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Why Being Talked About Isn’t Always The Same As Being Over!

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Hello, WNW People, Mitch “Big M” Adams here welcoming you to another edition of…THE HOUSE OF “M”

WNW people, let's face it, we all have our least favourite WWE wrestlers. Men and women that we cannot understand why they are given air time and big pushes over people whom we think are far better and deserve it a great deal more. Moreover, you just can’t buy into them no matter how hard WWE tries to sell them.

Usually, when we express these feelings, we are met hostile disagreement from others who have bought into what WWE is currently selling. Because, in their quest to silence civil and intelligent debate on the subject, they almost always resort to the same line. Moreover, that line is this “As long as they get a reaction…they’re over and WWE will push them.”

Now, while I admit there is a tonne of logic in this argument, it is not really 100% true. In fact, I firmly believe that the idea that any reaction someone in the industry gets is a reason to push them is complete folly.
I mean, if that argument were 100% true, David Arquette would be considered one of the greatest WCW Champions of all time due to all the attention him winning the Title received.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking right now! You're thinking, “All this coming from a guy who praises James Ellsworth on Smackdown every week.” However, I am afraid if you are asking that question, you are missing my point entirely.

Yes, I am a big fan of the James Ellsworth storyline over on the blue brand. However, there is a big difference between Ellsworth and someone in WWE whom I may not like watching. The difference is Ellsworth himself is not over, and he is not getting a big push because of it. He is a someone who has been added to the Dean Ambrose/AJ Styles program to help sell it further. It is simply a very unorthodox but brilliant idea by someone in WWE creative. Moreover, he is getting a positive audience response at the moment because of it. When James Ellsworth enters an arena people are not cheering for him to win! They are cheering for him to do something that will add to the story.

James Ellsworth still hasn’t proven himself to be someone who can make money for the WWE. So after the AJ/Dean program is finished, WWE creative will have to try and come up with something for him if they want James Ellsworth, the wrestler (not James Ellsworth the storyline) to actually be over with the audience. So while I can see him being a Santino Marella type character on WWE television, I do not see him climbing all that much higher than that. Even though he is part of the most talked about storyline in WWE today.

To me, this all seems like a pro wrestling version of the promotional saying, “any publicity is good publicity.” However, I think we can all agree that the old saying is most definitely not true.

Take the most talked about movie of the year 2016 for example…Ghostbusters. The reboot of the 1980’s comedy classic has inspired intense feelings from people for months due to the movies gender-swapped cast (something I and many other people had no feelings towards one way or the other). You would think a movie with so much attention devoted to it from the media and the general public would have been a box office smash. But instead, the movie bombed big time at the box office.

Now let's be real. There really was a disgustingly large amount of sexists and misogynists amongst the film's detractors. Their feelings towards the decision to cast four women as the films leads ranged from the absurd to the violent and disgusting. But (and this is the part that might get me into trouble) there was also a condescending attitude coming thick and fast from the film's supporters! All of whom thought everyone on planet earth had to see the film and like it based purely on the cast. You could not say anything else about the film (like the script or the special effects) in any light positive or negative without drawing the ire of someone who was obsessed with the films casting. Nobody was judging the movie on its own merits. The whole reaction to it from all sides was completely and utterly ridicules. So as a result, many moviegoers avoided it like the plague.

How does this relate to WWE pushing people solely because they get a reaction you may ask? Simple really! WWE is currently set on a long-term course that features a creative direction many fans dislike. A long-term course with certain men and women that will be featured heavily whom many fans just aren’t on board with. If the argument “as long as they get a reaction…they are over” is true, then why are TV ratings down? Why are merchandise sales down? WWE Network subscribers down? Why are ticket sales down? Why are the most critically acclaimed WWE matches and storylines happening in their developmental system or ten-week cruiserweight tournaments?

Again, the answer to all of these questions is very very simple! The answer is this! Getting a reaction from the audience is just not the same as being over. And it never will be!

Please feel free to discuss this topic civilly and intelligently in the comment section. Also feel free to follow me on twitter @TheBigM91

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