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Tale Of The Tape – 4/17/15 Impact Wrestling

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This week’s episode was a themed Impact crowding the new TNA World Tag Team Championships. Eight teams compete in qualifying matches for a chance to be part of the Ultimate X Match for the titles. This episode put the spotlight back to the tag division, especially when the Wolves are hurt and out. Read past the jump for more opinion!

Match: Hardy Boyz vs James Storm & Khoya

+I loved that TNA replaced Abyss with Khoya to get a fresh match-up.
-Khoya didn’t do much here. His move set seemed very basic. We will see where it goes from here.
+This was a fun opening match, it had its spots. It was okay
+I loved the post-match promo, but Storm beating up Khoya added to the story a lot more.

(Jeff pinned Khoya after Swanton Bomb)


Promo: Eric Young vs Kurt Angle

-EY whined for a title shot again. This was such a filler promo. I wasn’t interested at all
-Why was EY still in the title shot anyways? Did he really have nothing else to do?
-Kurt Angle sounded hilariously bad. He was lucky to have EY carry him.
-This was another typical face vs heel promo. Just no.
+EY’s decision at the end was the only saving grace; sadly it wasn’t enough for me.


Match: BDC (Low-Ki & Kenny King) vs Mr. Anderson & Rockstar Spud

+The crowd loved the entrances of Anderson and Spud. They were just so fun to watch.
+Spud chants throughout the match showed how great of a face Spud can be.
+Spud was isolated for most of this match, which was definitely a believable strategy
+I didn’t expect such great chemistry between Anderson and Spud. I would love to see more of them.
+The finish was dirty. I was actually fine with this. It’s BDC after all.

(King pinned Spud after Warrior’s Way from Low-Ki)


Match: Tigre Uno & Jay Rios vs EC3 & Bram

+How awesome is EC3? The crowd chanted for him even when he was the heel.
+Team jobber actually worked pretty well as a team. Too bad they were completely overshadowed.
-Who was this Jay Rios guy? They didn’t even mention him before his entrance.
+Jay Rios wasn’t bad. It was like having Tigre Dos.

(EC3 pinned Jay Rios after Better Side of Suffering from Bram)


Promo: All Knockouts

+TKO Night of Knockout? Well this would definitely be a hit or miss.
-Do we really need two back to back themed episodes?
-Wait. I can only count two matches for next week. There’re the title match and the contender’s match.
+Brooke was better on the mic than I remembered. She sounded awesome here.
-The brawl at the end feel really forced. To be honest, this whole promo seemed like lazy story-telling.

HIT OR MISS: miss.

Match: Bromans vs Dirty Heels

+The backstage segment was fun to watch, but I was a bit sad to see the Bromans beginning to break up.
+The match had some good psychology, especially between the Bromans.
-I thought the reunion of Dirty Heels was completely overshadowed by the Bromans.
+The match was okay, but as I said, I enjoyed the story a lot more.
+Damn. There goes one of the most entertaining duos in Impact Wrestling…

(Aries pinned Jesse after 450 Splash)


Segment: Kurt Angle vs Homicide

-Umm... What? Why did the BDC hate Kurt Angle again?
-So this “unofficial” match was TNA’s way of saying screw the theme?
-This fight was taking precious time off the main event. Come on…
+The EY character development, again, was the only saving grace of this promo.

HIT OR MISS: miss.

Match: Hardy Boyz vs Bram & EC3 vs BDC vs Dirty Heels (Ultimate X for TNA World Tag Team Titles)

-This match had less than 10 minutes. Seriously? Come on TNA.
-This match was a little messy with just people running all over.
-There wasn’t much match psychology here either. It just felt like… a normal match.
+EC3 using different ways to cheat was actually hilarious. It was probably the best part for me.
-Homicide and Tyrus’ interferences made this match even messier than it already was.
+At least the right team won the match. It was predictable, but still a sweet moment.
-Hold on. Were leaders allowed in Ultimate X matches?

HIT OR MISS: hit. 

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