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Tale Of The Tape – 4/10/15 Impact Wrestling

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First off I have to apologize for posting this so late. I had exams the entire week last week and most importantly, the hockey playoffs started. As the Canadian that I am, I had my priorities. To make things worse, the Impact episodes in the last couple of weeks just haven’t been very interesting. In this episode, there were several matches to promote the chase for the tag team title. The main event was another three way match for the world title. Read past the jump for more!

Promo: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley vs Eric Young

+Lashley has improved on the mic. He definitely doesn’t need a mouthpiece anymore
-If Kurt accepts challenges so easily, what is the point of #1 contender’s match anymore?
-Unfortunately this just felt like they were trying to extend the feud for no good reason
+EY had the crowd in his hands. He got a better reaction than Angle and Lashley
-EY’s reason for the title match was the top 5 ranking? That’s still a thing? Come on.
-To be honest, I’m not excited about this match. We just had too many of this match in the last month.

HIT OR MISS: miss….

Match: Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong (Knockout Title #1 Contender’s Match)

-This match just came out of nowhere. They need a better build-up to reignite such a legendary feud.
-To make things worse, this match just felt slow… It’s a letdown compared to their previous match.
+There were some great sequences though, especially the close fall and the Flying Crossbody
+The finisher! I miss seeing it!! I’m definitely a big fan of the Awesome Bomb.

(Awesome Kong pinned Gail Kim after Awesome Bomb)


Match: Abyss vs Manik vs Khoya

+The short segment with Mickie before the promo made me laugh, but intrigued at the same time.
+Storm cut a terrific promo here. He was so believable
+Here’s something TNA doesn’t usually do: explain wrestlers that are gone.
-This whole Revolution angle was promising, but put to the backseat because of the BDC, it’s too bad
-Khoya looked really green. I wasn’t too impressed by him. The finish did look painful.
-The ending to that ridiculous Ghost Asylum was extremely disappointing. Worse than #august1

(Khoya pinned Manik after Sky High)


Match: The Rising vs The BDC

+Even when this promo was cut in the ring, Drew found a way with T-shirt to connect with the fans
-Micah was meh. He was trying to rub off his dad like Melendez and his leg (or lack of)
+Eli Drake, on the other hand, had tons of charisma on the mic.
+I love the jabs from Eli Drake to WWE. He was probably even better than Drew on the mic
+MVP handling the mic with his insults. He is awesome, as usual. Really had the crowd there too.
+MVP’s new outfit looks just SICK! I love the skull.
+The match was average. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t outstanding.
+Wow Homicide is back too. There were just so many fresh faces in this match. I loved it.

(The Rising def BDC via DQ)


Match: DJ Z vs Davey Richards

+It was a nice way to keep X-Division on the map, but where has X-Division been all this time
-Again, this was a match with no build-up. I wish they could have done something.
+This match was the best match so far. Damn I really miss the X-Division now.

(Davey Richards pinned DJ Z after Creeping Death)


Promo: Tag Team Tournament entrants

-Hardy starting his own chant sounds extremely stupid. Stop it. Just stop.
+EC3 graced our TV screen while making Hardy Boyz look like they can’t handle a mic.
+EC3 and Bram? Hell yes!
+Bram’s explanation was more than believable for me. EC3’s reaction was even better.
+Anderson and Spud just made this promo 100x more enjoyable.
+Dirty Heels of Aries and Roode? This tournament will be a treat
+Overall, I loved this promo. It was so entertaining!


Match: Kurt Angle vs Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

-For the first time in a while, there were no video packages promoting this main event
-The match was meh. It was nothing special.
+Well, it was nothing special except for the Piledriver and the Moonsault
+Kurt in a clean finish? Well I guess that’s the bright side.
-Post-match beat down? Meh. Hopefully this isn’t to write Lashley off.

(Angle pinned Lashley after Moonsault)

HIT OR MISS: miss…

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