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Tale Of The Tape – 3/13/15 Impact Wrestling

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Talk about a great episode of Impact! This was definitely the best episode this new year. This was pay-per-view quality wrestling delivered to you on free TV (YouTube for a Canadian like myself). You could feel this Impact being special from the opening video. In fact, all the videos packages in this episode were well-produced. The last man standing match and the main event were both match of the year contenders. Strong contenders too!

Match: Eric Young vs Bobby Roode in a Last Man Standing Match

+This episode opened directly with a match. No time wasted at all.
-Taz sounded like he recording his commentary separately. He didn’t add to it at all
+EY got so much heat in this match, it was ridiculous
-Roode, on the other hand, barely got any pop, maybe because the face Roode is boring
+Extremely cool spots in this match, like EY being back body dropped off the steel steps
+Piledriver out of nowhere. I hadn’t seen that in a while
+The Roode Bomb off through the table was executed perfectly
+EY sold that move so well with this leg shaking
-Great match, but I thought there wasn’t too much match psychology here.

(EY could not answer 10-count after Roode Bomb off the apron through a table)


Promo and Match: Drew Galloway vs MVP w/ BDC

+Drew really got the crowd pumped for his promo. He really connected to the crowd here.
+His promo in the middle of the crowd was it so much more powerful
-Okay this really got me confused. What did he mean by take back professional wrestling?
+He called out MVP, and his promo made sense here
+I could listen to Drew Galloway say “throats” all day just because of his accent
+I loved how MVP referenced Drew’s time in WWE
+MVP, the natural heel, made the ideal opponent for Drew on the mic, not so much in the match.
+Another promo leading to a match, tons of action here I see
+The match itself was pretty good, I liked the match psychology more than the previous match
-I had to admit, the match was a bit slow, especially with the DQ finish
+The post-match beat down was very dramatic though
+”How could one man step the BDC?” I hope someone stand by Drew soon
+The steel pipe spot was really well done… It looked scary for a moment
+Blood in this match? That’s intense

(Galloway win via DQ after BDC interfered)


Match: Magnus vs Bram

+This was another friends-turned-enemies match, but this one had much more emotions
+Pre-match interaction with Mickie to provide backstory made sense here
-Has TNA ever acknowledge that Mickie and Magnus are dating?
+Mickie getting involved just made this really personal
+Magnus’ reaction was so on-point
+Speaking of on-point, the psycho Bram was the definition of on-point
+TNA just keeps coming up with new ways of humiliating someone. Kissing boots was the new thing
+Magnus and Mickie holding hands made the scene so much more powerful.
+Crowd was crazy for Magnus. This was a great step to rebuild him… We have the technology.

(Magnus win via DQ)


Match: Robbie E vs Brooke

+Bromans’ entrance continued to be super entertaining here.
+Brooke’s entrance is better… in its own way. I’m talking about the music. Yes. That!
-Brooke held her own here, she seemed super capable
+Great spots with the chair and it made an awesome comedy match
+To be honest, I thought this inter-gender match was handled quite well
+Brooke hit a Springboard Crossbody? What?
-They made Brooke look like a superstar but won because of a miscommunication?
+I was super entertained by the match actually; it did what it had to.

(Brooke pinned Robbie E after Jackknife)


Match: Rockstar Spud vs EC3

+Spud dominated EC3 in the opening minutes. That was not expected
+I loved the barber chair, and how they used it in the match. This was attention to details!
+The crowd was crazy in this match. They blew the roof off the building!
+The warning in the middle of the match emphasized the brutality and realism, at least for me
+I saw the warning, I thought to myself that this would get.. very very very intense.
+Spud’s Senton off the top rope looked amazing.
-Tyrus got involved in this match…. It was not something I wanted to see
+Point retracted, as Anderson dealt with Tyrus
-The Mic Check looked ridiculously bad though; I blame Tyrus
-I was not too into blood, and I felt concerned for Spud here. He seemed to lose so much blood.
+EC3’s Stinger Splash was definitely a great call back.
+Getting JB involved in the match reminded me of how deep this feud went
+I legit thought the match would be over when Spud hit that Stunner. That was a cool close-fall
+When Spud took off the bowtie, the crowd was crazy!
+Spud channelling The Great Muta, first the blood, then the Shining Wizard
+The Dreaded 5-on-2
+EC3 looked like he felt so bad for Spud near the end, he just had to put Spud out of his misery
+EC3’s post-match face turn got me…. It would have been the perfect way to blow off a feud
+This match might have solidified EC3 as the best heel in the business right now.
+This was it, for the best feud in TNA. The was the best blow-off I have seen in a long time
+Great ending to this episode... I really could not have asked for better

(EC3 pinned Spud after One Percenter)


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