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Tale Of The Tape – 3/27/15 Impact Wrestling

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The theme for this Impact was Jeff Hardy’s revenge. Videos throughout the night set up the Six Sides of Steel main event. Also, Low-Ki got his X-Division Title rematch and Brooke faced Awesome Kong. Kurt Angle also held his celebration this week after winning the title at the last Impact. This episode was average at best, and it was a huge decrease in quality compared to the last two UK shows. Read past the jump for a breakdown.

Promo: James Storm w/ Khoya vs Jeff Hardy

+The new Orlando set lookds amazing. The two screens and the banners gave a completely different feel.
-The props were a bit lacking. We didn’t get a chance to see the watermelon or the flag
-What was on the flag anyways? It was too small to be seen
+Dropping the watermelon was something new, but not sure how I felt about it…
-Jeff Hardy trying to start his own chants always sounded weird to me.
-While Jeff had witty things to say, the cage roof coming down so quickly made no sense
+The Manik and Abyss sneak attack really well done. I somehow forgot about them

Match: Rockstar Spud vs Low Ki (X-Division Title Match)

+The new Japanese-influenced BDC entrance was great, paired up with the new set. It looked cool!
+Low-Ki looked dominating in this match, really showcased his unique style
-This match was a bit slow though. It didn’t really kick in until very late in the match
-The interference by the BDC was to be expected, but it was just tiring to see
+Drew Galloway neutralizing the BDC might finally stop them from future interferences.
-The lame Spud win really killed his momentum for me.

(Spud pinned Low Ki via roll-up)

HIT OR MISS: miss.

Promo: MVP w/ BDC vs Drew Galloway w/ The Rising

+MVP being on the mic was always a treat. Again, he had the crowd in his hands.
+I liked that they address Joe was missing in earlier package
-Drew Galloway pretty much cut the same promo as the last few weeks….
-What was the point of voice of professional wrestling? I really didn’t understand this?
-The whole stand up for wrestling felt like cheap pop.
+There was some Braveheart reference here. This was fit for Drew I guess.
+NEW WRESTLERS! Hope this would translate to success!

HIT OR MISS: hit… I mean there were debuts

Match: Brooke vs Awesome Kong

+The Kong video package was probably the coolest KO video they have produced
+Brooke has some very nice… personalities, along with her entrance
-The match was slow, especially when Brooke only had about two moves.
+Brooke got a close-fall, which I could not see coming at all.
+Kong being dominant was no surprise, but I loved how they showed it in this match.
+Taryn making the save was appropriate, as she was the champion
+The post-match beat down was probably more exciting than the actual match

(Kong pinned Brooke after Implant Buster)


Promo: Angle vs EC3 w/ Tyrus vs Roode vs EY vs Aries vs Lashley

-What kind of a celebration was that? He had no props in hand, and went into a bare ring
+Starting off with the emotional stuff from Kurt Angle was a great touch to the celebration.
+EC3 interrupting Kurt, while having the crowd in his hands. He was awesome on the mic as usual
+EC3 in the title picture! The slow build is finally paying off.
-I am tired of Bobby Roode. Please get him out of the picture or give him a better character
-Seriously, how many times can Roode cut the same promo?
-EC3 spoke exactly what was on my mind, it was too bad he had to shut up.
+EY finally regained my interest. He was finally making the promo better.
-Aries’ obligatory reminder of the briefcase happened
+The champagne bottle inside the case made me laugh though
+Lashley coming in was really the most logical one here…
-This celebration just felt like lazy writing by TNA creative…The title picture was the same, with EC3
-The crowd reaction (or the lack of) really hurt the promo
-What did Anderson have to do with this at all?
-This promo just felt way too long…It was boring to watch.

HIT OR MISS: miss….
Match: Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs EC3, Tyrus & Eric Young

-How did a brawl turn into an organized tag match?
-This match was just forgettable, with no outstanding spots really.
+Tyrus looked like an actual wrestler in this match, which was a change.
-Just your typical filler waiting till the main event.

(Eric Young won via Figure Four Leg Lock Submission on Austin Aries)

HIT OR MISS: miss.

Promo: Bram vs Magnus w/ Mickie James

+Bram opened up the promo with some deeply personal insults.
+Bram sounded crazy here. I was entertained.
+Magnus held his own here in this promo. I missed him on the mic
+Wow speaking of insults, Mickie Mickie Mickie
+Bram definitely crossed the line. Magnus made sure he knew that.
+Bram wanting to kiss Mickie just upped his insanity level. I loved it
+Magnus successively saved Mickie. I am excited for what comes later


Match: Jeff Hardy vs James Storm (Six Sides of Steel Match)

+The build to this match throughout the night really told the story of why The Revolution can’t interfere.
+Storm taking advantage of early entry was smart.
-It felt out of place that the cage was put up, then torn down, then put up again in this episode
+The Khoya segment was really the first introduction for us about Khoya
-The ridiculous amount of beer bottles made the segment felt overdone and a bit painful to watch
+Both wrestlers worked hard here, and took quite a bit of punishment.
+The match itself had pretty good spots all over! Close-falls too!
+The finisher might look like something out of a playground, but definitely innovative
-What was the new Bell to Bell thing? They never explained it.

(Jeff Hardy pinned James Storm after Swinging Splash from roof)


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