Tale Of The Tape – 1/30/15 Impact Wrestling


This week Impact Wrestling returns with a monster’s ball match, with a world heavyweight title on the line in the main event. The episode began with a great recap from last week, where Bobby Roode had physical possession of the title belt.

Promo: Bobby Roode vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries vs MVP

We got another promo where Roode talked about how much wrestling meant to him. He talked about his friendship with EY and how he got screwed out of the title. This was just about the thousandth time where Roode talked about how much he loved wrestling. The promo only got interesting when Lashley came down. Lashley’s mic time was kept to a minimum, but eventually he agreed to have a match with Roode. The promo got way more interesting when Aries walked down with the suitcase. He threatened to cash in the case after the match. Just when I thought this promo was starting to get awesome, MVP came down to trash talk Lashley. MVP said Lashley owed him the title. Of course, MVP continued to be a great heel. Finally, Lashley offered all 3 of them title shots, and have a 4-way match. I was about to dismiss this promo when Roode had the mic; luckily, Aires and MVP saved this promo. I was definitely pretty impressed here. Lashley was smart to give Aires the title shot too, so he wouldn’t be able to cash in his case after a match.


Match: Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne (Knockouts Championship)

I had no idea why this match happened. I don’t remember anything happening between these three wrestlers that led up to the match. The Havok rematch hasn’t happened yet either. However, the match was physical. It was not just great for a woman’s match; it was just a great match. The match got decent time. After some close falls, Taryn pinned Madison. It was awesome to see Gail protected, as she might be reigniting a feud with Havok.

(Taryn pinned Madison after Diamond Cutter)


Promo: Tommy Dreamer vs EY

Why did Tommy Dreamer suddenly appear? Again, this was another thing that just happened at this show. Dreamer cut a dad promo. He really delivered it like EY was his son. He was giving EY some advice on how he should not burn bridges. When EY finally got the mic, I thought he was great as a heel. He talked with intensity and emotions, unlike Roode’s promo. EY finally flipped out when Dreamer asked him if he actually asked Roode for a title shot. EY suddenly had an epiphany about how he forgot to ask Roode for a title shot. His reaction was as if he completely screwed up. Instead of talking, he just hit Dreamer with a piledriver. It was obvious that this promo tried to establish EY as the heel, but this was really necessary. Dreamer was irrelevant and this really established nothing, other than EY being scared of Roode.


We got a backstage segment where Jeff Hardy hyped up the monster’s ball match. Magnus tried to talk some sense into Bram. He told Bram that he needed to calm down, because they were going to get the tag team titles together. Kurt Angle got Gunner to join his team by slapping him. Later, after Bram made up with Magnus, Bram jumped Magnus from behind. This breakup could be interesting, but now who would be Magnus’ tag partner?

Match: Jeff Hardy vs Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match

This match started in the hallways. It slowly spilled into the ringside. When the fight finally made itself into the ring, there were tons of awesome spots. Jeff missed a Poetry in Motion over the top rope into a table. The Revolution was about to interrupt the match, but Matt Hardy came out to help. Quickly, he was outnumbered until the Wolves cleared the ring. Abyss also took a Sunset Powerbomb into the thumbtacks. The Revolution has now taken two single losses in a row. It was great to see Storm getting pissed at Abyss after his loss. Storm lost his match too, so I didn’t understand the anger.

(Jeff Hardy pinned Abyss after a Swanton Bomb)


Match: Bromans vs Mark Andrews & Rockstar Spud

EC3 came out with Tyrus by his side to deny a match with Spud. He even said it with crazy eyes. He introduced Bromans to take on Spud and Mark Andres in a match instead. Again, Bromans’ entrance continued to be extremely entertaining. EC3’s reaction behind them made it even better. Angelina Love didn’t react to Velvet getting fired at all. Mark Andrews was picked on in the earlier stages of this match, until he finally made the tag. This was probably the first time we saw Spud wrestle since his Chief of Staff gimmick. He got a nice Acid Drop in the match before letting Mark Andrews have the win. Tyrus beat both Mark and Spud post-match, and EC3 set up a match between Mark Andrews, Spud and Tyrus. This kept the story interesting without EC3 actually wrestling. I loved every single moment EC3 was on screen. By the way, please stop calling Mark Andrews “Mandrews”. That just sounds bad. Mark Andrews sounded like a perfectly fine name.

(Mark Andrews pinned Robbie E after a Shooting Star Press)


Match: Bobby Roode vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries vs MVP (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

The match was exactly like what you would expect when you put these four together. The match was intense with amazing spots. The wrestlers were well-coordinated. The chemistry between these wrestlers was awesome. EY came out to deliver a couple of cheap shot to Roode. Lashley was able to Spear Aries for the win. Post-match, the BDC came out to deliver a BD, and Roode set up a match with EY, again. Angle was rejected by Lashley, but he did manage to grab Aries. Overall, the match was awesome, and the matches set up seem great on paper too. I really hope next week’s Lock Down can deliver.

(Lashley pinned Aries after a Spear)


SPOT OF THE NIGHT: Anyone else found DJ Z doing the BP entrance in place of Velvet hilarious?

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