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The Casual Observer: Have An American Dream

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Many of those in the community have now read, or heard, of the eulogy Cody Rhodes wrote in regards to his father's passing, and found it to be both fitting and truly inspiring.

That being said, I'm deeply saddened. At what you may ask? The WWE itself for not having or carrying out the desire to dream of freedom for all.

I'm making reference to something I have seen in Richard Gray's mail bag recently. In my piece, honoring what the dream passed on to us, I made reference to the difficulties facing Darren Young as an openly homosexual man in this industry, and in the piece I read from Richard, I had seen something that is both disrespectful of Darren, his partner, and the LGBT community at large.

The WWE had apparently blurred out the image of Mr. Young's partner. Yes, I understand that this is a sensitive issue in our country at present. But I find this behavior to be inexcusable for a number of reasons.

First, Darren is not the first wrestler to come out with regard to his orientation. Second, with examples from the past most know of Rue Paul, and now the LGBT community has a new face; a former Olympic medalist now featured in magazines everywhere with a new name: Kaitlyn Jenner. As a result of her change into whom she felt and believed herself to be Ken Jenner, according to headlines I saw on my browser had her validity as a medalist questioned, and ultimately the Olympic commission could still find no reason to strip the person of her accomplishments. Yes, I'm aware I should've read more on that as they are headlines though - they inform in brief of the importance of any topic.

In the day and age in which we live I find the decision to hide Darren's partner during a WWE event in poor taste considering there activity in social awareness and mentorship. Why then are social justice and equality not deserving of equal attention?

And mistake or not on the part of producers at this event, why blur out anyone; it would not take away from those in attendance unless it was someone embroiled in controversy and I doubt this applies to the partner in question hence Young calling for #WWEUnfiltered.

Put another way? Would they blur Pat Patterson's image? No. Nor should they for anyone else trying to find social equality and the freedom in the pursuit of their American Dream.

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