Bram it was awesome
-I thought Bram going after Magnus is kind of getting old, wish they could do something new here

(No Contest due to Bram’s interruption)

HIT OR MISS: hit… barely again

Match: MVP w/ BDC vs Lashley (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

+The match was intense. Lashley looked to be in great shape
-There were just too many run-ins, with Gunner, Roode, EY, Drew Galloway and even a second ref
-I feel like even though this matchup was new, I have seen this before, with all the run-ins and the BDC outnumbering others.
-I wouldn’t mind if the two had a normal match, but these were just… getting old

HIT OR MISS: miss…

SPOT OF THE NIGHT: I mentioned it before, but Brooke’s entrance was probably the freshest thing on this Impact.

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