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The Casual Observer: Taking Divas Out Of The Equation

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Any who reads the above automatically may think: Has he stopped giving Divas a chance? Short answer: Yes. 

Do note, however, I stated the short answer. The long answer is as follows. According to Merriam Webster's dictionary a Diva is best defined as the following:

A famous and successful woman who is very attractive and fashionable; especially : an attractive and successful female performer or celebrity.

Now, reading that, anyone would conclude that these female sports women are being billed correctly, for the purposes of the WWE. Afterall they are attractive, largely successful and celebrated. But as what? Are they Divas because of their athleticism and technical ability, or because they're eye candy? The answer, of course, is both. So then why do I have an issue? Simple. I feel as though the fact that they are eye candy sometimes overshadows the work they've put into being athletes, and that, to myself, is wrong.

It's actually not just within the wrestling community; it's widespread throughout our culture. Sex sells, remember? At this point I've done special coverage on both a Hall of Fame inductee, Alundra Blayze, and the departure of AJ Lee. Having researched both women in the sport I can tell you: they've both had storied careers.

One thing struck as I was covering Alundra Blayze however, a name: Women's Wrestling Division. Now everyone will tell me Mr. McMahon does not like the term wrestling any longer, hence the new moniker, sports entertainment, and term wrestling rarely used by the announcers.

I cannot change this, nor do I expect everyone reading this to agree with my disposition. Recently I've seen reports of anti-WWE chants on NXT, and to be fair, this could be for a number of reasons beyond the topic at hand, but there is still this statement from the Bellas who intimated that if they were in NXT, they would rather stay there then get called up to the WWE. Why? Because the Divas get an opportunity to showcase more than their physique; get an legitimate shot at showcasing their physicality in the ring.

That aside? What I propose is re-branding them from Divas to Women Sports Entertainment Division. Because I cannot deny that this product isn't about appearance, success, or celebrity status. But every time I hear the term Diva – I hear drama in its place. Instead of giving Divas a chance, I want to give these women an opportunity to be more than eye candy, and not put up with names like the Glamazon (Beth Phoenix) etc.

I want them fully realized as hard working sports entertainment athletes; that is who I'd pay to watch, and ultimately give them a chance.

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