The Casual Observer: My Wrestlemania Moment


According to Dolph Ziggler, a WrestleMania moment can best be described as taking an ordinary event and making it worth putting in the Main Event itself.

Essentially it doesn't matter who, what, when or why: you simply put your own best effort forward every chance you get and you do so for the love of the sport, entertainment, and the fan base that supports the WWE and the various Superstars that work tirelessly to give us there best.

Do we always get the best? No. But these people aren't unbreakable and they do in fact suffer injuries for their passion.

At this point, I'm sure anyone reading this is wondering what this has to do with my WrestleMania moment. Here is your answer: this article.

I came to WNW mostly because I wanted to see and learn more about why this sports entertainment carries so much significance within the IWC, and asked the community manager of the site Jesse Sherwood, if I could watch the open thread parties and participate as I felt it appropriate.

And he agreed particularly in view of the fact that I found my voice in the community through this very column.

If the truth be told, I held no great love for this sport as well... I thought it fake. Granted the story lines certainly are a product of some questionable decisions on the part of the WWE, but as I've talked with the writers for our site and observed the progression of various athletes, I've come to have a greater appreciation for this product as a whole.

But I owe more than just the thread parties we hold, the conversations I've had with fellow writers, I also owe a debt of gratitude to the IWC itself.

As a member of several fan sites, the words of CJ Blaze ring true: it isn't just about the physicality or entertainment value of the WWE, but also about these sportsmen and women who give us every drop of sweat, hard work, and dedication they have, giving us as a community, something worth being passionate about.

From predictions to fantasy booking, and the people behind the Superstars we are left with a plethora of topics to explore, debate, and generally have fun with. This is my WrestleMania moment – to be a part of something that I get to write about, learn of, and contribute to the IWC as a whole.

I chose the moniker of the Casual Observer because there is no way I could match the rich history and relationship many of you in the IWC have with this industry, but as fellow writer William R. Araguz pointed out, this is a community that's made stronger by many different perspectives and for many different reasons, and as such, my opinion had as much validity as any other, thanks William, if it hadn't been for those first words as I was finding my place in this community I doubt I'd be writing this today.

To others I've spoken with within this passionate community and overall fan base – Thank you too. For your shares, tweets, and pluses. But most of all – For making the efforts I place into this article, and others truly satisfying and worth every minute or hour I spend creating my WrestleMania Moment, hopefully to bring a fresh take to the Universe I've come to respect and a community I've come to admire; I truly do appreciate it.

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