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The Casual Observer: Breaking Down The Beast Incarnate

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Monday evening we witnessed something you see once in a lifetime: in kindergarten. Or so I thought, but leave it to the WWE to remind us of our childhoods – I only wish they hadn't reminded myself that a nap was in order.

In case you missed the latest, apparently that game of tug of war between Brock Lesnar and challenger Roman Reigns was actually just our emotions being toyed with, again.

But for once, I'm going to be diplomatic and breakdown what Brock Lesnar resigning with the WWE means. First off it means Roman Reigns loses. I mean Brock just beat the Man from Death Valley, The Undertaker, last year, and to lose this soon to what many consider an unfair push over other stars – well it's bad for business, so as much as I'm still pulling for Reigns and a victory. I think he'll get pushed down by Broke – I mean Brock – just like all the other stars you were rooting for in the first place, and honestly that's just childlike behavior.

And to add insult to injury, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Triple H, had this to say to Broke on Twitter - @BrockLesnar is a global attraction. Happy to have him re-sign a multi-year contract with.

Global attraction? Please, I've seen memes mocking how little presence he has in the ring, like oh, I don't know...Brock was here... And he's gone... And beyond that one, look at him in the ring and he looks bored, or preoccupied, at the very best.

I was talking to some of my colleagues after Raw, and we agreed Brock could easily be replaced by a cardboard cutout, because he can't carry a promotion to save his life.

What can he do: Wrestle, or at least be physical, and instead of giving us a preview against Roman? He plays a child's game with him. Oh sure the facial expression were all there and everything, but I kept waiting for fart faces or some other immature stunt, because Heaven forbid we see what we pay for and hope to see. But I digress...

This is what Brock had to say in a statement regarding his contract: "I'm officially closing the door on UFC. I re-signed last night with WWE." Why? It couldn't possibly be because he has or had a serious health condition known as diverticulitis that is the formation of sacs in the intestine wherein fecal matter can build up, and with enough of these sacs, can form diverticulosis which is largely symptom free, but, and here's the important part: They can explode and cause massive internal bleeding. So here's a likely scenario for you at Wrestlemania 31. 

Broke takes a Superman Punch to the gut and yes; a sac burst and he needs immediate medical attention otherwise he faces serious health issues; possibly death. Or, he does what he did previously, have a slow leak within his gut for almost a year.

Now do you understand why I called him Broke? It isn't personal, it's the breakdown on the Beast Incarnate. And no, the condition I described is non-reversible. Manageable? Yes. But Lesnar will always have this condition, and as the tragedy involving the AAA and Rey Mysterio proved, sadly, injuries, and at times even your life, is on the line when you wrestle.

Will they (the WWE) do what they can to protect and safeguard Brock? Yes. But I'd hate to see tragedy befall the most electrifying event in sports entertainment. We lost the Ultimate Warrior last year during this season, and I don't want to see the same here for Brock, Roman, the WWE or the Universe. Because ultimately? If the death of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez didn't wake everyone up to the dangerous nature of this sport... Nothing will.

Would you be prepared to blame Roman Reigns if Brock Lesnar knowingly places his health on the line for what Vince McMahon called "a lucrative contract that would diminish if not accepted." Is a lucrative contract worth the health and welfare of a human life? I hope and pray for the safety of all the sportsmen out there at WrestleMania – particularly Lesnar as a person.

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