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Tale Of The Tape – 4/5/15 Impact Wrestling

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First of all, I really need to apologize about how late I got this review up. I was pretty busy during the last week. It didn’t help that I thought this episode was one of the weakest episode in a while. I guess at least I can keep this short. Also, great news that TNA found a network in Canada, but that means I can’t watch it on youtube anymore. In this special episode of Bell to Bell (which they never explained), we had three of the ongoing feuds continue. I mean, what else is there to say?

Match: Eric Young vs Bobby Roode (Submission Match)

-The opening promo from EY was well-delivered, but there just wasn’t a lot of content…
-Speaking of bad promos, here comes Roode with something even worse…
+At least the exchange was a bit interesting… EY really came off as crazy
-They already had a last man standing match, isn’t a submission match a step down from that?
+The match was decent, but it definitely wasn’t the best match of the series
+I have to admit, there were some cool spots on the outside
-Another ref bump? Really? Come on!
-I wasn’t a big fan of the finish. I’d rather have the piledriver
-I don’t like this feud. Judging from the finish, I doubt it’s over.

(EY defeated Roode via Figure Four Leg Lock Submission)

MISS OR HIT: miss.

Promo: Eddie Edwards w/ Davey Richards & Jeremy Borash

+It was good to see the tag titles being relinquished, especially when it can’t be defended
+The Wolves sounded a bit emotional, it really raises the importance of the title.
-The promo lasted a bit too long, I thought they were going around in circles


Match: Gail Kim vs Angelina Love

-No offence but Angelina Love flaunting about her beauty was one of the least effective
-Why did this match happen? Was there a setup to this?
-Taz really screwed up here! The best wrestler isn’t the champion? Isn’t that the point of the title?
+Even though this match was completely irrelevant story-wise, the KO really tried hard
+This KO match got quite a bit of time. The match really elevated to another level

(Gail Kim pinned Angelina Love via Eat Defeat)


Match: Magnus vs Bram (Falls Out Anywhere Match)

+Another heavy-emotion match between these two.
-I forgot how many times this match has happened. Three weeks in a row?
+More spots on the ramp. Those look brutal!
+Actually most spots looked brutal
-Why did Mickie come down again? This was frustrating
+I’m definitely interested in the James Storm interference

(Magnus pinned Bram after Choke Slam)


Match: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

+Great setup through the entire episode again. Good stuff TNA
+Good wrestling match. What can I say?
+I’m loving the close falls that TNA has been providing
-Speaking of endings… Wow that was anticlimactic.
-To sell the ending, why did Lashley not complain to the ref right away?

HIT OR MISS: hit (almost ruined by the ending)

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