The (Alternative & Unofficial) WrestleMania Awards 2015

After a magnificent WrestleMania I thought it only fitting that I give out some awards to honour (or shame) those involved in such a great event full of memorable moments.


Climb Of The Night - Seth Rollins After the last month where WWE seemed to intent on destroying all the excellent work in building his character since the destruction of The Shield, Rollins left 'Mania "the man". Pre-WrestleMania the only WWE title he had held was the tag team title and was scheduled in the second match of the card, as the show ended there was no doubting who the new star of the show is. Seth Rollins claimed the title in one of the most dramatic and exciting finishes to a WrestleMania ever and his new elevated status makes him a deserving winner of this award. "The Future" is now.Nose Dive Of the Night - Sting A match 14 years in the making, one of the all time biggest names in professional wrestling in his first appearance in WWE, after all the hype (well compared to the other matches), loses. Not only that, he then shakes the hand of the guy that just beat him with a sledgehammer shot when Sting looked to have had him beaten earlier. Where does he go from here? Well nowhere near another WrestleMania after that.

Seth Rollins
Sting 2015

Comeback Of The Night - The Undertaker Believe it or not some people pay attention to what they read on the internet and some people have been saying all sorts of things about the physical condition of Mark Calaway. Well The Undertaker that turned up at 'Mania was a lean mean wrestling machine and on that evidence has more still to give if he wants to. I want to see more of him and I don't want to wait until Texas next year.

Undertaker 2015

The Vince Russo Award - DX/NWO Run-in So we have the well known best friends of Triple H coming down to the ring to take out his other buddies DX, despite the fact that NWO were sworn enemies of Sting. Well you can't just have a straight wrestling match between two people, that would be crazy! It was the kind of completely insane booking Mr Russo would have been extremely proud of and I know he would agree it is deserving of this award.

Shawn Michaels

Most Pointless Moment Of The Night- The Big Show (Battle Royal win) It wasn't bad enough that his pointless match was created for no good reason, then decided by the same people that booked it that it was only worthy of the pre-show. They then had to go and book the barely mobile 43 year old Big Show, who turns from heel to face quicker than a pint of milk, to win without so much as breaking sweat. Hideo Itami in his WWE début was made to look like one of Seth Rollins' security dweebs and I was truly astonished by JBL's "welcome to the big leagues" comment. Let's forget what the guy has done before, is NXT now some sort of joke? Big Show mowed through the roster like they weren't deserving of being on the main card. The makings of a good ending were there as Miz and Mizdow made up the final three, but to have Mizdow turn on him after they eliminated Big Show together would have been too logical and would have actually served a purpose in terms of building a narrative. Sigh.

Bump Of The Night - Dean Ambrose Otherwise known as the JR "AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!" award, Ambrose once again put his body on the line and allowed Luke Harper the courtesy of power-bombing him, not only over the top rope, but also through some ladders. It looked like a horrible landing and I was genuinely relieved to see him back on Raw. I hope this guy gets his chance soon as his PPV record is not good and moments like this again demonstrate his commitment to the cause.

Dean Ambrose Wrestlemania 31 Bump

The Best Angle Of The Night Award - The Money In The Bank Cash In With the bloody slobber knocker reaching its pinnacle the music hit and a figure was seen running towards the ring. I was up on my feet and what was a brilliant match had just gone up another notch. I've already said it but that final sequence of Lesnar about to F5 Rollins but being speared by Reigns who was then curb stomped by Rollins was amazing. An outcome leaving fans confused as to who they should be cheering for and who they should be booing, one thing wasn't confusing and that was we had all just witnessed something incredible. The best WrestleMania main event ever?

Seth Rollins

Egomaniac Of The Night - Stephanie McMahon Although I realise she is the boss it really annoys me how Stephanie makes herself out to be some fearless monster heel, an example being when she was bullying Kane and The Big Show in a pathetic Raw scene a few weeks ago. This took it to new levels though, even after Ronda Rousey had just tossed her husband Triple H out of the ring she continued to show no fear screaming in the face of Rousey and incredibly tried to attack her with the opposite of back up, The Rock still in the ring. That's right the guy with 13 world heavyweight championships sold Rousey better than his silver spoon fed wife. The only explanation is that she must see Brock Lesnar when she looks in the mirror as she doesn't sell anything.

Stephanie Will Slap You

Pleasant Surprise Of The Night - The Whole Freakin' Thing! A show full (almost) of good old fashioned wrestling was brilliant, who would have thought it eh?

Bill Murray in "Kingpin" Lookalike Award - Sting Ok I already did this joke on Twitter but I couldn't resist. If you don't get the reference then watch the movie, I promise it is really funny!


The John Cena Inevitable Victory Over A Promising Mid-Carder Award - John Cena More on this in an upcoming article, but let's say this was one way WWE let itself down in an otherwise amazing show.

John Cena and Roman Reigns

If you would like to nominate anyone for an award of your own then please leave your suggestions in the comments. How about "best and worst entrance" awards? You can also follow me on Twitter where I have the highly original name @LeeHWWENews

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