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The Casual Observer: Can We Get A New Mic?

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So a few days ago we learned a truth that has divided many in the community: Brock Lesnar is here to stay and proud of it.

Along with the rumors surrounding his contract, there also came with it the following, if he leaves- where does Heyman go?

So many in the IWC pointed out that Paul E. Dangerously, also now know as a Paul Heyman, cannot for the life of him, get anyone over with ease, and that his Beast got put down – so should he.

And I agree. The truth is Brock is nothing without his Heyman Hustle – I mean the man is a certified genius in reading and knowing just how to sell what he believes in. But that's the problem; he has to seemingly believe in whatever he's selling in order to be an affective.

That being said, I'm glad they've cut off his umbilical cord at times – better known as his mic – because I'm sick of hearing him tell us how his client, the reigning, defending, undisputed champion of the world heavy weight title is what's best for us.

So that got me to thinking: who else should manage the Beast – given that he's here to stay? And then it hit me last night like an F5. The Miz.

The Miz? Okay you've lost your mind. Maybe, but before you make that decision? Hear me out.

First and foremost look at the Miz in relation to Damien Sandow; now Mizdow. With a few Miz TV appearances, and stunt double routine, and then finally the bell? Mizdow is arguably ready to go over with the universe and that means Miz could better manage the Beast.

Now considering Brock can't cut a promotion to save his life, I say we let Miz become the heel mouthpiece that defends the defending Champion, and then they do more matches with the Beast vs the Bell.

Ahh... It'd be like the elephant (Brock) being controlled by the mouse (Miz) and not only would that serve the Beast right for bragging about how he's quote, " Living the American Dream," but that would also increase his exposure and place him at minimal risk health wise as these gimmick matches would be to help get him over in a different way, and fans would get to see him more.

The American Dream, by the way? Was originally about working hard to benefit your family and community, as well as reaping the rewards after the fact; not working half time for full pay – that's called entitlement. And so long as other Superstars are busting hump to bring us a form of entertainment we enjoy, I don't see why The Beast should get a pass. Unlike Taker he, hasn't dedicated his life to this business, and I find his arrogance about the situation to be shameful. Yes – please go on ESPN and tell me how your entitled to work less than your fellow wrestlers; that's what I've paid to see... NOT. 

WNW and WWENews writer, Zack Krasney, pointed out his frustration, and some think Brock retaining is a great idea, because it makes him the Mount Everest of wrestling; whoever defeats him gets over instantly. Okay, let's say for the sake of argument I agreed. But in another article Zack gave his thoughts on bringing back the WWE Championship belt, the second belt that existed before they decided to merge the two. I think Daniel Bryan gained both at last the last Wrestlemania.

Anyway here's my point – if Brock is going to be a mountain you need to climb, then you need another belt of equal weight for up and comers to strive for, and then it could be one title holder vs another- evening out the playing field and not blocking other superstars from achieving success. Besides wouldn't that increase interest as a whole, and make whoever faces the Beast a credible threat that was believable? I think so... And if Brock is such a global attraction, doesn't your face, or more of you, belong in and out of the ring? This isn't a game – if you want to garner an audience and stay relevant, you need to be seen. Brock- please put up or shut up and quit saying how you deserve this honor. Because anything worth achieving? Requires work or at least the appearance of it.

As to Heyman? To paraphrase Bray Wyatt from Paul's documentary: he has a talent for connecting to others and bringing out potential in young stars, so put him on NXT backstage and let him guest spot on the table at Raw or Smackdown, as his Beast is put through a gauntlet of his own: showing up to be fed his supper. After all? His catchphrase is Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat, isn't it? Well I'd like to see him eat more before he gets a free pass to hibernate like a bear.

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