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Tale Of The Tape – 3/20/15 Impact Wrestling

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Let me just get this off my chest: This week’s episode was not as good as the previous one. Having said that, last week’s episode was the best wrestling show I have seen in a long time. The main story going into this episode is the title match between Lashley and Angle. The short videos leading to the match built up a great atmosphere to the match. On top of that, we got a couple of nice matches, including an Ultimate X match for the tag title. Read past the jump for a breakdown.

Match: Bromans vs Revolution vs The Wolves (Ultimate X Tag Team Title Match)

+Starting another episode with a hot match. I hope this becomes the new norm
+It was good to see them write DJ Z into a match. Ultimate X was just his thing
-They never explained why Manik and Sanada represented the Revolution all of a sudden
-What was with Wolves’ new paint? I just didn’t like them.
-The Wolves were awesome but they always start matches with the same moves
-Why was there a random Ultimate X match for the tag titles? Was that explained?
+The crowd howling all over this match was great
+Jessie’s dropkick on Manik showed how athletic he is
+The chicken fight in the middle of the match was fun!
-This match was a bit short and I expected a little more action from a rare Ultimate-X

(The Wolves won after grabbing titles)

HIT OR MISS: fun match! HIT!

Promo: Austin Aries vs Low-Ki w/ Samoa Joe

+Aries asking the camera crew to zoom in on his injuries added an extra layer to this promo
-Why didn’t Josh and Taz mention that it was Joe’s last match?
+There was just something captivating about Low-Ki’s voice.
-Sadly, Low-Ki wasn’t making sense at all, Aries had a point about the case being his
+I guess at least TNA

HIT OR MISS: miss…

Match: Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe

+This match featured some great wrestling from two of the best wrestlers in TNA
+The crowd was so hot in this match. Aries got tons of pop.
-Unfortunately, Joe’s last match in TNA wasn’t anything memorable.
-I wasn’t too excited about the DQ finish. The post-match beat down simply ended too quickly.
+The purpose of this match was really to set up the next one.

(Aries defeated Joe via DQ)

HIT OR MISS: meh. Barely hit.

Match: Rockstar Spud vs Low-Ki (Feast or Fired Cashed in for X-Division Championship)

+This match consisted of one move, but it got the biggest pop of the night
+Spud continued to be a great face by diving into the crowd right after winning the belt.
+After an epic match last week, Spud continued to ride his momentum!
+Hopefully with such a hot guy as champion, the X-Division would get more time on TV

(Spud pinned Low-Ki after The Underdog)

HIT OR MISS: HIT!!!! HIT!!!! HIT!!!!

Brawl: Magnus w/ Mickie James vs Bram

-Another backstage brawl? Is there one every week?
-I didn’t like how after such a great match last week, they seemed relatively unharmed and back on TV
+Magnus looked very convincing here, it was great way to build him up again after his heel run
+Mickie James getting involved really made it more believable to be honest.
+The powerbomb on the ramp looked brutal


Match: Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell (Knockouts Championship Match)

+Taryn’s top looked like it was way too small for her. I’m 99% sure it was on purpose.
+Taryn and Gail teaming up on Kong seemed believable, and reasonable.
+Kong continued to look like a beast here. I love it.
-Kong looked out of shape here, but still an amazing wrestler!
-Somehow the Taryn going crazy just seemed silly to me.
+This match was pretty physical. Gail and Taryn had great chemistry.
-The finish was anti-climactic. In this great match, I would expect it to have a more entertaining finish

(Taryn pinned Gail via Rollup)


Match: James Storm vs Matt Hardy in a No DQ Match

-Why would Matt be involved in a match where he knew he was going to be outnumbered?
-I’m already desensitized to the whole No DQ matches. They have been done too many times.
+Both wrestlers put a lot into this match, and they took tons of punishment here
+Matt took a chair spot, while James took a tack spot. They really sacrificed their bodies.
-This was another forgettable match, and it was too short
+At least this match set up the Jeff vs James match next week right?

(Storm defeated Hardy after Last Call Superkick)

HIT OR MISS: Hit, just because of all the spots.

Match: Bobby Lashley vs Kurt Angle (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

+The extended entrances were really cool too see. I saw some shades of Goldberg there.
+Paired up with tons of great videos through the night, this match FELT like a big match
-Lashley looked awkward putting down his headphones. It made me laugh
+Kurt didn’t look like he missed a step here. He did like 10 German Suplexes in this match
+Great exchanges between the wrestlers. They both hit their finishers
+Close falls everywhere. They really got me a couple of times.
+Crowd loved this match. They popped for both wrestlers, which was great to see.
+They even stole each other’s moves. It simply made the match more believable.
-The only thing I didn’t like about this match was Lashley tapping out, I just hate submissions.
-How would you pass out from an ankle lock?
+Kurt Angle is now the champion. I’m intrigued where this would lead.
+I just realized: Taz was actually tolerable on the commentary.
+Post-match hug really elevated both wrestlers.

(Angle defeated Lashley via Angle Lock Submission)


Before ending this piece, I’d just like to put myself over a bit. I’ll be writing a new column later this week. Be on the lookout for that!

Last but not least, RIP Perro Aguayo Jr, who passed at the age of 35. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of him until the accident. He passed away after suffering a lethal injury in a tag match involving Rey Mysterio (One of my favourite wrestlers), TNA’s very own Suicide (Manik) and Tigre Uno. I hope the wrestlers involved find peace as well as the families of Perro.

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