Tale Of The Tape – 2/13/15 Impact Wrestling


This show started with another great recap of the BDC vs Team Angle match at lockdown, with the stories leading to it. This was funny because just after the recap, the BDC just said they were going to pretend as if nothing happened coming into this episode. This episode disappointed me a bit. The main event really turned me off. Not to say this was a bad episode, because EC3 and Grado had great moments here. Read past the jump for some more storyline breakdown.

Promo: Kurt Angle w/ Lashley vs The Beat Down Clan

Kurt Angle came out to thank AA and Gunner for helping his team win the Lethal Lockdown. When he left out Lashley, I thought he was going to turn on him. Instead, he called out Lashley. He personally thanked Lashley, and they shook hands. Kurt put over Lashley before saying that he was going to take the title. The BDC interrupted to trash talk. This was pretty much was the typical BDC promo here. Lashley got so pumped up that he called any of the two BDC members to a tag team match

HIT OR MISS: miss....

There were two segments backstage. The Roode and Aries had a typical face vs face exchange, where they explained that they were going to leave everything in the ring. It was not exactly the most entertaining segment, but it felt like they did the promo just for the sake of doing it. On the other hand, the short EC3 segment was great. It was hilarious and EC3 continued to be awesome while hyping up the match tonight.

Match: Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

This match was exactly what you would expect from these two wrestlers. The wrestling kept this match entertaining. There were some falls and changes in momentum. However, there wasn’t much match psychology in this match. I wasn’t really into this match to be honest. We had seen this match-up way too many times and there weren’t any build to this match. What was even worse was Roode cutting a promo after the match. He cut the typical Roode promo with no personality. He simply begged for a title shot again. Luckily, EY put him out with a piledriver after the match. I thought Lockdown already took care of that rivalry. Anyways, while Roode was being carried to the back by the medics, EY hit another piledriver on him on the ramp. These piledrivers really saved this segment. I would definitely have hated these segments a lot more if it wasn’t for EY.

(Roode defeated Aries via Crossface)

HIT OR MISS: miss….

Promo: Al Snow vs Grado

Al Snow introduced himself to the crowd. He was met with tons of heat. He mocked the audience about how they were unable to do what he does. A Grado chant interrupted Al Snow. Al Snow continued to rip the crowd before calling out Grado. When Grado would not back down from next week’s fight, Al Snow went after Grado’s mom. She was an awesome actor and even slapped Al Snow. I will just say that this promo was perfect. Al Snow was amazing on the mic. Grado was ridiculously over with the crowd. Al Snow had the crowd in his hands this entire promo. I could not be more pumped for the match next week.

HIT OR MISS: HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Match: Crazzy Steve vs Bram

Bram made this squash match a lot more fun to watch by calling out Magnus on the mic during the match. I totally bought into his crazy psycho character. This was a short match, but not too short that we didn’t get to see Bram’s personality show through.

(Bram pinned Crazzy Steve after Lifted DDT)


Match: Mark Andrews, Rockstar Spud & Jeremy Borash vs EC3 & Tyrus

This was probably the match I was looking forward to the most. This match had everything you would want out of a match. There was a great story told in the ring, with EC3 playing mind games and disrespecting the others. Mandrews, EC3 and Spud delivered great wrestling in-ring. JB dove outside the ring from the top turnbuckle. I love the matching attires between Tyrus and EC3. EC3 eventually pinned Spud. Just when EC3 was about to shave Spud, Mr. Anderson appeared in a hilarious fashion to save Spud. I loved this match.

(EC3 pinned Spud after One Percenter)


Match: Awesome Kong vs Madison Rayne

Madison started the match by cutting a promo about being only one title reign away from being the most decorated KO. As she was speaking, the footsteps from Kong’s entrance interrupted. Eventually, Kong appeared to squash Madison. This was a short match but I love Kong’s build-up. I can’t wait for Kong to blow through the Kos again.

(Kong pinned Madison after Implant Buster)


Gunner got destroyed by the BDC backstage. Aries talked to Kurt about how he tapped out to fight another day. That made sense to me.

Promo: Matt Hardy vs The Revolution

Matt came out to the ring to talk about his brother’s condition. Matt said James Storm broke Jeff. The Revolution came out to interrupt. There seemed to be a lot of interruption in this episode. Anyways, Storm bragged about breaking Jeff Hardy. He then gave Matt a choice to either join the Revolution or be sent to the hospital. Of course, Matt Hardy slapped Storm before getting beat down. The Wolves eventually made the save. This was interesting. I didn’t understand why the Revolution needed more members, but everyone did great on the mic so I definitely liked this promo.


Match: Samoa Joe & MVP vs Kurt Angle & Bobby Lashley

This match was what it was. I honestly liked EC3’s match more than this main event. This match was a standard tag match with a messy finish. This match didn’t really have any significance, much like that Roode match earlier. I felt that this match was a let-down.


SPOT OF THE NIGHT: The backstage segment where Aries was interviewed was hilarious. Watch it. I can’t stress that enough.

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