Tale Of The Tape - 1/23/15 Impact Wrestling


Hello everyone. If you have been on TNANews, you may have seen my weekly reviews of TNA Impact. (Sorry for posting it so late this week. It was a combination between log-in problems and procrastination.) What I do is review the episode with focus on the stories, and promos instead of the matches. I believe that while great in-ring wrestling can give me those WOW moments, it is the stories that keep me from coming back every week. Coming to this new site, I have a new format to review Impact, especially when so much of these stories are being told through the matches.

Match: Feast or Fired

Feast or Fired has always been one of those fun gimmick matches. No one expect the match itself to be a five star match, but it always have huge storyline implications, mostly obviously resulting in one wrestler being fired. This year’s Feast or Fired was no exception. The match was more fun than I expected with a lot of things going on. Before Velvet grabbed Robbie E’s case for him, Robbie and Crazzy Steve relived their feud for a bit. I was really hoping the camera crew would follow Crazzy Steve backstage. Spud, one of the most over faces in TNA, got his moment when he figured out how to grab a case despite not being tall enough – stepping on Shaw. Aries grabbed another case with a spot that made me smile. He signalled a suicide dive, then ran and grabbed the case before actually doing the dive. Magnus got the final case after Bram tried for the same case. Again, this match was fun with a lot of stories here. Potential takeaways from this match are Rockstar Spud’s rise, and a possible feud between Magnus and Bram.

(Robbie, Spud, Aries & Magnus def. Bram, Edwards, Richards, Crazzy Steve, Shaw, DJ Z, Godderz)


Match: Bobby Lashley VS Kenny King

Lashley came out to ask for his title. Actually, he demanded his title, but he wasn’t very good at it. Instead, Kenny King came out and challenged him. King asked for the BDC to surround the ring during the match. Lashley hit his finisher, but the BDC came out to interfere. What really came out of this match was that MVP still had the title, and he challenged Lashley to take it outside.

(Lashley def King via DQ)

HIT OR MISS: let’s see what the street fight looks like first.

Match: Gail Kim VS Havok

TNA treated the new fans to a great video package of Awesome Kong. It really showed why Kong returning was such a big deal. It got me excited about her in-ring return. Havok destroyed Gail and the referee before the crowd chanted for Kong. The match was short, but it was used to set up the potential Havok VS Kong. What was interesting was that the crowd was cheering for Kong. Would Kong be the face in this feud? Actually, if two monsters went against each other, would there be a face? The crowd loved this segment, so I’d say this was a hit!

(Gail Kim def Havok via DQ)


Match: Khoya VS Tigre Uno

This was a short squash match. It was sad to see Tigre Uno getting squashed like that, but the story going into this match was Khoya’s in-ring debut. He was pretty green in the ring, and there wasn’t much build to his win. I do want to see more of him though. Storm cut a very short promo post-match about how the Revolution was always open. This can be interesting because this opens the possibilities for more members, and I really want to see where this revolution goes.

(Khoya pinned Tigre Uno after Sitout Spinebuster)

HIT OR MISS: hit, only because I want to see more of Khoya.

Match: Eric Young & Low Ki VS Bobby Roode & Kurt Angle

Why is Roode alive? He took a piledriver to a steel chair last week. He should miss at least a week to sell the injury. Why did this match have to happen? Roode already got his match with EY and he lost pretty cleanly? How did he suddenly get another match with a tag team now? I really didn’t think this make sense. However, the match was probably the match of the night, although that wouldn’t be saying much. This match was forgetting with not much storyline advancement.

(Low Ki pinned Roode after Elbow Drop w/ steel chair)

HIT OR MISS: miss…

Match: Jeremy Borash VS EC3

The rise of Rockstar Spud was great. This was the second video package of the night. This summed up how JB got involved in the match. EC3 came out, and announced JB’s entrance. EC3 was gold. He was golden from the moment he announced JB’s entrance, to his commentating of the match, and the spitting on Spud. Finally Spud came to the rescue of JB, but got destroyed by Tyrus. Mark Andrews then saved Spud, and teamed up to clear the ring. Mandrews hit a Shooting Star Press. It was great. EC3 was a heat magnet, and Mandrews debuted. Spud was still becoming the most over face in the company.

(No Contest)


Match: Matt Hardy VS James Storm

Again, this was another match that I felt happened just because it happened. The Hardy Boyz were the contenders to Storm and Abyss’ tag title, so why would they go against each other in a singles match? Having Storm lose a match as the leader of the Revolution so quickly just ruined the momentum. I really didn’t like the outcome of this match. Luckily Storm hit a Last Call Super Kick post-match with help from Abyss. Jeff Hardy came out to challenged Abyss to a Monster’s Ball match.

(Matt Hardy pinned James Storm via cradle)


Segment: Feast or Fired Reveal

All four winners were sitting in front of their cases, with Velvet beside Robbie. Spud was bullied into opening his case first. He opened to get an X-Division title. Magnus then got his tag team title. Robbie E got nervous when he realized he had a 50% chance to be fired. He claimed that Velvet grabbed the case, so she deserved the content. She opened to find that she was fired. Robbie’s reaction here was priceless. He totally rubbed it in Velvet’s face. I actually laughed out loud here. Aries got the world title. This segment was done very well. Firing Velvet really came out of nowhere.


Segment: Street Fight

Lashley and MVP fought one on one in the streets of New York. When Lashley got the upper hand, the entire BDC came to MVP’s aid. The segment ended with a stare down between Lashley and Roode, with the title still in Roode’s hands. The camera work was a bit shaky here, but it did feel more organic. The ending was very dramatic with Roode holding what belonged to Lashley. It was a great segment to end the night!


SPOT OF THE NIGHT: Did anyone notice JB and EC3’s match graphic? I could stare at that picture and laugh for an hour.

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