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The Beast Versus The Reaper - Summerslam's Main Event

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Since the night that shocked the world took place on April 6th 2014 at Wrestlemania 30 as Brock Lesnar did the unthinkable and ended the Undertaker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak, there has been much spoken about whether or not there would ever be a chance of a rematch and vengeance for the dead man. Over a year went by, Brock Lesnar was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion headed into Wrestlemania 31, and Undertaker had his sights set on Bray Wyatt, so it seemed that the ship on that may have sailed as we are all used to Undertaker working one show a year. So when it was revealed recently that there were plans to use Undertaker at Summerslam many fans questioned how he would fit onto the card and who his opponent could be. Fans speculated it may be Sting, as he is also due a return but we got our answer during the main event of WWE Battleground.


Just as it looked like Brock Lesnar had Seth Rollins beaten for the count of three, the gong sounded and the lights went out. When they came back a familiar figure stood facing Lesnar, and boy did Undertaker look like a man with a score to settle. The atmosphere was electric as Undertaker and Lesnar faced off and you could tell there was genuine excitement at the prospect of these two meeting again. But what was Undertaker's reason for returning? Was it to gain revenge for the attack by Lesnar on his brother Kane? Was it because he ended the Undertaker's Wrestlemania win streak? Or did the Dead Man have another hidden agenda? We had to wait until Raw the next night to find out but in terms of the way the match is to be built it makes perfect sense for why Undertaker chose this moment to return.

Undertaker looked like a man possessed on Sunday, a man on a mission of revenge, a man looking for redemption, and a man looking to prove he is still the top dog in the yard. Streaks are made to be broken, we all know that and it was good creatively on WWE's part that this wasn't the sole reason Undertaker wanted revenge on Lesnar. Yes there has to be an element of that in there, but the best thing about it is Undertaker is looking to seek revenge and silence Lesnar and Heyman about the fact Brock was the one to break the streak. All those promo's by Paul Heyman ever since Wrestlemania 30 make sense and hugely come into play here as no matter who you are, it's going to bug you that all we have heard about is that achievement. And not only did Undertaker looked possessed but for the first time I can remember I saw the look of fear in the eyes and on the face of Brock Lesnar. I don't think he realizes just what a monster he has awoken by prodding the demon of Death Valley.


So when Undertaker came back to open up this past Monday's edition of Raw he continued to display that same intensity we saw displayed from him at Battleground. His promo to explain his return at Battleground made sense, was deep, impactful, and intense. I haven't seen the Undertaker look so fired up since probably his satanic type character during the Attitude Era, and it was only inevitable that when Triple H and Stephanie told the locker room to be ready to separate the two men that something big was going to go down. Paul Heyman cut a fantastic promo to lure out Undertaker, and just in the nick of time Brock Lesnar emerged from the back to save his advocate from the ass whooping of a lifetime. The brawl that ensued between Undertaker and Lesnar that had to be separated by security and the locker room was nothing short of amazing and probably one of the best segments of Raw this year, if not in the shows history. You could feel the intensity of the big fight feel was there and it's clear WWE are going to invest a lot in this match in terms of time and build.

So where do we go from here? How do you follow a fantastic segment like that and keep the feud interesting until Summerslam in August? I think WWE needs to keep the element of surprise there each week and 'take precautions' to keep these two men apart, only for them to somehow find ways to get to one another night after night. How far could they go? Could we see Undertaker take Paul Heyman as a hostage to goad Lesnar? I'd certainly be in favor of seeing a much edgier side to Undertaker in this one, showing he is a man not to be taken lightly and that he is still the WWE measuring stick. I think the key is to make this remain like a real fight, like it is a personal feud, and to make sure above all else the intensity and emotion we have seen on display from both men in this one remains a crucial part of this story going forward. If WWE can creatively keep it's focus and effort on ensuring things are well thought out and executed then this could easily turn into one of the top feuds for 2015.


The most important aspect in all of this is of course the outcome of the match at Summerslam. With such a hyped up build fans will be looking for one heck of a match with a great ending to boot. Their Wrestlemania match was full of drama but in terms of hype and expectation I think this match surpasses that. It's inevitable in my mind that right now the logical outcome is for Undertaker to avenge his loss to Lesnar, leading to the two potentially facing off at either Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, or in a retirement match for Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas. The momentum of Lesnar isn't going to be hurt any by losing to Undertaker at Summerslam, but the match needs to be a closely fought thing to at least leave fans wanting a third and final decider between these two icons of the industry. Will we get that? Only time will tell, but if the booking of this feud is anything to go by so far we are in for one hell of a ride the next few weeks and at Summerslam.

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