Tale Of The Tape – 2/6/15 Impact Wrestling


So Lock Down happened this week. In the previous years, Lock Down was a PPV event. For this first time, Lock Down is a TV special that is available as an episode of Impact. I really wished they could do a Saturday night special or something for Lock Down so they would have more time. Destination America is really high on Impact anyways. The opening video nicely wrapped up all the feuds going into the episode. The guy who voice over sounded amazing as well.

Match: The Revolution vs Hardy Boyz in Caged Tornado Tag Match (TNA World Tag Team Title)

After hyping this match for the last couple of weeks, in the form of having the Revolution losing two singles match, the tag title match finally happened. The commentators really spoke on behalf of everyone in this match. The whole point of having a steel cage was so that there would be no interference. Manik interfered less than 5 minutes into the match. The Hardy Boyz also randomly has handcuffs. Manik looked ridiculous just squatting there. Khoya pulled Matt out of the cage, and Jeff Hardy got sprayed with the mist. Somehow escaping through the camera hole didn’t count as escaping the cage. Post-match, Khoya put Matt through a table and Manik went through a table himself. Jeff Hardy took the bump. Overall, this match disappointed me. There wasn’t a lot of match psychology here. It was hard to get into this match with the constant interference. It was a good match if you turned your brain off I guess. Going forward, this would mean Jeff Hardy is off Impact for the next couple of weeks. They did overhype the bump, especially with the ten replays directly after it.

(James Storm pinned Jeff Hardy after Last Call Superkick)


Promo: Beatdown Clan w/ Eric Young vs Kurt Angle’s team

MVP was awesome on the mic again. He let EY have the mic to put over his match with Roode. He then talked about how the cage could end careers. He even mentioned how Hardy was going to be out for a while. He called out Kurt’s team just to insult every single one of their members. For some reason, they got into a brawl before the lethal lock down. Kurt’s team was quickly outnumbered and Gunner’s arm was injured. I didn’t understand why. Why was this necessary? As if 4-on-3 wasn’t enough? I thought this promo was a bit unnecessary.


Match: Awesome Kong vs Havok in a Cage Match

There was a replay of Gail Kim and Madison Rayne’s title match from last year’s Lock Down in between the KO video and the match. Was I the only one who saw this? Can anyone confirm this? I watched the episode on YouTube (because I am Canadian). Anyways, the two KO punched each other around the ring. There were some good spots here, but they really didn’t show their best here. The match psychology was great though. I actually liked how the two no-sold each other’s moves. This clearly set up a rematch. I’ll definitely look forward to that. Meanwhile, this match was acceptable, but too short.

(Awesome Kong pinned Havok after Awesome Splash)


Angelina Love showed Velvet out the door in a backstage segment. Apparently she wanted Velvet to leave. Wasn’t she the one who formed the Beautiful People again? This, again, made no sense.

Match: Bobby Roode vs Eric Young in a Cage Match

This match got quite a bit of time. This was a great wrestling match, as expected. There wasn’t much psychology in this match, other than Roode getting revenge. It really didn’t make sense though, because Roode did have his shot to get revenge the week after EY turned on him. He simply got hit with a Piledriver. The commentators really tried to push the story into our minds. EY’s blood looked really fake in this match. I would have preferred if he didn’t bleed, but personal preferences I guess. The ending to the match was dramatic, but would it really blow off the feud?

(Roode pinned EY after Roode Bomb)


Match: Tyrus vs Rockstar Spud & Mandrews in Handicapped Cage Match

This was the match I was looking forward to the most. Just when I thought Mandrews was a horrible name, Josh came up with the name Spandrews. Can they just call him Mark Andrews? Who would have guessed, this match had the spots of the night for me? Rockstar Spud dove from the top of the cage, and Mark Andrews took a bump where he hit his head on the stairs. Spud got his head slammed against the cage door. This match surprised me. Tyrus’ finisher was not Asiatic Spike. I looked it up to try the correct spelling, but I found that the Asiatic Spike was a chokehold with a thumb. The attempted shaving after the match was great. EC3 had the crowd, and JB was really over with the crowd. This was great all and all. I loved this segment.

(Tyrus pinned Spud after Lifted Samoan Spike)


I really didn’t know what to make of the Robbie E and Brooke segment. Was this supposed to lead to a feud further down the road?

Match: BDC vs Team Angle in a Lethal Lock Down Match

The match was what it was. Gunner’s injured arm really didn’t play a significant factor in this match, which made me wonder why he had an injured arm to begin with. Joe looked really gassed out in this match. The pacing was okay. Were we supposed to be surprised that Lashley came out as the fourth member? The match really picked up when everyone was in the cage. I loved the spots with the trash cans. The match ended with 3 of the heels locked in submissions. Lashley no-sold a low-blow while MVP waited to be speared. The faces won again. Well this was Lethal Lockdown tradition so I guess we just had to accept it… This match had its spots. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.

(Lashley pinned MVP after Spear)

HIT OR MISS: hit… I guess

Overall, this episode was disappointing. It was definitely down from last week’s Impact. Many of the matches didn’t really live up to their hype. Storyline-wise, there really wasn’t much development this episode. Of course, all of those comments excluded the EC3 and Spud feud, which gets better and better. I’m definitely hoping that next week’s episode would be an improvement.

SPOT OF THE NIGHT: Gunner wore the trash can as a hat for quite a bit in the Lethal Lockdown match.

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